The Bend Palm Tree Swing at Maasin River in Siargao Philippines

The Rope Swing at the Bend Palm Tree in Maasin River Siargao

Siargao is an island in the South of the Philippines. The island is entirely covered in coconut palm trees. And sitting right beside a bluish river, the Maasin River, there is a palm tree with a rope swing that has become one of the island’s favourite tourist spots. 

From General Luna, which is Siargao’s main tourist area, it takes under 30 minutes to Maasin Bridge and a 5 minute walk to the tree. However, there is no indication of the place. In fact we passed by this spot a couple of times and had no idea what was a couple of minutes walk away.

This blog post is a guide to Siargao‘s popular Palm Tree Rope Swing. 

We have listed all you need to know about it, where to stay in Siargao and how to get around Siargao island.

Clinging on to the wonky tree that pokes onto the Maasin river

Where to Stay on Siargao Island

Siargao is a straight forward island when it comes to choosing where to stay. Most tourists that come to Siargao stay somewhere around General Luna. Restaurants, hip bars, cafes and hundreds of accommodation to suite any budget are all located in General Luna. 

I would say that if it is your first time in Siargao, General Luna is the best place to stay. We slept 5 nights in General Luna before heading further North. The options on where to sleep, eat and drink are endless.

There is another option. That is to go further North of Siargao in a charming seaside village called Pacifico or next to it is Burgos. Pacifico is where we spent our last 2 nights in Siargao. Just be aware that both Pacifico and Burgos are isolated and there isn’t so many tourist amenities like restaurants, cafes and bars. There are 4 cafes in the North that we know of and about the same amount of restaurants. And although you may be limited, each and every restaurant and cafe served the best meals we had in all Siargao.

How to Get Around Siargao

Siargao is a laid back tropical island where traffic is something unheard of. Motorbikes are the main mode of transport both for locals and tourists. The best way to get yourself to Siargao’s favourite tourist spots is with your own scooter or motorbike and will cost as little as 275 Pesos (€4.91) per day for a 125cc scooter.

An alternative to the scooter would be to rent a car. However, that won’t be as much fun as cruising around on a 2 wheeler with an all round unobstructed view.

Another way of getting around, covering a list of things to do in Siargao and getting to Siargao’s best tourist spots is with a tour. In General Luna there are loads of tour agencies all with different itineraries and prices. You can shop around while in town or check online. This will be the most expensive option. However, you will cover a lot in just a day. 

How to get to Siargao's Bend Palm Tree Swing

Palm Tree Rope Swing Siargao is a straight forward tourist spot. In fact it is located on the side of Siargao’s circumference road. Along this road are many of the island’s favourite tourist spots. And just a 2 minute drive from the Swing there is the Coconut Trees View Decka popular tourist spot in Siargao. However, Palm Tree Swing Siargao isn’t listed on Google.Maps so there is a good chance you will pass by and not even realize. 

To get to Palm Tree Swing Siargao ride out of the tourist town General Luna and take a right turn onto the first main road that you see. If you continue cruising along this road you will come to the Coconut Viewpoint and a short ride later you’ll see the red steel Maasin bridge. Don’t go any further. There is a parking area and Palm Tree Swing Siargao is at the end of a path from under the bridge and along the Maasin river. The ride from General Luna to Palm Tree Swing Siargao should be around 30 minutes.

There aren’t any indications of the place. So when you reach a red steel bridge over a river, park your bike and walk down alongside the river. If you got till here you should already see the swing.

Coconut Palm Tree Swing at Maasin River

Early in the morning before any cafeteria or restaurant had opened, we jumped onto our moped with just one thing in mind. Reaching Palm Tree Swing Siargao before the day got too hot. Since everywhere was still closed, we grabbed a coffee from one of the local snack stalls on the side of the street and continued the 30 minutes ride to the Maasin River. Riding in the fresh morning breeze along deserted streets and thousands of palm trees is the perfect way of starting off the day while living the island life.

Around 30 minutes later we spotted the red steel bridge that crosses over the Maasin river. This was the indication that we were in the right place. We actually spotted Siargao’s iconic Palm Tree poking out onto the river once we were standing on the bridge. That is how easy it is to reach. Palm Tree Swing Siargao is at the end of the path that leads from under the bridge and only takes a couple of minutes to walk up to.

Local women had just started preparing for the day. Stalls selling local food and small souveniers where right next to the bridge and is where a small entrance fee is paid. We had come so early that beside the girls taking care of the swing, we were the first tourists of the day. 

Starting my way up the trunk
James making his way up the wonky palm tree over the Maasin river in Siargao

Instead of Rope Swinging at the Coconut Tree

Imagine sitting in a little paradise at the side of a road and steel bridge. That is what this place is. Palms, exotic trees and plants surround the dark blue Maasin river. The slow moving current make it perfect to grab the swing and fall into the clear water. When we got here it was still super early and the air was quite chilly and I wasn’t sure if I should jump in or give it a miss. So I decided to have a go at my balancing skills.

A few minutes after we had arrived at the Palm Tree Swing Siargao, one of the girls walked right up to the swing. Walking up the wonky tree and sitting with feet hanging over the river seemed interesting and the local made it look all so easy. Therefore, I decided that since I wasn’t sure of jumping in the river, I would try doing as she did and probably fall off and into the water. I did get partly up the tree. But at around half way I lost balance and ended clinging onto the trunk with both legs and arms. I guess none of what I had planned worked out. However, it was quite fun and gave it a try a few times. But none were successful.

And that is me clinging onto the trunk not knowing what I should next
A local teen girl made this look all so easy which was not

Other Things To Do at the Bend Coconut Tree

The Palm Tree Swing is a popular photo spot. And on our way out we met a small group waiting for their turn to climb a bamboo barge while a guide captures the picture perfect surroundings. From a point nearer to the bridge, small boats are available for rent. The cost is of about 200 Pesos (€3.47) and you can either paddle along the Maasin River or take some amazing photos.   

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