Cebu To Siargao | Ultimate Guide – Ferries and Flights

Want to know how to get from Cebu to Siargao?

There are currently 2 ways to get from Cebu to Siargao: either by air or by ferry. The most convenient option would be to just book a flight from Cebu to Siargao and you’ll be there within 1 hour.

The other option is to take the Cebu to Siargao ferry. It’s a bit of a long journey by ferry. But getting from Cebu to Siargao by ferry is affordable, comfortable and the ferry travels during the night so you’re not really losing anything cause you can just sleep throughout the trip and save a 1 night accommodation.

No matter which option you choose, both Cebu to Siargao flights and the Cebu to Siargao ferry are straightforward.

How to get from Cebu to Siargao

The island of Siargao is located in the Southern part of the Philippines. It’s a remote island about 1-hour flight away from Cebu City.

While Siargao island is slowly making its way onto many tourist’s Philippines itinerary, it has yet to catch up with other popular Philippines destination such as Bohol, Cebu and Boracay. This is partly due to the remote location which in a way helps it keep that laid back vibe synonymous with tropical islands like this.

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Getting From Cebu to Siargao

In this article you’ll find everything you need to know for your trip from Cebu to Siargao. Currently there is only 1 option to travel between the 2 islands directly and that is by air. However air travel is also the most expensive as flights can cost anywhere from ₱6000 ($110) and ₱12000 ($220) for a 1 way ticket.

If you don’t want to spend so much, the best option to get from Cebu to Siargao would be via ferry. There is no direct ferry from Cebu to Siargao. Instead, you will first need to buy a ferry ticket from Cebu to Surigao (Surigao is a city located on North Mindanao island and very close to Siargao). And from Surigao buy a ticket for the ferry to Siargao (Dapa Port).

Cebu to Siargao ferry starlite ferry

Travel Planning from Cebu to Siargao

If you don’t have the time to read this entire article and you’re ready to book your trip from Cebu to Siargao, you can check flight prices and schedules on the 12 Go platform. On the platform you’ll have detailed information about all available flights. And if you you’re on a budget and want to book the 2 ferries you can book those here: First ferry – Cebu to Surigao. Second ferry – Surigao to Siargao (Dapa Port).

However, if you do have the time and read this entire article, you’ll have a lot of information that you’ll find useful especially the details about the ferries from Cebu to Siargao via Surigao transfer since this option requires a bit more effort than if you’re taking the plane.

Below are the details you need to plan your trip from Cebu to Siargao. While there is some information about flights, the majority of this blog post focuses on the ferry from Cebu to Siargao.

Cebu to Siargao Ferries

Regardless if you’re on a budget or not, in our opinion, taking the ferry from Cebu to Siargao is the best option. It costs a fraction of air travel, meaning you’ll have more money to spend on a nice accommodation in Siargao. Or take an amazing island tour or visit the nearby Sohoton Cove.

Below are all the details you need about the ferries from Cebu to Siargao. First I will start off by giving you information for the ferry from Cebu to Surigao. Following this I will give all the details about the Surigao to Siargao ferry.

Cebu to Siargao Ferry

Cebu to Surigao Ferry Schedule

Currently there are 2 ferry operators. The Cebu Starlite Ferry is the cheapest option and departs from Cebu port on a daily schedule at 9:00pm. The other option is Cokaliong which is more expensive and operates between Monday and Saturday.

Below is a table which gives a quick overview for ferry prices, schedule, departure time and travel duration. Keep in mind that both these ferries go to Surigao. Once you arrive in Surigao you will need to use the ferry from Surigao to Dapa (Dapa is the port in Siargao).

Cebu Starlight FerriesCokaliong
Price₱1400 ($24)₱2700 ($47)
ScheduleDaily (Monday to Sunday)Monday to Saturday
Duration10 hours8 hours
Cebu – Surigao Ferry | More Info/Tickets

Booking tickets from Cebu to Siargao

“The first route of the journey is Cebu to Surigao. Here I will explain all you need to know about the ferry”

To book your tickets you can go to the official 12Go platform and choose between the 2 available ferry option. Here you have the option to choose between various seating arrangements or sleeping options.

Since you’re traveling at night, my suggestion would be to purchase the tourist bed option. This option gets you a comfortable bunk bed with fresh sheets and you’ll also be inside an area that has air condition and it only costs slightly more than the cheaper options. I suggest this option because at least once you arrive in Siargao the next morning you’ll be energized after a good night sleep.

The other options are reclining seats or a bed in a part of the boat that has no air condition.

!! The ferry from Cebu to Surigao departs from ‘Passenger Terminal 2’ (click for port location) in the port of Cebu. You will need to show your online booking at the official ferry booth. All booth are lined on your into the port of Cebu.

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Facilities on the ferry

This first leg of your journey from Cebu to Siargao will take anywhere between 8 hours and 10 hours depending on which ferry option you choose.

Both Cokaliong and Cebu Starlite Ferries are big boats. On board there is a small cafeteria selling food like instant noodles, a variety of ready made meals, and snacks and drinks such as crisps, chocolates, biscuits, coffees and cokes.

The prices on board the ship are more expensive than buying from a local convenience store. Near the port entry there is a 7-11 store, so you may want to stack up on a nice goody bag full of snacks and drinks to get you through the journey.

Surigao to Siargao Ferry Schedule

There is 1 type of boat doing the trip between Surigao and Dapa port in Siargao. It’s a big boat but much smaller than the ferry from Cebu to Surigao. There’s 3 ferries a day with schedule travel duration of 90 minutes. However travel time is hugely affected by weather conditions and water currents.

When we did this trip it took almost 3 hours.

There are 3 ferries a day at 6:00 am – 10:00 am and 3:30 pm.

Here we are on the ferry from Surigao and Siargao
On the ferry to Siargao

If you’re traveling with Cokaliong you will arrive in Surigao port at around 3:00/3:30am so you can book the first ferry to Siargao at 6:00am.

The Cebu Starlite Ferry arrives in Surigao port at around 7:00am so you will need to book the 10:00am ferry to Siargao.

Ferry Surigao - Siargao ₱ 584–648 1h 30m
  •   Business Class 06:00, 10:01, 15:30
  •   Tourist 06:00, 10:01, 15:30
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Key Points

If you buy your tickets online you will need to register at the ticketing booth outside the port. You cannot miss the booths because they are all lined along the port entry.

Note: there may be touts lingering around this part of the port. Ignore anything they tell you because they’re just trying to squeeze money out of you.

Near the ticketing booths there is a 7-11. You can buy a few snacks from here for your trip.

Arriving in Siargao

If you come by ferry you will arrive in the Dapa port. The most well know area to stay in Siargao is a famous seaside town named General Luna. Staying here means you’ll be in the middle of everything. Restaurants, bars, beach bars, local eateries and accommodation to suite any budget is all in General Luna. You’ll also be close to the world famous Cloud 9 surf break. Genral Luna has many areas, click here to find out which area is best for you.

Dapa is around 15km from General Luna. When you arrive in the port there will be lots of tricycles and other transport to choose from. A tricycle ride (local form of transport similar to Thailand tuk-tuks) should cost anywhere between ₱200 and ₱300.

Where to stay in General Luna

Personally our favorite place to stay in Siargao is Hiraya Surf Hostel because its cheap and everything is within 10 minutes walk. Or Dream Catcher Nipas Siargao for its great location and because it’s a private cottage with all facilities. Our third recommendation would be a newly opened hostel named Three Little Birds Hostel. It’s cheap and has a hip vibe close to all thats happening in Siargao.

Things to do in Siargao

Honestly there are loads of things to do in Siargao that are either free or very affordable. Our favorite activity in Siargao is renting a scooter which costs between ₱300 and ₱500 a day depending on rental duration. And just cruising around the entire island stopping at place like the coconut viewpoint, the bent palm tree, driving up to the gorgeous seaside town Pacifico.

However some of the most amazing things to do in this tropical destination do cost money and sometimes there is no way around that. An example is the boat tour that takes you 3 gorgeous nearby islands. Or another boat tour where you’ll visit the breathtaking Sohoton island and you’ll get to swim with stingless jellyfish surrounded in thick jungle covered mountains.

Cebu to Siargao Flights

Flights cost anywhere from around $50 to $100+ depending on seasonality and how far in advance you book.

You can view all the flight schedules on the 12 Go platform. Daily flights from Cebu to Siargao are either super early in the morning (between 5am and 6am) or in the afternoon. Daily flights depart from Lapu Lapu Mactan Airport in Cebu and travel time is 1 hour.

Flight Cebu - Surigao del Norte ₱ 2,988–7,171 1h – 18h 35m
  •   Economy 02:00, 05:10, 05:35, 06:00, 11:00, 15:40, 20:50, 21:55, 23:05
Cebu to Siargao flight schedule

In Siargao, you’ll land in Del Carmen airport. From here the main tourist area General Luna is a 40-minute drive.

From the Del Carmen Airport you can take a shared minivan to General Luna which will cost around ₱300. Another more fun option is to take a traditional tricycle which will cost around 600₱

Where is Siargao located?

Map showing the location of cebu city and siargao island

Siargao island is the red point on the map while Cebu City is the yellow point in the top left corner.

The blue points in between Cebu and Siargao are Bohol, Camiguin and Surigao city. Bohol is the closest island to Cebu while Surigao is closest to Siargao.

Getting to Siargao from Other Islands in the Philippines

From Bohol or Dumaguete to Siargao by ferry

If you’re in Bohol or Dumaguete make your way to Cebu City. From both destinations you will manage to be in the City in time for the 7:00 pm ferry. 

Camiguin to Siargao ferry

From Camiguin the best way is to travel by ferry to Mindanao island. And travel by bus all the way up to Surigao and finally get the ferry to Siargao. 

We personally did this trip but did it in reverse. Instead we travelled from Siargao to Camiguin and have made a detailed post including all that you need to know. 

If you follow our post, just follow it the other way round. It will still work since there are buses and ferries in both directions.

>>Camiguin is a small island to the south of Siargao and in between the islands of Bohol and Mindanao. Consider adding Camiguin to your island-hopping itinerary through the Philippines. We have written a series of guides on this little island and you might want to check all Camiguin guides here.

Islands along the seas from Surigao to Siargao that surround Siargao
Early morning on the boat from Surigao to Siargao

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