Resorts in Camiguin – 10 Best Camiguin Accommodation

Resorts in Camiguin are mainly concentrated in the town of Mambajao which is the main tourist area on Camiguin island. Its location on the foot of Mount Hibok-Hibok, Mambajao is the best area to stay in Camiguin because of the number of restaurants, sweeping mountain views, access to white island and nearby tourist spots like Katibawasan Falls.

But not all resorts in Camiguin are in Mambajao. Some of the favorite hotels or resorts to stay in Camiguin are tucked away in the mountains offering epic jungle views that extend into the ocean. You’ll find a variety of resorts and hotels in Camiguin in this list and a few also offer amenities such as onsite restaurant, pool and fitness centre.

Whether you’re visiting Camiguin to explore its captivating tourist spots, for a short break or a Romantic trip, these specially chosen resorts in Camiguin will definitely meet your expectations.

The Best Resorts In Camiguin

Imagine waking up in a resort in Camiguin with the beach nearby where you can easily hop on a boat and visit a tropical white sand bar in the middle of the ocean. Or as the sun sets and the day cools down while you’re high up in the mountains facing endless tropical views.

These resorts in Camiguin offer a variety of amenities and make sure that all your needs are taken care of. This Camiguin resort list caters to all tastes and budgets so you’re sure to find something just for you.

3 Best Resorts in Camiguin

Want our top picks? No problem. Here are our top 3 resorts in Camiguin from each price category: Budget – Mid Range – Luxury.

Nouveau Resort – Luxury ★★★★★

A luxury hotel room with wooden furnishing
  • Best Seller in Camiguin
  • Designer Rooms
  • Pool Area
  • Restaurant
  • Spa

Bintana Sa Paraiso – Mid Range ★★★★★

A woman standing looking at the ocean overlooking a pool
  • Seafront
  • Private Beach
  • Santorini Inspired
  • Restaurant
  • Spa & Massage

Happy Coconut Camiguin – Budget ★★★★

A cottage with straw roof in the middle of a tropical garden
  • Best Rated Budget Accommodation
  • Hip Huts Lodging
  • Terrace/Balcony
  • Outdoors area
  • Massage

Camiguin Resorts – Comparison Table

Here is the list of resorts in Camiguin along with a price comparison table. The list shows the price per night for a 2-person room. Keep in mind that these are base prices and are bound to be higher depending on your travel dates, number of guests and the type of room chosen.

If you want to explore the best tourist spots in Camiguin without having to deal with all the logistics, then booking a tour is a great option.

Because everything is included in the price, tours remove all the guesswork related to transport prices, entrance and ticket availability.

The tours listed here are both private so they cost slightly more than a joined group of 20 other tourists. But if you’re a group of more than 2 the price will be significantly lower.

Philippines outrigger boat on the sand
crystal clear water with mountains in the backdrop

Island Hopping Tour: Discover the nearby islands, swim in crystal clear water with colorful underwater life and ride through a mangrove forest.

Camiguin Full Day Tour: Swim in the pool below a huge waterfall, snorkel above a sunken cemetery and visit a cliff viewpoint.

A cottage with straw roof facing a pool and a backdrop of waving palms

1. Happy Coconut Camiguin

Happy Coconut Camiguin is a beautiful place to stay during your trip to the Island born of fire. The accommodation is made up of hut-style rooms each with their own little private terrace facing the main garden.

Located in Mambajao, this minimalist mini resort is a favorite with couples. It’s the cheapest place to stay in Camiguin on this list and besides being just a short walk from the beach and restaurants, every room has its own bathroom and coffee machine.

A woman sitting in a porch
A cottage with straw roof in the middle of a tropical garden
A bed with white linen and green pillows

2. Mountain View Cottages

Mountain View Cottages offers equipped accommodation options. Guest can enjoy their stay here in the cottages surrounding a main garden. This place is more like a holiday home where guests can make use of the kitchen.

The central garden offers beautiful mountain views and in the hot summer days, guests can make use of the barbecue area while making new friends in this tropical setting.

3. Nypa Style Resort Camiguin

At Nypa Style Resort Camiguin you’ll be staying in a quiet area up in the mountains. A lush jungle surrounds this tropical accommodation. Designed with a mix of traditional and hip designs, this is a cool place to stay. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a unique lodging experience in Camiguin.

Various rooms with different price levels can be booked with a few higher level room options offering sweeping mountain views from the terrace.

Featuring a pool area and shared lounge you can enjoy their onsite restaurant offering a range of cuisines from Indian to Italian and vegetarian or dairy-free options.

Aerial view of a resorts with scattered cottages
A bed in a room with wooden floor and net over it
A plate with slices of mango and stacked pink pancakes

4. Tongatok Cliff Resort

Tongatok Cliff Resort is located directly on the shoreline offering guests epic ocean views. Guests also have the facility of an onsite restaurant offering a la carte breakfast options. And a bar which is a bonus for those wanting to enjoy a cold beer while watching the sun go down in the beautiful garden.

Every room features amenities like air conditioning, fridge, satellite flat screen T.V. and kettle. Also, make sure to book in advance if you want to reserve their favorite rooms with a balcony or facing the ocean.

A resort on the edge of a cliff
A burning sunset over the ocean with silhouettes of waving palms
A bed with green duvet and 2 towels shaped like swans

There are some really good restaurants in Camiguin. Good meaning a few of them have been given awards.

These are our favorite places to eat in Camiguin.

J & A Fishpen: a well loved favorite with locals J & A Fishpen offers flavorful fish based dishes at reasonable prices. You can also fish in the lagoon next to the resto and they’ll cook your catch.

La Dolce Vita: Italian cuisine doesn’t get better than this. Definitely try the pizza and homemade pasta and antipasti with cold cuts. Everything is really good here! Won award for the best pizza.

Checkpoint Restaurant: Located in the Mambajao close to all the accommodations, here you can order various meats like chicken, pork and beef which are char grilled delivering a unique flavor.

Kurma Restaurant at Eco Beach Lodge: the main draw here is healthy, organic, vegetarian or vegan food. This place makes you realize that a great meal doesn’t necessarily need meat in it to be good!

Kurma also offers free-diving lessons and has accommodation options with some of the best reviews in Camiguin. Click here to view.

5. Kurma Eco Beach Lodge

Kurma Eco Beach Lodge strives to offer homey Eco beach lodge. Guest particularly enjoy their unique services like Yoga classes, free diving lessons and canoe activities.

Kurma eco resort offers room with a pretty front terrace that leads to the main garden right next to shoreline. And there is the option to choose with A/C or with fan rooms.

Kurma is just a short walk from the main tourist area in Mambajao so staying here means you’ll be within easy reach of restaurants, beachfront lounges and also for the ferry to white island. The onsite restaurant focuses on vegan and vegetarian. We are not vegan or vegetarian but we can guarantee the food here is particularly flavorful!!

A burning sunset with silhouettes of a group of people
A room with yellow walls and a bed with white linen
Image of 2 burgers with cream on them

6. Bintana Sa Paraiso Binunsaran

Bintana Sa Paraiso Binunsaran offers various room options with the most popular being with private pool. In case this excites you, make sure to book this particular room because the few options tend to sell out months in advance.

The accommodation is designed in a traditional Philippines style with huts built on stilts and a contrasting Scandinavian room interior with fresh colors.

An outdoor garden surrounded in waving palm tress, a minimalist pool, and option for floating breakfast on request, this is a favorite with anyone into social media and instagram content

A white washed building surrounded with jungle
A white washed room with balinese style decor
A woman standing looking at the ocean overlooking a pool

7. Bintana Sa Paraiso – ‘Unique Resorts in Camiguin’

Bintana Sa Paraiso is the owner of 2 properties. The previous one is in the mountains, this one is near the ocean.

Resting on the shoreline, Bintana Sa Paraiso boasts a striking resemblance with the white washed houses hanging on cliffs in Santorini. With a typical Bintana Sa Paraiso style, this is one of those unique and stylish hip resorts in Camiguin.

With onsite restaurant, spa and wellness centre, you’re sure to get that extra pampering here. And to make it extra special, be sure to take a look at the rooms with private pool. Imagine starting your day with a refreshing plunge as the sun rises, or having breakfast served on a floating tray in the pool.

Rooms with private pool are always in high demand so make sure to reserve well in advance.

Stilted huts in the jungle with pools
A white washed room with balinese decor
POV image with a guys arm reaching out to a beautiful woman

Resorts in Camiguin – Luxury

From here on the resorts in Camiguin list gets into the high end range. These last 3 resorts are the finest places to stay while you’re in Camiguin. In comparison to the previous resorts, prices are relatively higher but the price reflects what is on offer.

8. Balai Sa Baibai Resort

Surrounded with a lush green garden and facing the ocean, Balai Sa Baibai Resort in Camiguin offer guests the chance to stay in a spacious villa during their time in Camiguin.

Each standalone villa has wooden flooring, a seating area, minibar and usual facilities like aircondition and satellite T.V. Upgrading to a private pool villa is also an option.

A well loved favorite with couples and those that want something extra special. Guests can enjoy a pampering massage at the spa or enjoy a drink from the bar. There is an onsite restaurant and a really good breakfast is generally included in the price.

A cottage with straw roof facing a pool and a backdrop of waving palms
Waving palms
A bar lady making cocktails

9. Somewhere Else Boutique Resort

Somewhere Else Boutique Resort is nestled within loads of coconut trees and sits straight on the beach with its own private patch of sand. This place combines everything you would expect from an upscale resort on a tropical island.

Offering the option for rides to the famous white island and facilities like scooter rental, car rental and canoes. Guest can also opt for in room breakfast and enjoy a nice beachfront garden featuring a pool and barbecue area. Free pick-up from the airport is also available on request.

Air-conditioned villas have beautiful ocean views and have a seating and dining area.

Waving palms in front of the ocean and a lone pool between them

10. Nouveau Resort – Best Resort in Camiguin

Nouveau Resort is the perfect escape for families, friends, or couples on a romantic runaway trip. This luxurious resort in Camiguin makes sure all your needs are satisfied.

With a backdrop of sweeping volcanic mountains covered in lush tropical jungle. Each morning you can even watch the sun rising over the ocean and Mantigue Island, a diving destination. They’ll even arrange a boat to take you there and explore the colorful underwater.

Guests can enjoy a variety of onsite amenities. Besides the beautiful sceneries, there is an extended olympic size pool in a pretty garden. And definitely indulge in a premium culinary experience in the hotel restaurant.

Designer finished rooms are a mix of Scandinavian furniture and fancy soft furnishing with bathrooms being a main feature in each room. Nouveau is without a doubt the very highest level place to stay in Camiguin.

A resort at the foot of volcanic hills and facing an olympic size pool
Deck chairs facing a pool and waving palms
A fancy room with luxury finishes

Once you have sorted your booking accommodation on Camiguin, hop over to our Camiguin page dedicated to everything Camiguin from the best restaurants to several tourist spots on this little relaxing queen island in the Philippines, check it out here.

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