Paliton Beach Siquijor – A How-To Guide For Visitors

Paliton Beach

Paliton Beach, Siquijor Best Sunset Spot

One of the best sunset spots in Siquijor is in front of the ocean at Paliton beach. It only takes a short 10 minute scooter ride from the main tourist strip in San Juan to reach the beach.

Paliton beach is beautiful with glistering white sand sloping down into clear water. The shallow shoreline is perfect to lay down and sip on a coconut while sunset creates a rainbow of colors in the sky.  

Although Paliton beach is a popular tourist spot in Siquijor, and is close to the main tourist town, it doesn’t seem so. Paliton beach hasn’t been influenced by tourism. In fact, the beach is at the end of a dirt road in an area with unurbanized surroundings.

A couple of makeshift bars selling coconuts and beers are set up along the shoreline. And further along the bay, ocean front cafes along with palm trees are dotted facing the ocean.

Here is a quick guide for Paliton beach including how to get there, the best way to get there, and our experience.

The clouds created a colourful viw in the sky while the sun slowly disappeared at Paliton Beach

Where is Paliton Beach Siquijor

Paliton beach is on Siquijor’s west coast in San Juan

Most of Siquijor’s accommodation options and western restaurants are in San Juan and is where most tourist spend their nights.

From the main tourist area in San Juan, it will take around 10 minutes by scooter or tricycle (local public transport) to cruise down to Paliton beach. And from Larena Pier, it is a 30 minute drive further west.

TIP: Consider combining Cambugahay Falls and Lugnason Falls and end the day at Paliton beach for a full day of adventure.

** Point A on map is San Juan town centre. B is Paliton Beach.

The other blue marks on map, starting from east to west are Cambugahay Falls and Lugnason Falls.

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How to get there

Paliton beach is close to Siquijor’s main tourist area in San Juan. There are loads of tricycle drivers in San Juan that will take you to Paliton beach. Simply hail down a driver, as you would do with a taxi. Be sure to ask how much the ride will cost. Typically a tricycle ride from the tourist area to Paliton beach will cost around 150 pesos ($3) and can carry 3 to 4 passengers.

Another option which is usually how most tourists will explore the island, is to rent a scooter. 

You can rent a scooter from a rental store once you arrive in Siquijor. There are a number of rental stores on the way out of the ferry terminal. Prices range however the average cost is around 250 pesos ($5) a day.

Paliton Beach Siquijor

Laying down on the shallow sandy ocean bed while the sun slowly faded away creating amazing hues in the sky at Paliton Beach
The sky turned from blue to orange to pink on this amazing sunset

While on a tropical island like Siquijor, it is always a great idea to end the day on a beach while the sun sinks into the horizon. So after a whole day cruising around the island, snorkelling at Tubod beach, and finding out Lugnason Falls had no water, we decided to head towards Paliton.

Surprisingly, a dirt road leads to Paliton beach. And there isn’t much going on around the beach which is good considering how popular this place is.

We arrived at some time before sunset. A few locals were hanging around by a set up bar on the beach and we decided to join them and grabbed a beer and coconut.

This beach is no doubt the ideal spot for sunset. The shallow shoreline along the white sand is perfect to chill out while to sun goes down.

We must have spent over an hour laying down in the water or searching all the starfish, inches below the surface. Until the sun started to set and the colors in the sky changed from blue to orange to pink. 

Paliton beach is the perfect spot for sunsets in Siquijor. And for the best all-round beach on the island check out Salagdoong beach about 1 hour drive from San Juan.  

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