James and Jacqueline in a river boat in Bangkok

About Us

Hi there,

Welcome to The Travel Deck.

We are so happy to see you want to know more about us. So let us just introduce ourselves and share who is behind this website…

We are James and Jacqueline, 2 travel enthusiasts and both from a little island named Malta. Malta is small, well actually a tiny island in the Mediterrenean sea so the name may not ring a bell. You may want to use google.maps and completely zoom in 😀

The excitement to travel didn’t actually hit us until we were in our mid 20’s. That is when we did our first “big” trip and spent 3 weeks in Cambodia. And that is when our travel lust was sparked. Now we just can’t get enough.

Meet James

Howdy Guys!!! I’m James and as you may have noticed I am the one who does all (or most of) the writing and I also take care of what you will see on the website like photographs.

I have always been creative. Right from when I was a kid the only thing that would keep me quiet was lego. And to be honest, I wouldn’t mind building something now that I’m a 30 year old.

I have been working in the construction industry for 13 years now. This seemed to be the way things would go since I was always playing around with blocks. No doubt my job is tough, dangerous and I’m always exposed to the elements, like rain, cold and the blazing Maltese Summer sun that at times is over 40 degrees C. But surprisingly I love what I do and wouldn’t have it any other way. 

The plan of starting this travel website is definitely a challenge. I’m used to hard work and seeing things getting done and from nothing see a structure. So sitting down just using my fingers is without a doubt completely the opposite. But yeah, I can say that I’m slowly getting the hang of this. 

As of writing this post in April 2020, yes this is during the Covid-19 lockdown. I have one regret. That is, I didn’t buy a camera before we actually set out on our 1 year trip. Now that the trip is over I decided to get a professional camera, did a photography course and I’m actually on my heels to hopefully go on a trip and see what comes out my fresh photography skills.

I could go on and on but I guess this is about enough for myself. I will try leaving some space for Jacqueline 😀

Meet Jacqueline

Passionate about travel, Dream Chaser and An Achiever.

Who had her love for travel fueled while on a trip to Cambodia, her first trip out of Europe.

And after making some more Asian travel experiences, quit her job as an accountant to travel non stop for a whole year. She just cannot have enough of this continent.

Together with her lifelong partner, James, and through The Travel Deck, she shares her love for travel and wishes to instil in the readers a desire to chase dreams and break through own boundaries for a happier, fuller life.

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We love hearing from you so if there is any travel question we can help with or you wish to say hi, get in touch!