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Getting to Siquijor island can be done in just a few hours, depending on which part of South Philippines you are in. And in less than an hour if you are already in Dumaguete.

Chances are, you first touched down in the Philippines in Cebu City and either headed South for the canyoneering adventure in Moalboal, or went whale watching in Oslob. Or else jumped on a ferry to explore Bohol’s chocolate hills, tarsiers and its beaches.

Either way, whichever part of South Philippines you are in, getting to Siquijor island can be done in just a few hours.

Ferries from Bohol and Dumaguete to Siquijor depart everyday with Dumaguete having multiple trips each day.

From Cebu to Siquijor there isn’t a direct ferry on a daily basis. However, it is possible to get to Siquijor from Cebu in a few hours. If you’re in Cebu City, Siquijor can be reached via Bohol. Or from South Cebu (Moalboal – Oslob) it is best to head to Dumaguete on the next island and grab a direct ferry from there. Don’t worry, the process takes some time but is simple.

Here is a detailed guide on how to get to Siquijor from Cebu, Bohol and Dumaguete.

Jacqueline posing on a bamboo raft at the foot of a waterfall cascading into a turquoise pool

Siquijor, Cebu, Bohol & Dumaguete on Map

** Siquijor is the island with a red point.

Dumaguete to Siquijor

Their are 4 boat companies operating between Dumaguete and Siquijor. And trips start as early as 5:00am until 5:00pm.

You won’t really need to pre-book tickets since there are boats going back and forth between Dumaguete to Siquijor multiple times each day.

Ferries and fast crafts leave from the Port of Dumaguete located at the further end of the tourist strip in Dumaguete.

Tickets can be purchased on your way into the Port of Dumaguete ferry terminal.

Fares start at PHP130 ($2.70) for a standard ferry ticket. Depending on weather conditions the journey time should be around 90 minutes.

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An alternative and faster way of getting from Dumaguete to Siquijor is aboard a fast craft. Oceanjet is one of the established companies offering this service. The journey takes 50 minutes and fares start at PHP 471 ($9.78). 

➳ Here’s a full guide for getting from Dumaguete to Siquijor.

Bohol to Siquijor

Getting from Bohol to Siquijor is a straightforward journey. Similar to the route from Dumaguete to Siquijor, all you will need is 1 direct ferry.

Oceanjet is the only ferry that operates between Bohol and Siquijor on a daily basis. 

The ferry leaves from Tagbilaran port on Bohol island every day at 10:20am and arrives in Larena Siquijor at 11:40am. 

Tickets can be bought directly from the terminal in Tagbilaran. However, especially if travelling during peak season I suggest to purchase tickets in advance. The trip costs PHP 700 ($14).

South Cebu to Siquijor

Cebu is the largest and most popular island near Siquijor since many tourist first touchdown in the Philippines here in Cebu.

Many tourists that land in Cebu travel further South of the island and base themselves in Moalboal or Oslob. Either way, the best and fastest way of getting to Siquijor if you are already somewhere in South Cebu is from Dumaguete, a city on the nearby island Negros Oriental.

To reach Dumaguete from either Oslob or Moalboal jump on a Southbound local bus, stop in Santander at Liloan Port and jump on a 30 minute ferry to Negros Oriental. Once on Negros, either use a local multicab or a tricycle to travel the 6km distance to the Port of Dumaguete for the ferry to Siquijor.

Or check our Dumaguete Page and spend a couple of days here before heading to Siquijor!

For a better perspective of this route, click on this link. You will be directed to a website offering the various options for getting from point A to B in almost every destination.

Buses heading South Cebu pass every hour along Cebu’s coast road. Ask somewhere in your area if there is an actual point where the bus stops. In some areas you can just wave the bus down.

You will need to look out for a yellowish green bus with a Ceres logo.

Bus fare is PHP 130 ($2.70) and you will need to stop near Liloan port. Just let your driver know that you are on the way to Dumaguete.

Liloan port will be around 1km from where the bus drops you off. A few tricycles wait at the bus stop. Ask what the price is for the trip before getting on. We paid PHP 100 ($2.08) and that was a lot.

Ferries from Liloan Port to Negros Oriental (Dumaguete) depart every hour on the hour. Tickets cost PHP 70 ($1.45) and you may be asked for a PHP 15 terminal fee. The trip takes around 30 minutes.

The ferry will dock at Sibulan Port and Dumaguete is around 6km from there. 

To travel the 6km distance from Sibulan to the next port in Dumaguete, you can jump on a multicab or tricycle. If you get on a shared multicab or tricycle and have luggage you will probably be charged extra.

A shared multicab or tricycle should be around PHP 25 ($0.52). However, if you are a tourist you’re bound to be overcharged.

Tip: Before heading from Oslob to Dumaguete, ask around if there is a direct ferry to Siquijor. Searching online, I found there may be a direct ferry from Oslob. However, I can’t confirm if this is correct. It will be worth checking out before you leave.

Cebu City to Siquijor

If you’re in Cebu City or further North, the best option to get to Siquijor is via Bohol from Pier 1 in Cebu City.

Although there isn’t a direct ferry or fast craft from Cebu City, the process is simple. 

Oceanjet is one of the companies offering daily trips to Bohol, and also offers joint tickets towards Siquijor.

5 more companies do the trip between Cebu City and Bohol. However not all go to Tagbilaran port and don’t offer the option of going to Siquijor.

You will need to purchase a joint ticket via Bohol. The route will be Cebu City > Taglibaran Port (Bohol) and later on travel to Siquijor.

The ferry from Cebu City to Siquijor will first stop in Bohol and carry on to Siquijor island. 

Ferries to Bohol depart from Pier 1 in Cebu City and you have 2 options, either fast craft ($15) with a journey time of 2 hours. Or if you’re on a budget the 4 hour ferry is your best option and costs $7.

Here’s a list of the best tourist spots on Siquijor island which you cannot miss!

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