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Doot Beach - Siargao's Hidden Paradise

Just outside of the popular streets and surfing bays in General Luna there is a white sand beach dotted with all sorts of palm trees right next to a crystal clear small coast. When you first set foot on the beach you will feel as if you’re on some remote tropical paradise. The name of this place is Doot Beach and is still kind of a secret. Doot beach is Siargao’s best beach if you’re looking for somewhere not for surfing.

Walking along a palm fringed white sand path at Doot beach Siargao

Where to Stay in Siargao

Siargao is straightforward when it comes to deciding where to stay. There is one main tourist area and is in the Southern part of Siargao. Siargao’s popular tourist area is General Luna and is the best place to stay if you want loads of cool cafeterias, restaurants, hip bars and accommodation to suit any budget. 

However, if you’re looking for somewhere less popular, I suggest going to North Siargao in a seaside town named Pacifico. Pacifico is one of Siargao’s up and coming tourist areas. There are just a handful of restaurants, cafeterias and accommodation. But has great surfing spots that aren’t that crowded and offers the laid back island vibe that tropical islands tend to offer.

No matter which of these 2 areas you choose to stay in, you will still need to get out of town to reach Siargao’s tourist spots. Our accommodation was mostly in General Luna and spent the last 2 nights in Pacifico. In our opinion, that was the best way to explore North Siargao.

How to get Around Siargao

With a scooter. That is the best way to get yourself to Siargao’s best corners and all the tourist spots. Scooters and motorbikes are the main mode of transport for both locals and tourists. Roads are good throughout the island. In General Luna there are loads of motorbike rental shops and prices start at around 500 PHP (€8.77) per day. And the longer you keep it, the less the price per day. However, we found the best prices in Dapa and paid 275 PHP (€4.82) per day for 7 days.

An alternative for those who aren’t comfortable riding a scooter is to rent a tricycle with driver. This is the more expensive option and will cost 2000 PHP (€35) for the day.

Where is Doot Beach Siargao

Doot beach is at the end of a gravel road along the coast further down from General Luna. The ride takes roughly 10 minutes from General Luna. If you ride along the coast you will come to a dead end and see a beach closed off with a bamboo fence. Inside is Doot Beach. But park your bike outside in the parking area.

Walking along a Palm fringed white sand bay at Doot beach
There are so many coconut trees at Doot beach that just off the bay it was completely sheltered from the sun

Doot Beach

It took us 3 attempts to finally reach Doot Beach. We had only heard good things of this place and how our friends would spend whole afternoons and stay until sunset. However, our friends gave us some kind of indication but for them the name of this place was Secret Beach. I guess they didn’t see much tourists and thought it must be a secret place. 

However, Siargao does have its own Secret Beach located further to the west from Doot Beach. But this so-called Secret Beach unlike Doot Beach is not so much secret. 

We did come once and were ever so close. But when we saw the bamboo fence and some workers inside, thought it was a construction site. Another time we ended up on the wrong side of the bay and couldn’t cross over.

On our 3rd attempt we succeeded. After all Doot beach isn’t that hard to find and on Google.Maps the point is actually correct.

Enjoy a refreshing dip & Relax in the shade at Doot Beach

We had only seen the beach from the opposite side on our second attempt. But when we were actually standing under the shady coconut trees with our feet sinking into the soft white sand, we pictured exactly what our friends had told us. And knew why they really loved Doot Beach for it is simply amazing and somewhere to chill out and relax.

And in fact once at Doot Beach we stayed for the whole afternoon. Early afternoon the sea was low tide so we had a brief but refreshing nap under the shade of coconut trees. Before settling under coconut trees make sure there’s no coconuts hanging above your head. You don’t want to get hit by a falling coconut. Later our friends joined and we all cooled off in the now shallow but refreshing sea.

Doot Beach is a favourite place with Filipinos. But tourists don’t often come here. That is what makes it so special. And you can expect to find a guy selling cold beer out of a styrofoam cooler, someone selling a sort of crunchy pitta. And even rent a hammock to hang between 2 coconut trees to relax to the sounds of ocean and rustling of the palm leaves right over your head.

The sea is shallow and even at high tide not the best for swimming. But is perfect for a very refreshing dip. From Doot Beach small boats carry passengers along the scenic mangrove and to the Secret Lagoon. The boat trip costs 150 PHP (€2.63).

A selfie on this tropical beach was a must
At Doot beach there is lots of different species of palm trees. Some are big and others small

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