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The Beautiful Secret Beach on Siargao, The Philippines

Siargao is a tropical and remote island in the Philippines. It is best known for the waves and surf and actually boasts the best waves in the Philippines. 

One of the best things to do in Siargao is to grab a scooter, venture out to the island’s best beaches and tourist spots. From the favourite tourist area of General Luna you can reach so many tourist spots and beaches in less than 30 minutes. 

One of the best beaches that is close to General Luna is Secret Beach. Not that it’s so much a secret. But it is kinda hidden away in one of the most stunning landscapes that we have ever come across on a beach.

oh well, I thought it would be easy to climb a coconut tree

Where to Stay in Siargao

Siargao is straightforward when it comes to deciding where to stay. There is one main tourist area and is in the Southern part of Siargao. Siargao’s popular tourist area is General Luna and is the best place to stay if you want loads of cool cafeterias, restaurants, hip bars and accommodation to suit any budget. 

However, if you’re looking for somewhere less popular, I suggest going to North Siargao in a seaside town named Pacifico. Pacifico is one of Siargao’s up and coming tourist areas. There are just a handful of restaurants, cafeterias and accommodation. But has great surfing spots which aren’t crowded and offers the laid back island vibe that tropical islands tend to offer.

No matter which of these 2 areas you choose to stay in, you will still need to get out of town to reach Siargao’s tourist spots. Our accommodation was mostly in General Luna and spent the last 2 nights in Pacifico. In our opinion, that was the best way to explore North Siargao.

How to Get Around Siargao

With a scooter. That is the best way to get yourself to Siargao’s best corners and all the tourist spots. Scooters and motorbikes are the main mode of transport for both locals and tourists. Roads are good throughout the island. In General Luna there are loads of motorbike rental shops and prices start at around 500 PHP (€8.97) per day. And the longer you keep it, the less the price per day. However, we found the best prices in Dapa and paid 275 PHP (€4.93) per day for 7 days.

An alternative for those who aren’t comfortable riding a scooter is to rent a tricycle with driver. This is the more expensive option and will cost 2000 PHP (€35.89) for the day.

Where is Secret Beach Siargao

Secret Beach is to the south of the island and along Siargao’s Union Road. To be exact Secret Beach is along the coastal road that will take you from General Luna to Dapa. However, this isn’t the main road that you most likely passed from when you arrived and traveled from the port in Dapa to your accommodation in General Luna. 

If you drive along the coast out of General Luna and heading West, after around 20 minutes you will start to see a few local stalls. You will see scooters parked outside with sidebars to hold the surf boards. That is a good enough indication that you are in the right place. Or else, the best way is to write Secret Beach Siargao on Google.Maps. I can personally confirm that the directions and location are correct. The only thing is that Google.Maps will stop you in the main road. This is where you will need to park and take the short hike to the ocean.

Our Experience at Secret Beach Siargao

There are so many beaches scattered around General Luna that we dedicated a whole day to venture out to as many we could. And along the way also found a Secret Lagoon right beside a main road. (Secret Lagoon was the name we gave the lagoon since it doesn’t have a name). 

We were almost sure this beach wouldn’t be so straightforward. At least that is what the name suggests. It turns out that Secret Beach Siargao is after all rather popular, not as much as Cloud 9 but still I wouldn’t consider it that much of a secret. 

Outside the entry point to Secret Beach Siargao, loads of scooters fitted with side racks for surf boards were indication that this was the right place. The side of the main road is the parking area. From here, a 5/10 minute walk along a rough road leads to the ocean. As always, I couldn’t wait to get to the beach and was the first while Jacqueline took her time. But it didn’t take long for her to pick up the pace when she realized I had lay my eyes on something amazing. I just looked back at her with that smirky smile. She didn’t know what lay ahead. 

all the coconut trees at secret beach
the beautiful landscape at Secret Beach with thousands of coconut trees

The landscape surrounding Secret Beach was so amazing that unfortunately we didn’t even take one photograph of the beach. 

Secret Beach Siargao

Let me tell you, Secret Beach Siargao may not be a secret any more. But is no doubt hidden away in one of the most stunning coastal landscapes that we have ever laid eyes on. Just a few metres from the waves, a tropical landscape kicks off. A cluster of coconut trees, bamboos and other vegetation take up most of the nearby landscape. Therefore there is loads of shade to relax. Just don’t settle down under the coconuts.

And for the bay itself, it is ideal for beginners to get a surfing class. We didn’t do any surfing lessons. But Secret Beach Siargao would have definetily been our choice. The waves are consistent and not too big and most importantly it wasn’t as crowded as Cloud 9 in General Luna. I would say if you’re thinking of taking surfing lessons, head over to Secret Beach Siargao. Most likely you will love it first sight.

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