What to do in Yogyakarta at night

Yogyakarta on Java island in Indonesia is limited when it comes to bar options but the city offers other activities to keep you well entertained during the night. 

Malioboro street gets livelier and busier after sunset and locals gather at Alun Alun Kidul peddling a neon lit pedal car around the square or take the challenge of the Banyan trees.

Alun Alun square pedal cars

Restaurants come in as plenty and serve amazing food including excellent western food. Another option is getting to the theatre to watch a nonplanned performance accompanied by a traditional orchestra.

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Bars – Yogyakarta at night

Bars near Malioboro street

Yogyakarta Malionoro at night

Oxen Free

Oxen Free is in Sosrowijayan street and is the perfect place after spending some time on the busier Malioboro street. This nice beer garden is a good stop to relax over a cold one and enjoy a yummy burger. The evenings are livelier and on certain days there is a live band or DJ. The bar is laid back and running low on the selection of beers seems to be a norm.

Lucifer bar & resto

We visited this small cosy bar later at night for beers only and by that time there was a good live band. The atmosphere was lively and visitors were a mix of locals and foreigners.

Tap House Beer Garden

Tap House is one of those places which on first sight suck you in. The ambience and most of all the design of the place are awesome and unlike any other. Avant-garde is what I would call the design. Basically, the ruins of an old house make up the back area of this cool beer garden.

Yogyakarta at night Tap House

Although this would be enough to get anyone’s attention, Tap House is also a great place for a fun night out with a good selection of beer. We visited on a weekend and this seemed to be where locals hang out. A live DJ and a young and joyful crowd make this one of our top picks around Malioboro.

Bars in Prawirotaman street

Play On Restaurant

Play on is a bar and restaurant with a wide variety of beer, spirits and food although we only came here for drinks. The best time to visit this place is at night when the atmosphere is livelier and on our visit there was a DJ. What makes Play On such a great place and popular with foreigners and locals are the cheaper prices.

Sate Bar

Sate bar is a cozy garden themed restaurant. The main entrance leads through a short passage into an open air seating area. Attention to detail, a selection of beer, great live music and an interesting mix of local and western food are why we loved this place.

Restaurants in Yogyakarta

Roaster&Bear cappucino with a bear face

Roaster & Bear

Roaster & Bear offers a broad menu that is appealing to many. The selection of juicy steaks is the draw here and we cannot recommend enough.

Roaster&Bear steak

We came twice while in Yogyakarta. The first time was for a steak and both our meat cuts were smoke grilled, tender and perfectly cooked. The second time around we tried the fish which again met expectations. A chic cafeteria is on the first floor and has a wide selection of yummy treats.

Yogyakarta Roaster&Bear salmon

Pikali Pizzeria

Pikali is in the outer area of Yogyakarta city. Its menu is made up of a wide selection of pizza and few side orders or snacks. The pizza is very good and the prices are reasonable. The restaurant has a relaxed ambience and is nestled between trees and different kinds of tropical plants.

Nanamia pizzeria

Whether it’s a good pizza, European food or a local meal Nanamia has a wide choice to choose from. The restaurant is set in a nice garden surrounded by large flora plants which give a tropical atmosphere. Food is delicious and reasonably priced with a good selection of beer. We tried pizza, meat and starters and must say everything was perfect.

Via Via

Via Via is a healthy food restaurant on Prawirotaman street. Besides being a good option for a healthy selection of food Via Via also has a varied menu of dishes from around the world. The choice of sandwiches and different bread is also a good option for a quick snack.

Traditional Javanese Theatre – Yogyakarta at night

Ketoprak Tobong is one of the last remaining theatres of its kind. The owners are trying to keep this traditional performance alive which sadly is slowly getting lost. We got here sometime before the performance started and were offered a backstage peak and an opportunity to meet the actors. 

Yogyakarta at night Ketoprak Tobong

The show which is accompanied by a traditional orchestra is different each week and depicts a humorous situation but with a meaningful conclusion. There isn’t a fixed script as the show is spontaneous and in Bahasa, the official language of Indonesia. With a little help from the owner’s daughter we managed to grasp the true meaning behind the performance. 

Ketropak Tobong performance with orchestra

Entrance fee is 50k IDR (3.50$) and includes a donation. The show is held every Friday night.

Ketoprak Tobong after show

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What to do in Yogyakarta at night

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