Cantabon Cave Siquijor – A How-To Guide to Siquijor Caving Experience

One of Siquijor’s best things to do and interesting tourist spots is Cantabon Cave. Located in central Siquijor the Philippines, Cantabon Cave is an adventurous trail inside a pitch-black cave beneath the earth

From a small hole in the ground, local guides lead visitors into this unique Siquijor tourist attraction.

Hundreds of stalactites hang from the cave roof and a stream of fresh water flows through Cantabon Cave creating natural swimming pools in this underrated activity in Siquijor. 

Before entering Cantabon Cave, one of the two guides shot us a pic just outside the park entrance and before starting our way down to the hole, the entrance to the cave.

More Tourist Spots? There are a few things in Siquijor (think of pretty cascades with transparent waterholes and tropical beaches) you just can’t miss! We have combined the best things to do in Siquijor in one guide.


How To Get To Cantabon Cave

Cantabon Cave is located in the Central part of Siquijor island. If you are in San Juan, which is the main tourist strip in Siquijor, it should take around 30 minutes of cruising along the lush jungle and small villages.

The best and most popular way to reach Cantabon Cave and explore Siquijor is by scooter. Scooters cost between Php 250 ($5) and Php 350 ($7) per day depending on the number days you intend keeping the bike. 

Roads in Siquijor are mostly concrete roads in excellent condition but you are bound to come across some odd rough patches which is just part of the adventure and nothing really to worry about. So just keep an eye out and take extra caution if any road works are taking place.

An alternative is to rent a tricycle for the day.

Tricycles are basically cousins with Thailand’s tuk-tuks and are scooters with an enclosed sidecar. A tricycle isn’t the most comfortable option but will cost around Php 1500 ($32) for the day and can carry up to 4 persons.

The price also includes the driver who will suggest a route and the best tourist spots.

Cantabon Cave Location on Map

Siquijor Map showing location of Cantabon Cave and the route from San Juan to Cantabon Cave
Route from San Juan to Cantabon Cave

The map above is interactive. You can click on the map for live direction to Cantabon Cave from whichever part of Siquijor you are in.

⇨ Combine these activities with caving at Cantabon.

Snorkelling at Tubod Marine Sanctuary

Chill and enjoy amazing sunset at Paliton beach.

Both attractions are located in San Juan.

How Much Time At Cantabon Cave

The whole adventure took us 1 hour and 30 minutes from start to finish. Around 30 minutes were spent organizing, getting prepared and walking to and from the cave. And for an entire hour we were inside the cave.

Set aside 2 1/2 hours if you are staying in San Juan which is a 30-minute ride away. 

To give a perspective of our day. We started off the day at 7 am, went to Cabugsayan FallsLocong Falls where we had fun diving in crystal clear water, had a local breakfast and arrived at Cantabon Cave at 11:30am.

Cantabon Cave Entrance Fee

The entrance fee to Cantabon Cave is 20 Php ($0.40c) per person and another Php 500 ($10.50) for the guides. 

The Php 500 guide fee is good for up to 3 persons and Php 100 for any additional person. The price will include life vest, helmet and maybe even flash light (fee for flashlight is unclear, it seems sometimes they charge a fee and others don’t). 

Considering the whole adventure takes around 1 hour and the price can be divided between 3, that works out to be $3.50 per head. 

TIP: The Php 500 guide fee is good for up to 3 persons but if going solo this fee still applies. Try doing this tourist spot in a group.

Inside Cantabon Cave in Siquijor and looking closely, some parts of the rocks are like little shiny crystals and some parts with an odd blue or purple crystal
Crystal formations found inside the cave

When To Go To Cantabon Cave

We usually do our adventures and visit tourist spots early morning which is the best time for photography and to avoid any crowds.

But since this Siquijor tourist attraction is inside a cave and there won’t be any natural light, tourists can visit at any time of the day.

And regarding any crowds, Cantabon isn’t as popular as Cambugahay Falls, even so visitors are limited so don’t expect any crowds.

However, if it has been raining, Cantabon may not be accessible since there may be too much water or could be dangerous to let anyone in. Guides take measures to ensure all visitors are safe so they will inform you of any situation.

What You Will Need

A few things you will need for this tourist attraction are water shoes, headlamps and a water camera or at least mobile phone water pouch.

Water shoes and headlamps can be rented out for 50 Php each while paying your entrance fees. But if you have your own, you can avoid the extra 50 Php for the shoes and headlamp.

Cantabon Cave – Caving in Siquijor

After Cabugsayan Falls, Locong Falls, and a great local breakfast with sausage, veg, meat, and noodles we decided to include Cantabon Cave.

We were already in the higher lands of Siquijor when we stopped for breakfast. After a few blank stares and giggles from kids that don’t usually see tourists up here for breakfast, we cruised for a further few minutes to reach Cantabon’s jumping-off point. 

Informative Cantabon Cave signs mark the starting point and indicate the booth where the fee is collected.

From here we were listed with 2 local ladies who would be our guides. It takes around 5 to 10 minutes to reach the cave from the booth.

A rusty steel door covering a hole in the ground leads the way into the cave.

This is Cantabon Cave entrance, basically a whole in the ground that leads to a huge cave

Once inside, it was amazing how much the cave opens up. And hundreds or even thousands of stalactites drop down from the ceiling.

This is the first thing we saw when we first set foot inside Cantabon cave, hundreds or maybe thousands of stalactites.
In some parts, the roof is very low with hanging stalactites and is where you need to bend down low

A stream of water is what leads the way into the cave. And from just ankle deep water, some point got deep enough for Jacqueline to swim in.

Somewhere in the middle of the trail inside Cantabon cave, there is a big natural pool where Jacqueline ended up swimming
The pool surrounded in beautiful rock formations known as The Queen’s Bath

The cave continues for some distance when all of a sudden starts closing in. This is where we made a U turn and headed back.

Cantabon Cave in Siquijor is an amazing tourist attraction that offers a different experience and an add on to chasing waterfalls in Siquijor.

Here’s a sneak peek of the caving experience at Cantabon Cave.

Where to Stay in Siquijor

The best area to stay in Siquijor is straightforward since there is just 1 main tourist area.

San Juan is Siquijor’s main tourist town and where almost all tourists stay. Restaurants, beachfront bars, a food night market and a range of resorts, guest houses and hostels line this popular area of Siquijor.

San Juan is a 20 minute drive from Siquijor Pier and around 30 minutes from Larena Pier.

Although you won’t be close to the ferries, you will be only a 30 minute drive to the best waterfalls in Siquijor and a short walk from thriving marine life at Tubod beach.


HANNA’S PLACE: Located close to Paliton beach, this property offers exceptional clean rooms with a/c and hot water. Hanna’s Place is the best value for money option in Siquijor. Restaurants are within walking distance of this property.



TROPICAL FUN TA SEA RENTALS: This property is perfectly located in central San Juan and the closest an accommodation can get to the sea. Offering very clean rooms, Tropical Fun Ta Sea Rentals is the perfect spot to enjoy a beautiful sunset from the balcony or terrace. On-site facilities include a restaurant, messages and water sports.



COCO GROVE BEACH RESORT: Located off Tubod beach, this resort provides exceptionally clean rooms, great location and amazingly good food at its 3 onsite restaurants. Coco Grove Beach Resort is the best accommodation option in Siquijor. Facilities at the resort include a swimming pool, spa and a well equipped dive shop. If you’re after a peaceful stay with different options for things to do, this resort is your best bet.


How to Get to Siquijor

Getting to Siquijor is straightforward since it is close to Cebu and Bohol. Both Bohol and Cebu are popular islands.

So if you are already on one of those islands, you can easily get to Siquijor via ferry or bus + ferry, depending on where you are. Here we have written a detailed article on how to get to Siquijor from Bohol, Cebu and Dumaguete.

Are you missing something? Siquijor is a small island packed with tourist spots. (there’s something interesting behind every other corner!). That is why we created a list of the best things to do and combined them into an easy to follow 3 day Siquijor itinerary. You can click on the link below for a detailed guide that includes the very best waterfalls and pools, beaches, ways of getting around and the best area to stay in Siquijor.


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