About Us

Welcome to The Travel Deck.

And Hello from James and Jacqueline.

We are a travel couple from a tiny island named Malta that after months of travelling through South East Asia decided to leave everything behind and set off on a life changing and eye opener 1 year trip.

But unlike many other travellers, that in 1 year go all around the globe, we stuck to 1 specific part of the world. And that was South East Asia.

Our trip focused on just 3 countries, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.

After spending months in each country, exploring popular and off the beaten track destinations and not missing out although on a tight budget, no doubt we have loads to offer.

Our mission is to offer detailed guides and help you get the most out of your trip without breaking the bank.

In our guides you will find:

  • how to travel cheaper but never miss out
  • daily costs
  • itineraries
  • best time to visit
  • things to do and places to visit
  • where to stay
  • how to get around
James and Jacqueline, the faces behind the traveldeck site, in a river boat while in Bangkok

Meet James

Back in 2013, a friend of mine suggested if I would be interested in a 3 week trip to Cambodia. Obviously, I was stoked, accepted and since that day I have travelled extensively in that part of the world.

Beside Cambodia, our travels have taken us to Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and our last trip was in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines and combined hopped 30+ islands.

So, that was sort of how our love for travel began. But now more about me and what I’m up to when not travelling.

Surprisingly, my profession is far from anything related to blogging. I work in the construction industry and can do pretty much anything in that line.

I am creative, love taking new challenges and while travelling I tried my best at improving my photography skills which was quite odd since all I had was a mobile phone with a cracked screen.

So far this new chapter in my life has taught me loads. I can now concentrate much more, have improved my writing skills, taken a photography course and have another big trip to Southeast Asia in the pipeline.

Meet Jacqueline

I’m passionate about travel, a Dream Chaser and An Achiever.

My love for travel was fueled while on a trip to Cambodia, my first trip out of Europe.

And after making some more Asian travel experiences, I quit my job as an accountant to travel non stop for a whole year. I just cannot have enough of this continent.

Together with my lifelong partner, James, and through The Travel Deck, I share my love for travel and wish to instil in the readers a desire to chase dreams and break through own boundaries for a happier, fuller life.

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We love hearing from you so if there is any travel question we can help with or you wish to say hi, get in touch!