Tak Tak Falls. The Only Waterfall on Siargao.

Tak Tak Fall Siargao island Philippines

Tak Tak Falls is in the Northern part of Siargao while the island’s tourist area of General Luna and Cloud 9 are in the South. Plan to spend a whole day exploring and cruising along streets full of palm trees and exotic beaches.

Tak Tak Falls is the only waterfall on Siargao island in the Philippines and is located around 1 1/2 hours ride North from General Luna

You will need your own wheels for the journey. Though there are tours that include Tak Tak Falls in their daily itinerary. 

On your way to North Siargao, you are bound to pass by a few other amazing tourist spots. And while you cruise the countryside, an ever-changing scene of tropical jungle, rice fields and ocean will make this epic ride amazing.

Warming up after an early morning swim in the pool beneath Tak Tak Falls

Where to Stay in Siargao

Siargao is a straight forward island when it comes to choosing where to stay. Most tourists that come to Siargao stay somewhere around General Luna. Restaurants, hip bars, cafes and hundreds of accommodation to suite any budget are all located in General Luna. 

I would say that if it is your first time in Siargao, General Luna is the best place to stay. We slept 5 nights in General Luna before heading further North. I have to stay, that the options on where to sleep, eat and drink are endless.

There is another option. That is to go further North of Siargao in a charming seaside village called Pacifico or next to it is Burgos. Pacifico is where we spent our last 2 nights in Siargao. Just be aware that both Pacifico and Burgos are isolated and there isn’t so many tourist amenities like restaurants, cafes and bars. There is 4 cafes in the North that we know of and about the same amount of restaurants. And although you may be limited, each and every restaurant and cafe served the best meals we had in all Siargao.

How to Get to Tak Tak Falls

The best way to get around the island is with your own wheels. And since most of Siargao is  undeveloped, you will find it straight forward to navigate around. 

You can rent a scooter in General Luna. Prices start at around 500 pesos (10 EUR) and you can negotiate your way for a discount if you’ll renting it for longer than a day.  But if you want a reasonable price, I suggest you get out of town and head towards the port. We rented our scooter right after we got off the ferry in Dapa at 275 Pesos (4.89 EUR) per day.

You may also want to check at a tour agency and see what daily activities they offer. I know that I saw Tak Tak Falls advertised. However, not all companies will include the fall in their itinerary.

Tak Tak Falls is on the Northern tip of Siargao. To drive there it should take around 1.5 hours but don’t worry. The scene and different landscapes are amazing. Google.Maps will get you right in front of the street that leads to Tak Tak. You can then drive your bike into the parking area.

Tak Tak Falls Entrance Fee

Just before you reach Tak Tak Falls, you will see a sign that will lead you in the right direction. You will need to make a turn off the main road. And a few metres ahead you will see a barrier and a lady taking care of the tickets. The entrance fee is 25 Pesos (0.50 EUR). And on the way in there is a shack with a variety a packed snacks. 

We parked just outside the gate to Tak Tak Falls. A 5 minute walk surrounded in Palm trees and jungle lead us to the fall.
An early morning swim in clear waterat Tak Tak Falls

➣ During our year long trip to SE Asia, we’ve been to many falls with our favorite being Tumpak Sewu in Java Indonesia. So if you’re into chasing waterfalls and planning a trip to Java or its neighbouring island, Bali, make sure to include Tumpak Sewu to your list of things to do.

Tak Tak Falls

Instead of driving up to Tak Tak Falls and heading back down to General Luna, we spent 2 nights in a laid back seaside village in the North. The name of this place is Pacifico. And although it is rather isolated, it is increasingly becoming an alternative to General Luna.

We were already in North Siargao, so we didn’t really need to get up super early to be in time for sunrise. The cruise along a palm fringed coast, isolated villages and surfing spots took just over 20 minutes. The fall is located at the end of a street just off Siargao’s circumference. And there is lots of parking inside. No cars or other vehicles were around when we arrived.

From the parking area it takes about 5 minutes to walk right in front of Tak Tak Waterfall. The only people were a maintenance crew that take really good care of the place. One guy even scoops out leaves from the pool.

Unlike other waterfalls in the Philippines, Tak-Tak Falls doesn’t have that milky blue colour. We had got used to that and had actually expected this to be similar. Instead, the water is clear mostly at the shallow parts and in the morning it was rather chilly. 

Surprisingly, Jacqueline was the one who immediately headed towards the pool while I was wandering all around the place. The surrounding area is partly man made and does contrast with the overall landscape. However, this may have been the only way to contain the water and create a pool surrounded in tropical jungle. 

Jacqueline floating at the point where the sun was reflecting from over the top of the fall onto the pool
Jacqueline at the side of the waterfall enjoying water spray

While at the waterfall, I realized Jacqueline had been put in the same place for some time. It turns out she was sitting right beneath a small sulphuric stream of warm water.  

Tak-Tak is a pretty fall and we spent a couple of hours here, swimming, relaxing by the pool and having fun under the water spray on an early morning. It would be worth the drive if you include other tourist spots along the way. Or else if you’re in north Siargao, like us, it will only be a short drive away.

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