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Along the coast of Northern Siargao, nestled in lush jungle and meters away from a long, white palm-fringed beach, there is Pacifico. Pacifico is one of a few other totally laid back towns in this part of the island. The one thing in common is they’re all near the coast, are laid back, and really cool.

The most popular town in North Siargao is Pacifico. A laid-back seaside village that flaunts the natural beauty of Siargao island through un-spoilt scenery, loads of coco palms and one of the best surf breaks in Siargao: without all the crowds.

Cruising around Siargao we couldn't help but wander off into the coconut forests
On the way to Pacifico Beach at Siargao Coconut Road

Unlike General Luna, Pacifico doesn’t get that much attention since it is rather isolated and is merely catered to tourists. A handful of accommodations, hip and funky cafeterias and local eateries and grills serving amazing dishes are what you’ll find. An when the sun goes down you can watch the fireflies floating along the beach street.

If you want to see the real side of Siargao, be just a few minutes ride away from popular tourist spots and just chill out on deserted beaches under the palms, Pacifico in North Siargao is pure bliss.

Getting lost in Siargao's coconut plantation
A Coconut Plantation in Burgos

Where To Stay In North Siargao

Pacifico, Burgos and Alegria are the 3 main towns to stay in North Siargao. Each one of these has a few accommodation options to choose with Pacifico being the most popular.


I say popular mildly because by no means is Pacifico busy. We actually rode through Pacifico without even realizing we had passed the accommodation we had booked. It’s mostly just a road along a beach with loads of waving coconut trees and a few properties dotted along the way.

Best places to stay for any Budget in Pacifico ⤵

BudgetColeto Siargao₱1200/$22
Mid-RangeBlueWave Surf Stay₱3000/$54
High-EndTrogon’s Perch₱8500/$150
Prices are per night for 2 people. These are base prices which may change depending on seasonality.

A short ride further North there’s Burgos. Here it’s even more laid back but it’s also sort of hip and trendy and there’s a really cafe serving delicious vegan food (I’m not vegan btw, but this really was good!). The name of the cafe is The Hub by lokal.

Best places to stay for any Budget in Burgos ⤵

BudgetApol’s home₱1000/$19
Mid-RangeVilla Malinao Oceanview₱2300/$42
Prices are per night for 2 people. These are base prices which may change depending on seasonality.

Further up on the Northern tip of Siargao there’s Alegria. In this part there’s merely a town surrounded in lush tropical trees 1 minute from the beach. Alegria is also home to a beautiful beach that doesn’t have big waves so it’s great for swimming.

Best places to stay for any Budget in Alegria ⤵

BudgetMasayay Homestay₱1029/$19
Mid-RangeKaha Island Stay₱1150/$20
Mid-RangeDaRosa Del Mar₱2900/$50
Prices are per night for 2 people. These are base prices which may change depending on seasonality.


Pacifico in North Siargao is located in the San Isidro Municipality. This area is where most tourists, backpackers and travelers are interested in when visiting north Siargao.

There is also Burgos and Alegria further north from Pacifico and both offer a handful of accommodation and a few hip cafes.

Most of the cafes specialize in vegan or vegetarian food.

Things to do in Pacifico itself are limited to the beach, surfing and hanging out at the local cafe. But since you will be already in this remote part of Siargao, a 20-minute ride will get you to pretty much all the tourist spots included in this guide.

Things to do in North Siargao on Map

Map of Siargao showing points of interest in Pacifico Siargao and in north Siargao
  1. Things To Do in Pacifico and the rest of North Siargao are marked in red. Starting from the north west these are:
  • Secret beach
  • Danjug cave
  • Taktak falls
  • Alegria beach
  • Little Hawaii
  • Pacifico lighthouse
  • Pacifico beach
  • Magpopongko rock pools

2. Things To Do enroute to Pacifico are marked in yellow and are:

  • Coconut trees view deck
  • The Bent palm tree swing at the Maasin River
  • Tayangban cave & pool

3. Cafes / Eateries in North Siargao are marked in green. Starting from the north, these include:

  • La Cabane
  • Jungle Cafe
  • Lokal Siargao
Jacqueline floating in the pool at Tak Tak Falls in North Siargao.
Taktak Falls

Pacifico Siargao Trip Tips

If you plan to stay in Siargao for up to 2 days, skip Pacifico and base yourself in General Luna.

Here’s how to plan your 2 day trip to Siargao.

On your first day join the Siargao Land Tour which covers 5 must-see attractions in Siargao including The Coconut View Deck, The Bent Palm Tree Swing and Magpupungko Rock Pools. This tour is the best we found online in terms of price and rating.

Check the price and details of the Day Tour here.

For your second day, add an island-hopping day trip to Daku Island, Guyam Island and Naked Island. This day tour has a very affordable price.

Check details of the island hopping tour here.

We recommend to add a day trip to Pacifico Beach and other attractions in the north of Siargao if planning a trip of 3 full days to Siargao.

And if planning a trip to Siargao for more than 4 days, make sure to add a stay of a couple of days in Pacifico.

Surf in Pacifico | One of the Best Things To Do

When it comes to the best water sports in the Philippines, the surf in Siargao takes the spot. 

After all, Siargao is known as the surfing capital of the Philippines. And boasts the best waves and swells all along the Eastern coast. 

Up north of Siargao island you will find some great spots to surf

Starting from Pacifico Beach all the way to the Northern tip of Siargao, the East coast offers undisturbed spots to surf

Surf in North Siargao offers ideal waves and swells for the professional surfer since they are rated as expert waves. Considering this is a less frequented part of Siargao, surfers won’t have the hassle and stress of avoiding other surfers which isn’t the case in the south. 

The most popular surfing spots in north Siargao are Pacifico, Burgos and on the Northern tip of Siargao there is an unnamed surfing area known as Secret Beach

Surprisingly, Secret Beach seems to be the most popular surf spot in North Siargao. 

Just to give you an idea of what popular means to North Siargao, there were around 8 surfers on our visit.

Tip: Surf in Siargao is one of the island’s top activities. However, if you’re an amateur surfer stick to the Southern region where there are smaller swells. North Siargao is for the expert surfer.

North Siargao's own secret beach.
Secret beach in north Siargao

Pacifico Beach Siargao

Pacifico beach is just a stone’s throw away from Pacifico town. 

In fact, most accommodations and restaurants are right by the bay area. Or directly on the beach sheltered with leafy palms. 

Pacifico beach is a long stretch of white sand sloping into the ocean. The beach is mostly known as one of the surf areas in Siargao. 

However, if you’re not into surf, you can definitely take a dip in the calm waters close to shore. 

Pacifico beach is lined with leafy green palm trees and coconut trees. This makes it ideal to hang out sheltered from the exotic heat of the sun.

The long stretch of white sand and tropical trees at Pacifico beach
Pacifico Beach

Magpupungko Rock Pool

Magpupungko is a natural rock pool on the east coast of Siargao. 

The pool comes to be when the tide drifts out leaving this big hole in the seabed exposed. Therefore, during high tide all you’ll see is the ocean. 

But come low tide and you will be rewarded with a natural pool so clear and so blue you won’t believe your eyes. So just keep in mind that you will need to know the tidal times to see this tourist spot. 

Surfers will definitely know what time the tide will be out. 

I am not going to say much about this activity in Siargao since during our time on the island, Magpupungko rock pools was closed. 

The closure came due to Magpupungko being the island’s favourite tourist spot with crowds flocking over each day. To preserve the natural landscape authorities shut the place down for a week or 2. 

Tak Tak Falls

There is just one waterfall on Siargao named Tak Tak Falls. 

If you’re in Pacifico it takes 25 minutes cruising along North Siargao’s coast. Once you’ve reached the tip of Siargao and cruising back down, look out for sign indicating the way. 

If you use Google.Maps the point is almost correct. Just keep an eye out for the signs. Once you reach the entry point you can leave your scooter in the parking and walk around 5 minutes. 

We arrived at Tak Tak Falls and there was no one around. Just the lady at the booth and a couple of locals maintaining the area. 

Tak Tak isn’t the most amazing waterfall but still makes for a great activity. 

Making its way down the rock face, the fall drops into a large pool below. This is enough to compensate for the “not so amazing fall”. 

And speaking to the maintenance guys we found that it’s possible to climb up and cliff jump. We didn’t try this so can’t really say if it’s that safe. 

A small spout of warm sulphuric water seeps through a crack at Tak Tak Falls

>>Read our complete guide to Tak Tak Falls for everything you need to know about visiting this waterfall.

Burgos – The Little Hawaii

Past Pacifico the next town is Burgos. 

At some point you most likely find out that Burgos is known as the Little Hawaii of Siargao. And if you head off the main road and make your way further inland, you will realize what is the reason behind Burgos’ similarity with Hawaii. 

Right behind Burgos town there is an unbelievable landscape surrounded in coconut plantations. It is mostly farmland. 

The trail starts off to be hidden away in a tropical landscape only to open up revealing a plateau of rice fields. If you want to get the best out of this activity try getting here for sunrise. I can tell you that you won’t regret getting up early for such a beautiful scenery.

That plank is the path that leads into these beautiful rice fields in Little Hawaii Burgos

>>We enjoyed our bumpy ride to this part of north Siargao so much so that we wrote a full guide to the Scenic Little Hawaii – Burgos.

Lined coconut trees at Little Hawaii in Burgos
At Burgos Coconut Road

See the Fireflies just off the main area of Pacifico

North Siargao is undeveloped and undisturbed by light pollution. 

Head a few hundred meters out of town and the only light will be the moon and stars. This is where you will come across one of the most magical experiences

Loads of little yellow lights just floating around you

For the first time in our life we saw the fireflies. We came across this scene while we were on our way back from Alegria Beach which got us truly by surprise. 

We stopped our scooter and just wandered around in darkness while these little insects flickered the little yellow lights. 

Pacifico Lighthouse Siargao

If you cruise out of Pacifico heading north and look through openings in the coconut plantation, you will see a tall, white lighthouse to your right. 

We saw this structure peeping out over the trees and thought it must offer an incredible view. In fact views are amazing and the swells in the ocean are huge which makes it that more exciting. 

The waves and swells on this side of Pacifico are huge

However, this ocean front tower was under construction / maintenance and entry was closed. 

We managed to get close enough by passing through the plantation, cutting through bushes and watching out for any potential falling coconuts. For us getting close to the lighthouse was a fun little adventure. 

In the future we think that it will be much easier to reach the lighthouse and enjoy the views considering the current construction works. 

This wasn't the best way to reach the lighthouse but we did manage to get close enough and realized the place closed due to undergoing maintenance

Secret Beach in North Siargao

Ironically, Secret Beach isn’t really that much of a secret. 

Surfers all know the place, locals will mention it and kids hang out on this long stretch of sand

However, Secret Beach isn’t marked on Google.Maps and there is no signs that lead to it. So in a way it can be classified as “secret”. Exact location of Secret Beach on map included in this article.

Access to the beach is very similar to Secret Beach in the south of Siargao. You will need to make your way through a coconut tree forest and finally you’ll be on this laid back beach. 

I would say the wave size at Secret Beach is small to medium. However, don’t count on me, I’m no surfoligist if you know what I mean. 

A group of local kids at secret beach in North Siargao

Danjug Cave

I can’t say Danjug Cave is the best tourist spot in Siargao. But if you’re in the area you could stop by. 

Danjug Cave is said to have been a hideout for pirates. And inside still remain relics and numerous objects linked to these supposed pirates. Although the pirate story may be true, I have my doubts the relics are that old. 

Upon entry there is a fee of 100 Pesos ($ 2.08) per person. A guide is assigned and will walk you through a cave and explain where these relics came from. 

In 5 minutes this part will be over and off to a viewpoint. A good enough vantage point to see your surrounding but not that spectacular. 

The guide will next show you a few small turtles closed off in a small cave and the tour is over. 

On the way out there is a garden with tropical plants and flowers and Bonsai trees. This must have been the highlight of the whole tour. And outside is a small beach where we hung out for some time and had a go at climbing a coconut tree.

Alegria Beach – Siargao best beach for swimming

On the Northern tip of Siargao island there is a sandy beach along calm clear waters. This is one of the few beaches on the island perfect for swimming

After a day exploring North Siargao, visiting Tak Tak Falls and discovering Secret beach, this was a great place to chill out

We actually came here to grab something to eat from one of the beach restaurants. Myself and Jacqueline had no idea that we would find such an amazing beach

Check out Alegria beach while in North Siargao, you could easily spend a few hours chilling out under the trees, eating and swimming in the clear water.

Alegria beach on the Northern tip of Siargao is one of the island's best beaches for swimming

How to get to Pacifico in North Siargao

It should take around 1 hour to drive from General Luna to Pacifico Beach. 

And the best way to get there would be with your own scooter. Note that once you get out of General Luna, the roads are basically empty so it is quite simple to ride 1 hour up to Pacifico. 

If you’re not riding a scooter another option is by habal-habal, tricycle or jeepney

You can find habal-habal (which is a motorcycle taxi) and tricycles in General Luna and should cost around 600 Pesos ($12.48). However, the drivers don’t really want to head so far out of town so you will probably be offered a higher price or declined completely. 

Third option is with a jeepney which is a Filipino local bus. Head into Dapa Town, this is where the jeepneys leave or pass from. Ask when is the next trip and keep in mind that the 1 hour travel time will be more due to the jeepney making multiple stops to drop off other passengers and any goods that can be loaded onboard.

The jeepney, the iconic local public transport in the Philippines.
A fully loaded Jeepney

Tip: Next is a list of the best tourist spots on the way from General Luna to Pacifico Beach.

Day Trip Itinerary to Pacifico Beach

All the way along your journey to North Siargao there are some of the island’s most popular tourist spots. 

If you wake up early enough, you can make a full adventure day out of your trip. And the way in which these tourist spots are located all make sense. You will see why in this summary of potential places to visit on your trip.

banged up and abandoned vehicle.
An interesting scene we came across while cruising along Siargao Circumferential Road exploring the north of the island

1. Coconut Trees View Deck

This is an incredible viewpoint around 25 minutes out of General Luna town. The view looks over a never-ending coconut plantation, mountains and jungle. From here you get a perspective of why some people call Siargao the land of coconuts. Get here early for those dreamy warm colors in your photographs. Around 10 minutes would be enough here.

2. The Palm Tree Swing at the Maasin River

Just around the corner from your first stop is an Instagram favourite. The swing tied to a wonky palm tree hanging over the Maasin River. Once you reach the red steel bridge park your bike and walk along the river. You should spot the bent palm tree while you’re on the bridge. It is quite fun to drop into the Maasin river from this swing. But I would say 1 hour is enough time to enjoy the place.

3. Tayangban Cave & Pool

6 km away is the next tourist spot. This activity is a river that makes its way through a cave. Some parts are actually deep enough to swim, so change to your swimwear. And if you cross the street there is a turquoise pool surrounded by cliffs, vines and trees. You should spend around 1 1/2 to 2 hours tops here.

4. Magpupungko Rock Pool

Heading to the next activity of the day you will cruise along a tropical scenery for around 20 minutes. Magpupungko is a tidal pool which means it is created by the tide. Therefore, it may be impossible to see this natural wonder depending if the tide is high or low. A crystal clear blue pool is created when the tide is swept out leaving these holes full of water. So if it happens that it is high tide, unfortunately it won’t make sense to visit.

You will reach Pacifico within another 15 minutes ride. Pacifico is relatively close to Magpupungko so you could easily come back at the right time on the following day.

>> For more things to do on Siargao read this guide. 

Where to Stay in Pacifico and North Siargao

Pacifico and North Siargao in general is an undeveloped part of the island. 

A few accommodations and low key properties are scattered around the Northern region along with a handful of properties by the beach and in unique locations. 

Here is a list of the best accommodations in Pacifico and North Siargao. But before I start, I want to tell you where we stayed.


>>If you’re planning to stay for some nights in General Luna, check our complete guide to the best areas where to stay in General Luna including the best resorts, hotels and hostels.

Best Cafes in North Siargao

Although Northern Siargao is rather isolated, you will be surprised to find a handful of cafes. 

But not just any cafe

We found them to be excellent and some of the best we came across in all of Siargao. Here is a list of the cafes in North Siargao, there may be a few more but these are the ones we visited.

La Cabane (Sta. Monica) 

The owners of this place are surfers themselves, kids and all the family. La Cabane is set amidst a coconut plantation and from the cafe’s garden you will be looking onto a beautiful rice field. They serve excellent coffees and shakes and we tried their vegan cakes and biscuits which were pretty amazing. I have listed this place as an accommodation option too.

coconut ice cream and vegan cake at La Cabane in North Siargao
This is the contrasting yellow sign in the middle of a tropical landscape that led us to La Cabane

Lokal (Burgos) 

The concept is simple, they serve great drinks, snacks and light vegan meals and that’s about it. Everything is freshly baked, grilled or served fresh and reasonably priced. Lokal is the go-to cafe in North Siargao. 

The vegan wrap at Lokal is one this cafes all time favourites

Jungle Cafe (Burgos) 

We came to the jungle cafe on our last day in North Siargao. We had a long ride back down to General Luna so opted for their big surfers’ breakfast. Scrambled eggs, fried tomatoes, hummus, bread and tasty yogurt. This place is also listed as an accommodation option.

Up in the hills above Burgos town, Jungle Cafe serves a delicious and filling breakfast and offers a stunning view over North Siargao's exotic landscape

Things To Do South of Siargao (General Luna)

If you also plan to stay for some days in General Luna, located south of Siargao, you should put these spots on your list of things to do.

  • Learn surf or enjoy sunrise / sunset at Cloud 9.
  • Visit Secret Beach, the beach within a stunning landscape.
  • Chill at Doot Beach.
  • Take a boat to the ‘Secret Lagoon‘ from Doot Beach.
  • Enjoy amazing local food and relax while watching the sun setting at Dapa Town.

Camiguin Island After Siargao?

After Siargao we hopped to Camiguin, a smaller Filippino island. Camiguin is not so popular with western tourists and is the perfect balance between relaxation and fun-packed days. But if you’re interested to know more about Camiguin, we have a series of travel guides which include all the information you might need.

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Check out our travel guides by clicking on the links for useful tips and amazing places to add to your Philippines bucket list.

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