Salagdoong Beach Siquijor – Most Beautiful Beach & Cliff Jump

Salagdoong beach on Siquijor in the Philippines is the best beach on this mystical island. Blue transparent water surrounds the entire bay area revealing the ocean seabed. But what makes this the island’s favourite beach are 2 cliff jumps off concrete platforms. The 35 ft and more manageable 17 ft platform add a thrilling experience that you won’t find anywhere else on Siquijor.

For those travellers in search of one of the best tourist spots in Siquijor, Salagdoong beach should be on your bucket list of the best things to do in Siquijor.

A 10 meter drop down into turquoise transparent water at Slagdoong Beach

More Tourist spots: There are a few things in Siquijor (think of pretty cascades with milky blue pools and tropical beaches) you just can’t miss! We have combined the best things to do in Siquijor in one guide.


Where is Salagdoong Beach.

From the popular tourist town San Juan, it takes around 1 hour cruising along Siquijor’s laid back streets to reach Salagdoong beach

If you stay in Lazi, the ride will be about 30 minutes. If you type in Salagdoong beach into Google.Maps, this will lead you directly to the beach. 

Or an alternative is to use an offline map. We use which doesn’t always give an accurate travelling time but this route for Salagdoong beach is accurate.

If you head South of San Juan and stick to the main road after about 50 minutes you will come to the start of a forest. Here take the right turn into the forest. The road enclosed by forestry leads to the beach.

Salagdoong Beach on Map

Map of Siquijor with route from San Juan to Salagdoong Beach
Route from San Juan tourist area (point A) to Salagdoong Beach (point B) 1-hour journey

The Map above is interactive. You can click on the map for live directions to Salagdoong beach from your current location in Siquijor.

⇨ Start early in the morning and add these waterfalls en route to Salagdoong beach:

Another view overlooking the second beach at Slagdoong
On the way to Salagdoong beach stopped for a photo in this seemingly tunnel of trees

How To Get There

The best and most popular way of getting to Salagdoong beach and reaching all of the island’s waterfalls, beaches for sunset and all the best tourist spots is by scooter. 

Scooter rentals in Siquijor cost around Php250 a day ($5) and usually, you will get a discount the longer the rental is.

The entire road network on Siquijor is well maintained and paved in either asphalt or concrete in the more rural parts. The main mode of transport for locals are scooters with little to no cars. Therefore, Siquijor is a breeze to get around with your own scooter.

An alternative for getting to Salagdoong beach and exploring Siquijor’s best tourist attractions is by tricycle. 

A tricycle or trike is similar to Thailand’s tuktuk. Trikes are basically a motorbike with a side car and are a great way of getting around the island. Renting a tricycle includes a driver and will usually cost anything between Php1000 to Php1500 ($20/$30). Price includes fuel and the driver who usually acts as a guide and a photographer.

The scooter ride through forestry leading to Salagdoong beach is a highlight of the journey

Entrance Fee

Once you arrive at the entry point to Salagdoong beach there will be a small lady in a booth collecting payment. The entrance fee is Php30 ($0.60) and an additional Php20 ($0.40) parking fee.

Salagdoong Beach Siquijor

Salagdoong beach on Siquijor island in the Philippines is found at the end of a winding forestry road. Trees along the way almost enclose the road creating a sort of natural tunnel. This street can be considered one of Siquijor’s tourist spots and we saw a few tourists stop off their scooters to snap a few shots.

Once we arrived at Salagdoong beach, the first thing we noticed was the turquoise water with a shoreline of glittery sand. Salagdoong beach is no doubt the best beach in Siquijor.

There are 2 bay areas at Salagdoong beach which are divided with a rock formation also used as a cliff jumping spot. The cliff jumping area will be a highlight of many that visit Salagdoong beach. 

We didn’t immediately go for the cliff jump since it was still low tide and a lifeguard made sure nobody tried anything stupid. So we lazed and paddled around in crystal clear waters that were actually deep enough and fun to swim in

There are good snorkelling spots at Salagdoong Beach. But unfortunately, we hadn’t brought our masks with us. For sure this is a great place to snorkel with the water being almost transparent.

Check these 2 other beaches while on Siquijor;

Tubod beach where we snorkeled with giant clams

Paliton beach for amazing sunsets

Salagdoong beach is one of the few beaches with crystal clear water and deep enough to actually swim

And The Cliff Jump

Right in the middle of Salagdoong beach, there is a rock formation that creates 2 separate beaches. This rock formation is around 35 feet high. This is where the cliff jumping spots are. 

The highest cliff jump at Salagdoong beach is around 35 feet (10 metres) the lower cliff jump is 17 feet (5 metres). These are the heights that the lifeguard told us but to me, they seem lower. Nonetheless, especially the highest cliff jump is a solid jump which gave me an adrenaline pump.

The cliff jumps are accessible during high tide

And honestly, I wouldn’t try to give it a go before the lifeguard gives the go-ahead signal. The water down below is so clear that even during high tide the ocean bed looks rather close. 

But after a few jumps all from the highest point, I can confirm the water is very deep even if it doesn’t seem so. 

Another view overlooking the second beach at Slagdoong

Where to Stay in Siquijor

Almost all tourists in Siquijor stay on the southwest coast in a seaside village named San Juan. 

San Juan is the best place to stay in Siquijor if you want some of the best restaurants, resorts, bars, hostels and accommodation options all close by. Salagdoong beach is around 1-hour drive from San Juan.

Another option is to stay in Lazi. This is the town next to San Juan. Lazi is home to almost all of Siquijor’s waterfalls and you will be closer to Salagdoong beach at just 30 minutes drive.

Siquijor is a relatively small island and it would only take around 2 hours to cruise around the entire island. So it is quite straightforward to plan where you want to stay since nowhere will be that far away. However, if you want the best options for places to eat and a few bars nearby your accommodation, stay in San Juan.

How to get to Siquijor

Travelling between one place and another is always that thing which gets us wondering what is the best way to go about it. But once you arrive in the Philippines you will realize how easy it is to get from one island to the other. 

If you are planning your trip to Siquijor and don’t know how, we have written a detailed post on how to get to Siquijor from Cebu, Dumaguete, Moalboal, Oslob and Bohol. Basically, there will be just a ferry or maybe two depending on what is your starting point. This link will take you to our detailed post on how to get to Siquijor.

Are you missing something? Siquijor is a small island packed with tourist spots. (there’s something interesting behind every other corner!). That is why we created a list of the best things to do and combined them into an easy to follow 3-day Siquijor itinerary. You can click on the link below for a detailed guide that includes the very best waterfalls and pools, beaches, ways of getting around and the best area to stay in Siquijor.


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