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Getting from Cebu to Siargao is straightforward. The most convenient way to get there is by air. However, if you are on a tight budget, flight tickets get pretty expensive and you may end up spending a few days budget just getting there. In that case, consider getting to Siargao from Cebu by ferry

How to get to Siargao from Cebu

The island of Siargao is located in the Southern part of the Philippines. It is a remote island about 1-hour flight away from Cebu City. An overnight ferry to Surigao and another ferry from Surigao to Siargao will get you there by the following morning.

Where is Siargao located?

Map showing the location of cebu city and siargao island

Siargao island is the red point on map while Cebu City is the yellow.

The blue points in between Cebu and Siargao are Bohol, Camiguin and Surigao city. Bohol is the closest island to Cebu while Surigao is closest to Siargao.

Cebu to Siargao Flights

Since there isn’t much to say about getting a flight to Siargao, I will just give some general information including which cities offer direct flights to Siargao, the surf capital of the Philippines.

There are direct flights to Siargao multiple times a day from Cebu and Manila

Although direct flights to Siargao island are limited to just these 2 cities, it is still really convenient since both Cebu and Manila are tourist hotspots. Many tourists touch down in Manila and move on to other islands. However, Cebu is more central and you are bound to pass through Cebu once or twice during your trip. 

Bear in mind that Siargao is a popular island. Although there are a few flights each day, they do tend to sell out fast especially in peak season. So try booking at least a few days in advance. 

You can find the best deals by using a search engine. We use Kiwi and in just a few minutes have the best prices, times and can choose how much luggage weight.

Check cheap flights from Cebu to Siargao here.

Check cheap flights from Manila to Siargao here.

Cebu to Siargao ferry

A ferry operating between Cebu City and Siargao (via Surigao City) is a cost-effective way of getting to this remote island. For those on a budget or who have some extra time to spare, either way, getting from Cebu to Siargao via ferry is definitely the most interesting way.

The Cokaliong Cebu to Surigao ferry operates daily apart from Sundays and departs from Pier 1 in Cebu City at around 7:00 pm. You can buy the tickets from a booth outside the terminal and choose where you want to sleep. 

The Cokaliong ferry at Cebu Port

The options are bunk beds on the upper deck, bunk beds in an A/C room or else you can also get a private room. We bought the cheapest tickets for the upper deck and was perfect. The deck is mostly covered in canvas sheets with a few openings letting fresh sea breeze come through.

We paid 825 Pesos ($17) for the first leg of our trip from Cebu to Surigao. And the trip from Surigao to Siargao was 360 Pesos ($7.50). The total cost came to less than $25 each plus we saved on a night’s accommodation.

Loading the ship at Cebu Port with goods off to Surigao City
On the Cokaliong Cebu Surigao ferry

Cebu Siargao Ferry Pre-book Tickets Online

Both ferries, that is, the one from Cebu to Surigao and from Surigao to Siargao can be pre-booked online.

Check the Cebu to Surigao ferry schedule and prices here.

Check the Surigao to Siargao ferry schedule and prices here.

2021 Update: Currently, ferry tickets cannot be booked in advance but purchased on the day of your travel.

How to go to Siargao from Cebu by ferry – Step by step guide

Handling the logistics for this trip is relatively easy. I will list all that you need to do in a few simple steps. 

** Ferries don’t operate directly from Cebu to Siargao. Surigao, the closest city to Siargao, will be your transit point during this trip.

  • Ferries to Siargao (via Surigao) depart from Pier 1 or 3 in Cebu City. If you use a cab, let your driver know that you are going to Siargao.
  • There are 3 companies operating between Cebu City and Surigao, Cokaliong Shipping Lines, Starlite Ferry and Medallion Transport. Cokaliong departs from Pier 1 while Starlite and Medallion depart from Pier 3. We used Cokaliong and can’t complain. 
  • The Cokaliong office is just outside the terminal. There are other companies and booths operating to different destinations. Just look for the one that says Surigao or Surigao del Norte. 
  • On the opposite side of the booths, there is a 7-11 store where you can buy some snacks to take with you. Onboard they have a small canteen too. However, it closes during the night and reopens sometime before arrival.
  • The ferry arrives in the port of Surigao at around 3:30 am. From here you will get the ferry to Siargao and the ticket booth is right outside the terminal. Simply follow the other passengers since everyone will be heading out anyway. If you have any difficulty ask a crew member.
  • Siargao ferry departs at 5:00 am and the trip takes 3 to 4 hours and sails along islands covered in a tropical landscape. Trip duration changes with ferry type. The RORO takes 3 to 4 hours while the fast craft takes 1 1/2 hours. Once the sun comes up you will have some great views.
  • If you take the 5:00 am ferry, you should be in Siargao by 9:00 am.
  • Our Cebu to Siargao travel time was 14 hours.

>>We have covered the ‘How to get to Siargao’ and most probably you’ll now want to learn more on where to stay and what to do and see while on the island. We have spent amazing days exploring this island and combined both a stay of some days in the south as well as in the north of Siargao and have written detailed guides for best areas to stay and things to do on the island.  

Here we are on the ferry from Surigao and Siargao
On the ferry to Siargao

Getting to Siargao from Other Islands in the Philippines

From Bohol or Dumaguete to Siargao by ferry

If you’re in Bohol or Dumaguete make your way to Cebu City. From both destinations you will manage to be in the City in time for the 7:00 pm ferry. 

Camiguin to Siargao ferry

From Camiguin the best way is to travel by ferry to Mindanao island. And travel by bus all the way up to Surigao and finally get the ferry to Siargao. 

We personally did this trip but did it in reverse. Instead we travelled from Siargao to Camiguin and have made a detailed post including all that you need to know. 

If you follow our post, just follow it the other way round. It will still work since there are buses and ferries in both directions.

>>Camiguin is a small island to the south of Siargao and in between the islands of Bohol and Mindanao. Consider adding Camiguin to your island-hopping itinerary through the Philippines. We have written a series of guides on this little island and you might want to check all Camiguin guides here.

Islands along the seas from Surigao to Siargao that surround Siargao
Early morning on the boat from Surigao to Siargao

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