Cloud 9 | A Must Visit Surfing Area on Siargao Island Philippines

The wooden retro style pier at Cloud 9 Siargao

Cloud 9 surfing area on the island of Siargao is ranked as the best surf break in the Philippines. It hosts Cloud 9 Siargao World Surfing Cup in October each year just off the glittering sand of this palm fringed tropical beach. And although this bay boasts some serious waves, closer to shore, smaller waves are perfect for beginner surfing classes.

Cloud 9 was our favourite place to chill out at sunset time. 

Although Cloud 9 Siargao doesn’t face the sunset, there is a long wooden pier with 3 levels that offers an amazing sun setting over the palm trees. 

Visit Cloud 9 either for sunrise when the professional surfers have started paddling out for those big waves. Or else for sunset is still a great experience.

I have broken down all you need to know about Cloud 9 on Siargao, where to stay in Siargao and how to travel around Siargao. 

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The sun setting from behind a cluster of palm trees at Cloud 9 Siargao

Where is Cloud 9 in Siargao

Siargao airport (yellow pin on map) is a 52 minute drive from Cloud 9 (point A). Cloud 9 is an 11 minute drive from the centre of General Luna (green pin on map).

** Jacking horse (best for beginners) and Quicksilver (best for advanced surfers) are two other surfing areas close to Cloud 9. Check map for location.

➥ Besides learning to surf and enjoying amazing sunsets / sunrises at Cloud 9, there is plenty of other things to do while on Siargao. Check this guide for all the best tourist spots and things to do on Siargao island.

Cloud 9 Surfing Area on Siargao Island

There are a few reasons Cloud 9 on Siargao is the most popular spot.

By day, Cloud 9 is a hub for everything that has to do with surf. At first light of day pro surfers are on the way out to catch the big waves. Just watching the surfers tearing up those waves while the sun rises over the horizon is one of those great experiences Siargao tends to offer. 

And if you want to try out your surfing skills, you can book a surfing class even from early morning before it gets hot and too busy.

Cloud 9 Siargao was one of our favourite places to hang out and chill after a day exploring the island.

There are a few hip bars and cafes dotted along the beach and sheltered by the palms. Among these is Cafe Loka and boasts some of the best freshly made sandwiches, smoothies and cocktails.

However, we usually just grabbed a chilled beer from a local lady that sets up on the side and chilled out while watching the surfers catch the last waves of the day.

Cloud 9 Siargao Surf Lessons

A surf lesson with an instructor costs 500 Pesos ($10.40) per hour including board hire. At Jacking Horse, which is located a short walk to the left from Cloud 9, being great for beginners.

Amazing Sunsets at Cloud 9 Siargao

Although Cloud 9 doesn’t face the sunset, it tends to offer a unique experience of ever-changing colours in the sky while looking over a palm fringed beach. 

This is possible thanks to a 200 metre vintage pier stilted on the shallow reef

The main purpose of the pier is a viewing deck for the yearly surfing cup. And right at the end of the wooden pier, there is a 3 level platform. From here you will be facing directly Cloud 9 Siargao and be at the same level of the palm trees and the sun setting behind them. 

This was definitely one of the best sunsets that we had in Siargao.

Dapa is another location to enjoy the sunset on Siargao. This guide covers all you need to know.

Entrance Fee to Cloud 9 Boardwalk & Tower

The fee is 50 Pesos ($1.04).

Best Area to Stay in Siargao

Although Siargao is a popular island in the Philippines, there is just one main tourist area, which is General Luna.

This town will tick all the boxes. There are loads of accommodation options for different budgets and restaurants, bars and cafeterias are everywhere.

➥ Check this guide and choose the best area to stay and accommodation in General Luna.

If planning on exploring the entire island, consider spending few nights further north in Siargao. Either in the seaside town Pacifico or Burgos.

Both Burgos and Pacifico are quite isolated but still cater to tourists. There are few accommodations and a handful of cafeterias/restaurants in each village.

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No matter where you choose to stay, you will need to head out of General Luna town to reach Siargao’s best tourist spots. So just keep that in mind.

Getting Around Siargao

With a scooter

That is the best way to get yourself to Siargao’s best corners and all the tourist spots. Scooters and motorbikes are the main mode of transport for both locals and tourists. 

Roads are good throughout the island. 

In General Luna there are loads of motorbike rental shops and prices start at around 500 PHP ($10.41) per day. And the longer you keep it, the less the price per day. 

However, we found the best prices in Dapa and paid 275 PHP ($5.72) per day for 7 days. 

The ferry terminal is located in Dapa. Walk out of the ferry terminal and you’ll see a big sign for scooter rental.

An alternative for those who aren’t comfortable riding a scooter is to rent a tricycle with driver. This is the more expensive option and will cost 2000 PHP ($41.63) for the day.

Other Tourist Spots in Siargao

Tourist spots along the Southern Coast

Tourist spots in Central Siargao

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