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Sunset in Dapa Town Siargao | The Best Sunset on the island

In the Southern part of the Philippines there is a remote island that owns the country’s best surf beaches. And is a tropical paradise covered in coconut palm trees. I am referring to the world class surfing capital of the Philippines, Siargao. And it just so happens to be known for it’s amazing sunsets. In fact, with such a stunning and diverse landscape, all the country boasts spectacular sunsets.

One of our best sunsets was in a town named Dapa on Siargao. However, no foreign tourists seem to know what stunning views you get from this overlooked town. And once the day heads towards an end, the burning ball sinks behind an island with an exotic scenery.

The sun slowly fading away behind the Siargao's ferry terminal in Dapa town

Where To Stay In Siargao

We usually choose our accommodation close to the tourist spots. However, in Siargao things are a bit different. There is one main tourist area and all of Siargao’s tourist spots are scattered around the island. Therefore, the best option is to stay in General Luna which is Siargao’s favourite area. General Luna is also home to the world class surf beach Cloud 9. There are loads of restaurants, hip bars, cafes and accommodation to suit any budget. We were paying 10 Euro per night for a double room just to give an idea of cheap prices.

Wherever you stay you will need to venture out to reach the tourist spots. So you may consider going further North of Siargao in a village called Pacifico. Pacifico is another of Siargao’s tourist areas. However, it isn’t as popular as General Luna. But there are still a decent amount of restaurants and accommodations.

How to Get Around Siargao

With a scooter. That is the best way to get yourself to Siargao’s best corners and all the tourist spots. Scooters and motorbikes are the main mode of transport for both locals and tourists. Roads are good throughout the island. In General Luna there are loads of motorbike rental shops and prices start at around 500 PHP per day. And the longer you keep it, the less the price per day. However, we found the best prices in Dapa and paid 275 PHP per day for 7 days.

An alternative for those who aren’t comfortable riding a scooter is to rent a tricycle with driver. This is the more expensive option and will cost 2000 PHP for the day.

How To Get To Dapa Town for Sunset

Dapa town is the ferry point of entry. So if you’re on a tight budget and take the Cebu to Siargao ferry like us, Dapa will be where you first set foot on Siargao. From General Luna it takes around 20 minutes by scooter. Type into Google.Maps Dapa Boulevard Barbecue Stand. The exact location is next to the ferry terminal.

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Dapa Siargao's Best Sunset

It wasn’t until one full day adventuring in Siargao that we ended up stopping in Dapa. Our main reason from stopping here was to grab a delicious dish of fresh barbecued meat. We had no idea that the scenery was going to be the highlight of the day. Cruising around town with our eyes peeled for a barbecue stand, we couldn’t help but notice what a sunset. And from the intention of grabbing a bite, our attention shifted on finding a good sunset spot.

We found the perfect spot right next to the ferry terminal. And as it turns out, there were quite a few local eateries that had just lit the fire and were preparing to grill. Perfect. We couldn’t of asked for anymore. A bottle of red horse beer and grilled liver soaked in sticky yummy sauce was our order. 

We had 3 incredible sunsets in Siargao. At White Banana Beach Club and from the pier at Cloud 9. Both are in General Luna. However, Dapa sunsets offer more than just a view of the sun sinking into the ocean. Views from the barbecue stalls in Dapa boast one amazing scene of the sun fading away behind one of the main islands that scatter the Siargao seas. And with just 4 Euros we got a table and snacked on grilled liver sticks and a 1 litre beer. 

Jacqueline poses along Dapa's coast while the sun is setting
Happy James after eating freshly grilled liver as light snack accompanied by a 1 liter red horse beer in Dapa Siargao
Dapa is a favourite hotspot with locals. Here a group of Filipinos enjoys a few beers at sunset

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