The island of Siquijor in the South of the Philippines is an island boasting incredible tourist spots, stunning cascades, amazing reefs and magic potions. There truly are loads of amazing Siquijor tourists spots!

Yet for some reason, the small island known for its magic potions and laid-back vibe is still somewhat off-the-beaten-path.

We island hopped the entire fleet of islands in the South of the Philippines including Bohol, Siquijor, Camiguin, Cebu, and Negros (Dumaguete).

Siquijor is somewhere high on the top of the list. And we spent an entire week seeking out the best tourist attractions, off the beaten path Siquijor falls in the jungle and snorkelling over the most colorful reefs just in time for a multicolored sky at sunset.

Here are the best Siquijor tourist spots and things to do. The entire list of tourist activities below can be easily done in a 3day Siquijor itinerary.

The scooter ride through forestry leading to Salagdoong beach is a highlight of the journey

Are you missing something? We combined the best Siquijor tourist spots in an easy-to-follow 3-day itinerary. You can click on the link below for a detailed guide that includes the very best waterfalls and pools, beaches, ways of getting around, and where to stay in Siquijor.



Before getting into the list of tourist attractions, here is a breakdown on how to get to Siquijor.

Siquijor island is in the South of the Philippines. That means it is somewhere near popular islands like Bohol and Cebu.

The Siquijor ferry is an inexpensive way of getting to the island and is connected directly to Bohol and Dumaguete.

If you are in Cebu, you will first need to get to Bohol’s Tagbilaran port. And from there catch the next ferry to Siquijor.

There are also direct Siquijor ferries from Dumaguete. Dumaguete is the next island on the Southernmost tip of Cebu.

Therefore, if you are in Moalboal or Oslob, the most convenient way of getting to Siquijor is via Dumaguete.

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OceanJet Ferry


Siquijor is a relatively small island. And all the tourist spots in Siquijor can be reached in around 1 hour or less depending on where you base yourself.

But unless you purposely intend staying somewhere isolated you should book your accommodation in San Juan. This is where most tourists stay and is the main tourist town in Siquijor with loads of lodging options and restaurants.

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Another option is to stay in the Lazi region where most Siquijor waterfalls and pools are found.

The popular tarzan swing on the second level of Cambugahay Falls


Lugnason Falls is a beautiful cascade and vibrant blue waterhole surrounded by tall coconut trees. It is one of Siquijor’s adventurous tourist spots. And if that isn’t enough, Lugnason offers a few fun activities.

We noticed a Tarzan swing hanging over the pool and some good spots right above the cascade to send off a few backflips. Or simply cliff jump into the pool from around 2/3 meters.

We only could imagine how amazing this place would be since the time we visited all the water had dried up. Keep in mind that Lugnason Falls is a seasonal tourist spot in Siquijor.

Everything depends on the amount of rainfall at that specific time. Therefore, the best time to visit would be during the months of October, November, maybe even December which is after the rainy months.

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Surrounded in huge coconut trees and a tropical landscape the man made water system and a big concrete pool contrast with their natural surrounding at Lugnason Falls


A guide showed us the way down to Kawasan Falls along a trail through the trees. It isn’t necessarily that we needed a guide but it does seem to be mandatory to have a guide. The trail down has a few rough patches and some loose rocks but only takes 10 minutes.

We followed our guide through the trees and at some point everything opened up onto this beautiful pool. And there is Tarzan swing right above the cascade.

Kawasan Falls isn’t one of the popular waterfalls in Siquijor. In fact, we spent over an hour chilling out and swinging like tarzan and checking out a hidden cave beneath the cascade and not a single tourist was there.

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The tarzan swing at kawasan falls


The list of things to do in the Lazi region in Siquijor never ends.

Lazi is Siquijor’s tourist activity wonderland with waterfalls tucked away in the amazing landscapes, vibrant blue pools and amazing spots worth adding to your Siquijor itinerary. And when we saw Locong Falls we couldn’t believe our eyes.

There are 2 pools, a Tarzan swing (obviously), and a small cascade. The cascade here wasn’t actually the highlight of our trip. Instead, it was the pool beneath with completely transparent water that makes this place so beautiful.

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Cliff jumping from 3 meters at Locong Falls


Tubod Beach is Siquijor’s best tourist spot if you are looking for a great snorkeling area. The beach is right in the heart of San Juan’s tourist strip so you can easily get there on foot from anywhere in the area.

The exact entry point to Tubod Marine Sanctuary is from beside Coco Grove Resort.

From the sandy beach area it only takes a few paddles to see marine life thrive in the crystal clear waters of Tubod. The reef is so colourful with hundreds of fish, sea urchins, starfish and sometimes even turtles.

We didn’t realize how amazing this place would be and spent so long snorkelling with the sun directly burning our backs. Try wearing a T-shirt or some reef-safe sunscreen to help prevent damaging the reef.

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A clownfish (nemo) taking a peak out of his home in a swaying marine plant


In the foothills above San Juan there is a hidden Siquijor tourist spot. This activity is literally hidden away and the only way to see it is to pass through a hole in the ground.

Cantabon Cave is an adventurous tourist activity in Siquijor. It isn’t a challenging cave exploration and anyone with a basic fitness level will manage.

The cave exploration starts by signing up with the booking office where guides and gear are provided (mandatory). And from there a 10-minute walk leads to the cave entrance.

Hundreds of stalactites hang from the top of the cave. The trail through the cave is along streams of water and natural water holes deep enough for swimming.

Cantabon Cave is an interesting 1 hour activity and is worth adding to your Siquijor itinerary for a good combination of things to do.

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This is Cantabon entrance, basically a whole in the ground that leads to a huge cave


This is getting kind of repetitive, but who doesn’t love waterfall hopping!

Another waterfall in Lazi is Cabugsayan Falls. It is along the street where Kawasan Falls is located.

In fact, there are 2 other waterfalls along the same route just in case you want to check them out.

We just happened to come across Cabugsayan Falls while cruising around Lazi. There is a pleasant trail down through the jungle and over a bamboo bridge and a small river. And the waterfall itself is right after.

There isn’t any particularly wow factor about Cabugsayan Falls and the cascade is small. But the short hike through the jungle and the landscape surrounding the pool and cascade are worthwhile a short stop.

If you do go to Cabugsayan Falls, there is an interesting trail beside the pool. I’m not sure where this path leads so let us know in the comments below if you end up checking it out.

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The trail leading to Cabugsayan is made up of bamboo bridges, water streams and a surrounding landscape within a tropical jungle


Salagdoong beach is easily Siquijor’s best bay area and a favourite with tourists to hang out and relax. It is even a great tourist spot if you are looking for cliff jumping.

Salagdoong is truly beautiful with crystal clear water, small huts to hang out and almost no development.

We rode our scooter from San Juan to Salagdoong for 1 hour. It is an interesting ride through small barangays and the countryside.

At some point, the route is along a street in a forest. This is probably the most beautiful street in Siquijor with the trees creating a natural archway and the sun rays penetrating through the branches and leaves.

There are a few reasons why Salagdoong is the best beach in Siquijor. It has crystal clear water, a good reef for snorkeling and cliff jumping from 2 different levels.

We came to Salagdoong during low tide and as it turns out, it isn’t allowed to cliff jump before the tide rises to a certain level. Once the life guard gave his go ahead, a local guy kicked off the cliff with a daunting backflip.

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A 10 meter drop down into turquoise transparent water at Slagdoong Beach


If you are planning a trip to Siquijor you should know by now about Cambugahay Falls. It is after all Siquijor’s most stunning waterfall.

Cambugahay Falls is a picturesque cascade over 3 different levels. And each tier of the incredible waterfall has its own pool with that vibrant blue color synonymous with many water-holes in the Philippines.

The contrasting color of the surrounding jungle, palms, and foliage create one of the most beautiful landscapes you will see in all of the Philippines. This should be enough to get most of you enticed!

Since it is a popular tourist attraction in Siquijor, we recommend going early in the morning.

If you don’t get there early, you can hang out in the second pool above. It is just as stunning and in fact; we spent most of our time there with almost no tourists.

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Pulling myself under the cascade while trying to balance myself on a bamboo barge


Paliton beach is probably the best place to watch sun sink down into the ocean. It is a beautiful strip of sand lined with coconut trees and almost no development making the perfect spot to simply hang out and relax. And although San Juan and all the hostels, resorts and restaurants are a short ride away, Paliton barely feels crowded at any time.

We came to Paliton beach after a whole day cruising around the island and chasing waterfalls.

After all that adventure we needed a chill place to just drop down and Paliton can do just that.

Usually there will be a stall or 2 set up selling fresh coconuts and cold beers and drinks. And to be honest, we couldn’t have asked for any more. You know it’s a good chill place when all you can hear is the smooth waves hitting the sand and the rustling palm leaves.

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Laying down on the shallow sandy ocean bed while the sun slowly faded away creating amazing hues in the sky at Paliton Beach


Although this isn’t a tourist attraction in Siquijor, it is definitely one of those places you should hang out either during the day or for sunset.

We came to Get Wrecked Beach Bar numerous times. In fact, it was our go to restaurant whenever we craved an amazing burger and a few drinks.

There is a chill vibe, and music on the right tone level. Exactly what you expect from a bar directly on the beach.


Try the Filipino food whenever you can. It is cheap and simply amazing and there loads of local restaurants just about anywhere.

We usually had breakfast and lunch from a local eatery. Although having a piece of pork or springrolls early in the morning doesn’t a typical western breakfast, it is the best time to try the local cuisine.

You see, the local eateries usually prepare dishes with a variety of ingredients. And this is usually done in the morning.

Therefore if you go for a meal after an hour that the food has been prepared, it will probably be cold.

And if you happen to see roast pork somewhere on the side of the street just try it. Filipinos are known for there skills at preparing the perfect roast pork. So much so that there are master Lechoners known for being the top-of-the-line chefs at preparing the perfect suckling pig with that crunchy crackling.

Note: this is a detailed guide for the most interesting tourist activities in Siquijor. If you enjoyed this post let us know in the comments section below.

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