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A 3 Day in Yogyakarta Itinerary

3 Days in Yogyakarta | Indonesia

Yogyakarta is an amazing city to visit while on Java and being connected in a number of ways make it very easily reached from other nearby cities

Highways, trains and an airport that gets direct flights from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bali make Yogyakarta an ideal destination for a short trip. A visit of 3 days in Yogyakarta will give the opportunity to explore all the key attractions, plus other lesser known sights. 

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What To Do in Yogyakarta in 3 days?

Yogyakarta Day 1

On the first day stay in the city centre and make your way to the two main attractions, that is, Taman Sari water castle and Sumur Gumuling the underground Mosque. After these attractions you may want to have lunch. Both Malioboro and Praworitaman streets have lots of restaurants and either option is a 30 minute walk.

After lunch get a taxi/Grab and go to Kampung Code, the riverside village. This is a lesser known attraction which offers a glimpse of the daily lives of the villagers. 

For the evening check out Alun-Alun Kidul, a public square with loads of street food and colorful pedal cars. 

For next day you will need transport for around 12 hours to get you to Borobudur and Prambanan. Rental cars with driver cost 30/35 USD for 12 hours. You can ask the receptionist at your hotel to assist you or either book online. Have the driver pick you up at 4:30 am. Shared minivans can also be considered but prices may be quite similar to the rental car if number of passengers is more than 1. Another option is renting a motorbike but should only be considered if you are a confident driver. 

Jogyakarta city rickshaw
Yogyakarta Malioboro

Yogyakarta Day 2

On this day you will need to get an early rise and be out by 4:30 / 4:45. Borobudur is 1 hour drive from Yogyakarta and entry is from 6:00 am. Be sure to buy the joint ticket which includes Prambanan temple. 

After exploring Borobudur make your way out through the never-ending maze of souvenir stalls. From here ask your driver to take you to Prambanan. 

If you want a good restaurant to wrap up this busy day we recommend having dinner at Roaster & Bear. The restaurant is located in Malioboro. 

Borobudur open Buddha
Prambanan a small temple
Prambanan Candi Siwa

Yogyakarta Day 3

Have a driver pick you up at 4:00 am and take the 45 minute drive to Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano. It should take about 1 hour to reach the peak. Stay here and watch the sun as it rises from behind the mountains and brightens up the verdant rice fields. 

Next ask the driver to take you to Pinus Pengger. This is a park with another great view. 

Later on head to Sri Gethuk waterfall. The drive to get to the fall is stunning and leads through charming laid back villages.  

These three activities will take up a good part of the day but if you still have time you may opt to check one of the cool cafeterias in Malioboro or Praworitaman.

The Ancient volcano is an option. If you feel exhausted you may want to skip this and head straight to Pinus Pengger. If you opt to go directly to Pengger ask your driver to come for you at around 6:00 am.

Pinus Pengger pine trees hobbit like structures
Sri Gedung rice fields

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3 Day Itinerary Yogyakarta

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