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Siargao is a remote island that is entirely covered in coconut palm trees and all around the island are tourist spots all worth discovering. 

And although the popular Siargao tourist spots are worth the hype, there are still loads of overlooked spots on this undeveloped tropical paradise to discover. The Secret Lagoon is one of them. 

Over the past few years, thanks to the likes of Instagram and other social media, some tourist attractions have gained more and more popularity. 

However, there are still tourist spots in Siargao that are off the list of many visitors. One of the places to visit in Siargao is the Secret Lagoon. Here you’d probably be all alone or even better, accompanied by the friendliest locals.  

Though not that it’s any secret. In fact you are bound to pass by this huge pool surrounded in a tropical landscape and mangroves

Jacqueline and a new Filipino friend that we made on the barge at the Secret Lagoon next to a wooden boat

Where to Stay in Siargao

We usually choose our accommodation close to the tourist spots. 

However, in Siargao things are a bit different. 

There is one main tourist area and all of Siargao’s tourist spots are scattered around the island

Therefore, the best option is to stay in General Luna which is Siargao’s favourite area. General Luna is also home to the world class surf beach Cloud 9. There are loads of restaurants, hip bars, cafes and accommodation to suit any budget.

Check this guide for the best areas to stay in General Luna.

These are our top picks for where to stay in General Luna.


SINAG HOSTEL: The location, ambience and most importantly the hosts have all contributed to making this one of the best hostels around. Guests have the facility of a kitchenette and can chill out and get to know other travelers in the lounge area. This property offers double or quadruple rooms and bunk beds.



BULAN VILLAS SIARGAO: This resort offers accommodation in the form of wooden Asian style villas surrounding a pool and garden. Guest can enjoy the beautiful outdoor space, an onsite bar and restaurant. Beside the villas, this property offers standard rooms, ideal for those on a budget but want to base themselves in a luxurious resort.



MANGO TREES SIARGAO: A great choice for couples, families or groups since each unit can accommodate a minimum of 4 people and up to 8. With an outdoor infinity pool, barbecue area, lounge and garden you can enjoy and take full advantage of the facilities at this stunning property. And don’t worry about preparing your breakfasts, the hosts offer an a la carte breakfast each day.


Wherever you stay you will need to venture out to reach the tourist spots. 

So you may even consider going further North of Siargao in a village called Pacifico. Pacifico is another of Siargao’s tourist areas. However, it isn’t as popular as General Luna. But there are still a decent amount of restaurants and accommodations.

Check our detailed guide to Pacifico and north Siargao.

How to Get Around Siargao

One of the best way to get yourself to Siargao’s best corners and all the tourist spots is by scooter.

Roads are good throughout the island. 

In General Luna there are loads of motorbike rental shops and prices start at around 500 PHP ($10.41) per day. And the longer you keep it, the less the price per day. 

However, we found the best prices in Dapa and paid 275 PHP ($5.72) per day for 7 days. 

The ferry terminal is located in Dapa. Walk out of the ferry terminal and you will then see a big sign for scooter rental on your right.

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An alternative for those who aren’t comfortable riding a scooter is to rent a tricycle with driver. This is the more expensive option and will cost 2000 PHP ($41.63) for the day.

Where is the Secret Lagoon on Siargao

Siargao’s Secret Lagoon is a 20 minute ride out of General Luna. However, the place doesn’t have a name and isn’t listed on Google.Maps. Therefore, I will tell you the best way to get there. 

If you write down San Vincent Ferrer Chapel on Google.Maps, the directions will get you to Malinao Road. 

Less than 100 metres from the chapel, there is a Y intersection. Keep on the left and you will be cruising along Malinao Union Road. Where on one side you’ll have tropical scenery and on the other mangroves. 

4 minutes from the intersection there is a curve around mangroves and the lagoon. 

A big bamboo barge will indicate you’re in the right place.

The bamboo barge floating in the Secret Lagoon

Map of Secret Lagoon Siargao

Map of route to the secret lagoon on Siquijor

** The Secret Lagoon is marked in red on the map. The yellow mark is San Vincent Ferrer Chapel.

The green marks are Doot beach and Secret beach (more on Secret beach further down). 

Here’s an mini itinerary combining these 3 spots.

Head first to Secret beach for surf, consider having a surf lesson here. Then hop on your scooter and ride to the Secret lagoon and then make your way to Doot beach for some relaxation under the shade of coconut trees. 

Secret (Guiwan) Beach

Further down the road from Secret Lagoon there is also Secret Beach. That is the official name of this popular surfing spot. Unlike the lagoon which I decided to name ‘secret’. 

It was on our way to Secret Beach that we first saw the lagoon surrounded with mangroves, exotic plants and trees and a huge barge floating in the middle. 

I was driving so I only managed to get snippets of the place. That was enough to entice me and made it a point to visit on my way back from Secret beach.

A quick snap of us floating on the bamboo barge and soaking our feet

Our Experience at the Secret Lagoon

It was still mid afternoon when we were on our way back to General Luna from Secret beach so we stopped to check out our latest addition. 

Local teens had gathered on the barge and for the sake of not intruding, I was about to drive off when one guy came running asking us to join them. 

He even helped Jacqueline cross over a rocky pier leading to the barge.

One of the local teens called us to join them and he even helped Jacqueline cross over to the barge on a rocky submerged pier

An easier way of getting to the wooden barge is by boat from Doot Beach

The boat trip costs 150 Pesos ($ 3.12) and is through the scenic mangroves. 

The barge is also accessible from the road though at certain times of the day the rocky pier is completely covered with water. 

And the last part of the path, it’s just some bamboo branches tied together. Jacqueline had tried to walk over these branches but fell off and landed in the water.

We ended up joining the group of locals while they had a little party. 

We were also offered rum along with local snacks. Filipinos are always a happy bunch and love a good time out. 

I guess this was one of those unexpected surprises you tend to get when in a country like the Philippines.

While we sat on the wooden barge with our feet dipped into the clear water, our new friends pointed to patches in the water which is where fresh water mixes with the salty water. And watched Siargao’s eagles eyeing their prey high in the sky.  

Big birds of prey were flying over our heads

And for the Lagoon, well it isn’t that much of a secret since it’s on the side of a road leading to a popular surf spot. But we were the only tourists. 

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