Cabugsayan Falls Siquijor – A How-To Guide For Visitors

A local pulls himself ashore on the bamboo barge

Cabugsayan Falls is one of Siquijor’s lesser known tourist attractions. While not many tourists visit Cabugsayan, it is definitely an interesting fall.

Hidden away in Siquijor’s tropical jungle, Cabugsayan may not be the largest waterfall but the surrounding landscape definitely makes up for it. 

Various palm trees, coconut trees and tropical plants wrap around the fall and pool. And a 3 metre bamboo platform is the jumping off point for the famous Filipino tarzan swing.

Cabugsayan Falls is one of the waterfalls found in a municipality named Lazi in South Siquijor. And it is just a 20 minute ride further East from the island’s main tourist area in San Juan.

A local pulls himself on a bamboo barge at Cabugsayan Falls in Siquijor

Where is Cabugsayan Falls

Cabugsayan Falls is in the Southern part of Siquijor and just a 20-minute ride from San Juan’s main tourist area. There isn’t any sign leading to the fall. However, the correct location of this tourist attraction in Siquijor is on Google.Maps

Once you are off the island’s circumference road and cruising further inland look out for hand written signs of Cabugsayan Falls poking out of the trees. Probably a local will ask to take you there. At least that was the case when me and Jacqueline went.

Cabugsayan Falls is just one of the many waterfalls in the area. Between 5 to 10 minutes drive away there is Lagaan FallsKawasan Falls and Locong Falls. Click on the highlighted links to take a better look at 2 of the nearby waterfalls.

** Point A on map is Cabugsayan Falls. B is San Juan tourist town.

The blue marks on map are other waterfalls near Cabugsayan Falls, moving north to south, these are Lagaan Falls, Kawasan Falls and Locong Falls.  

⇨ Make sure to add Cambugahay Falls. This waterfall is a must visit while on Siquijor. You might also want to add Lugnason Falls but this waterfall dries out at certain time of the year.    

The trail leading to Cabugsayan is made up of bamboo bridges, water streams and a surrounding landscape within a tropical jungle
Along the trail down, first a self proclaimed guide met us and then we almost got tangled in this creepy spider's web

How to Get There

The best way to get to this waterfall and other tourist attractions in Siquijor is by scooter. 

It is easy to navigate around Siquijor since the island is rather small and the only main road wraps all the way around the island. Mostly all the roads are paved and traffic is basically unheard of. So you will probably enjoy the freedom of getting around by yourself.

A scooter will only cost around 250 pesos ($5) a day and you can cruise around and explore the island at your own pace. Scooters can be rented directly when you set foot out of the ferry terminal. Right outside the terminal there are a number of rental stores to choose from.

If you’re not confident riding a scooter you can always use the tricycle

A tricycle is the Filipino version of a tuktuk. A 15 minute ride generally costs around 150 pesos ($3). However, it is possible to rent the tricycle (and driver) for the entire day which will cost approximately 1500 pesos ($30) and can carry 3 to 4 passengers.

The trail down to Cabugsayan Falls is an easy 15 minute among Siquijor's jungle environment
Conveniently located right beside the pool there is this dressing room made of bamboo and palm leaves

Cabugsayan Falls

While Siquijor is home to several popular waterfalls, Cabugsayan Falls isn’t one of them. However, even the lesser known Siquijor waterfalls like Kawasan Falls and Locong Falls are great tourist spots even though many tourist skip them.

So when we saw a handwritten sign of a waterfall pointing into the jungle, we jumped off the scooter and started following the path. A self proclaimed guide came along with us to indicate the way. Although we would have managed to find the way, the path wasn’t that straightforward.

A short winding path through palm trees, coconut trees, various tropical plants and over water streams and bamboo bridges lead to a big pool. A 1.5 meter cascade drops over the ledge of the rocks. And a tarzan swing hangs high above with a 3 metre bamboo platform as a jumping off point.

The only downside is that after several months of no rainfall, the pool had some murky parts due to the slow water current. While the pool wasn’t at its best, Cabugsayan Falls is easily one of our favourite waterfall settings. With a dense tropical landscape wrapping all the way around.

Jacqueluine in the pool
A local pulls himself ashore on the bamboo barge

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