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Getting to Bohol from Cebu is straightforward and can easily be done in less than 2 hours. There are 3 ways of travelling from Cebu to Bohol. However, many tourists rely on the convenience of fast ferries that connect Cebu to Bohol and run multiple times a day at an affordable price.


There are flights and multiple ferries every day crossing from Cebu to Bohol. This makes getting to Bohol from Cebu convenient no matter when you plan on going.

Travel time by ferry is 2 hours while air travel from Cebu to Bohol is 20 minutes. However, when you consider the traffic getting to the airport and check-in time, flying will more or less take as long as a ferry.

Another option is to travel by land + ferry. Buses depart from Cebu South Bus terminal and the ticket will include the ferry to Tubigon Port in Bohol.

Click on the map for live directions to the Tourist terminal in Cebu


The main port of entry for tourists coming from Cebu to Bohol is Tagbilaran. This is where most tourists will first set foot on Bohol. Tagbilaran is conveniently located near some of the island’s best tourist spots and is a short 30-minute ride from Bohol’s tourist area on Panglao.

 Bohol is a large island offering loads of interesting things to do besides the Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers. You can check our guide for a detailed 3 day or 5 day Bohol itinerary. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL GUIDE. 

Tourists that want to go from Cebu to Bohol’s Tagbilaran Port can do so from Pier 1 terminal in the Cebu City Port. There are *2 shipping companies offering this route with multiple trips to Bohol from Cebu every day. So no matter what or when your plan of visiting Bohol is, there will always be a ferry. However, if you want extra peace of mind, it is advisable to book your tickets in advance either online or a few days in advance while you are in Cebu.

Both ferries offer tourist, open-air, and Business class seats. The tourist class and open-air are normal ferry seats. If you don’t mind paying extra, the business class offers extra comfort with cushioned seats and A/C.

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When you arrive in Tagbilaran you can get a taxi, tricycle, jeepney or shared minivan to your Hotel. Or check if your hotel offers pick-up from Tagbilaran Port.

There are *3 more companies offering the route from Cebu to Bohol. These include RORO ferries and other fast crafts. These ferries depart from Pier 3 in Cebu and dock at Tubigon Port in Bohol. Note that Tubigon is a 1-hour drive from Tagbilaran and 1 hour 30 from Panglao island.

*Due to the current situation the Cebu to Bohol ferry schedule constantly changes. It is best to enquire for an updated ferry schedule in advance of your trip and only use this guide as a reference.


Ferry tickets can be bought directly from outside the Terminal in Cebu Port. Ticketing offices for the ferries departing from Cebu to Tagbilaran are outside the Pier 1 Terminal. 

To be sure you find tickets for your departure date, it is advisable to pre book your Cebu to Bohol tickets in advance. This can be done in person a few days before your departure. 

However, most tourists prefer everything planned out and pre-book their Cebu to Bohol tickets on-line.


Currently there are 2 shipping companies offering ferries from Cebu to Bohol Tagbilaran Port. And there are 3 companies going from Cebu to Tubigon Port.

Due to constant change in schedules and pricing for ferries from Cebu to Bohol, we will only provide the names of the shipping companies that are currently.  

Most of the websites and FB pages of the shipping companies offering this trip are outdated. Therefore we suggest directly contacting the shipping company you intend travelling with and asking for an updated schedule and pricing.

Pier 1 (Cebu – Tagbilaran) tourist ferry

OceanJet Cebu – Tagbilaran: 9:20am

Tagbilaran – Cebu: 5:00pm


Pier 3 (Cebu – Tubigon) RORO/Ferries

Weesam Express



Update: We contacted each of the above companies for an update on ferry schedule from Cebu to Bohol. However, we only got a reply to our e-mail from OceanJet.



Direct flights from Cebu to Bohol are currently suspended. Flights available are via Manila. Therefore, unless you intentionally desire to fly and spend more money and more time to get from Cebu to Bohol, this option isn’t that practical.


Bohol island is a popular island in the South of the Philippines and can easily be reached from nearby islands. 

There are daily direct ferries from Siquijor and Camiguin and 2 weekly trips from the charming city of Dumaguete. 

An alternative to the normal tourist ferry are RORO ferries. This gives you the possibility to get from Cebu to Bohol with your own car.

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