Cambugahay Falls | Siquijor’s Amazing tiered Falls

Cambugahay Falls

Cambugahay Falls - Siquijor's Amazing Tiered Falls

Cambugahay Falls is without a doubt the most amazing waterfall on Siquijor island and possibly one of our favourite waterfalls in the Philippines. 

Hidden in the jungle yet easily reached down a flight of stairs, Cambugahay Falls is one of Siquijor’s most popular tourist attraction. 3 tiered falls plunge down into milky blue pools surrounded in the island’s jungle landscape. These falls are a playground for anyone searching for fun activities in Siquijor. Tarzan swings hang from trees over the milky blue pools and you can float on a bamboo barge right under the cascade while a local takes photos of you from a platform above.

Cambugahay Falls is in Lazi in South Siquijor and is where you will find most of the island’s waterfalls. You could easily spend an entire day waterfall hopping in Lazi.  

Pulling myself under the cascade while trying to balance myself on a bamboo barge

How To Get To Cambugahay Falls - Siquijor

Cambugahay Falls is a 30 minute drive South from the San Juan’s main tourist strip. This waterfall is in the Southern part of Siquijor and in a part of the island named Lazi. Other than Cambugahay Falls, Lazi is home to quite a few more waterfalls so you may need to plan ahead to get the most out of your day.

For an accurate location you can use Google’s online maps which we confirm has the exact location.

The most common way that tourists get around Siquijor is by scooter. It is cheap, convenient and you can go about at your own pace. 

The island is easy to get around, you won’t find any traffic and roads are well paved throughout most of the island. 

Scooters can be rented out in San Juan or at Siquijor Port or Larena Port. You will find scooter rentals in other parts of Siquijor but those are the most common. Scooters cost between Php 250 ($5) and Php 350 ($7) per day, the price depends on rental period, bike condition and even your bargaining skills.

An alternative is to hire a tricycle. There are always trikes riding around and you can easily find them in San Juan. A 1 way ride from San Juan shouldn’t cost any more than Php 150. 

However, it is best to hire a tricycle for the day which works out much more cost-effective if you plan visiting other tourist spots during the day and should be around Php1500 ($31).

Cambugahay Falls in Lazi Siquijor on Map

Other waterfalls close to Cambugahay Falls include:

Cambugahay Falls Entrance Fee

The entrance to Cambugahay Falls is free but you will need to pay a Php 10 ($.20) for parking

Once at the falls there are Tarzan swings at each level and bamboo barges. Each have a fee of Php 50 ($1) for unlimited use.

In this photo I had just gone to check if the water was cold since it was early in the morning
Again on the barge almost reached the chilly water of the cascade

Best Time To Visit

Official opening times to Cambugahay Falls Siquijor is between 7am and 5:30pm. However, the locals taking care of the place let us go in about 20 minutes before.

This tourist attraction is Siquijor’s most popular. Whatever time of day you come, you are bound to bump into other tourists. However early morning is the quietest time. 

The falls are spread out over 3 levels with most visitors stopping in the first fall. So even if you come during the peak times or around midday, the falls surely won’t feel crowded especially on the second and third level.

We came early morning and were the first ones to enter but only for a few minutes. Ones tourists arrived we moved up to the second level which was pretty much all to ourselves and spent a good 1 hour swinging like tarzan and plunging into what seemed our private pool. 

November to May are the Philippines dry season. Anytime between these months is good to visit Cambugahay Falls

During days of heavy downfall, all that water ends up in the streams and waterfalls causing the magical blue pools to become brown with all the soily water that made its way through the jungle.

Although during the rainy months the rainfall won’t be constant and some days may be bright and sunny, you are bound to face days with not so appropriate weather. But you will get fewer tourists throughout the country and fewer crowds at popular tourist spots.

the picture perfect Cambugahay Falls

Cambugahay Falls.

Out of all of Siquijor’s tourist spots, we have 2 favourite spots. One is onland and the other is Tubod beach snorkelling spot. Cambugahay takes the spot for the most amazing tourist attraction in Siquijor.

We cruised down to Cambugahay one early morning. The sun had just risen and the Philippine morning sky was simply stunning.

Along the 30-minute ride we passed little sideroad houses. Chickens and pigs roamed freely in the front garden surrounded by tropical trees. And locals had just started their day transporting goods and animals, even cows, on their mopeds with makeshift side cars.

Arriving at Cambugahay entrance a few kids that collect a small parking fee told us we were a bit too early. But after a few minutes they let us go in. Probably because one of those in charge of the Tarzan swings and barges had just arrived, so we’d probably be paying a fee for one of the activities.

A 5 to 10 minute walk down a flight of stairs leads the way to the first cascade. This is where most of the tourists stop and we could definitely see why. The scene is stunning.

A huge pool with milky blue water and a cascade dropping over a ledge from yet another blue pool and all surrounded in this tropical Philippine jungle. Tarzan swings with different heights sway over the pool and a big bamboo barge floats in the middle

Apart from 1 guy in charge of the swings and barge the whole place was to ourselves. And so I decided to pay the $1 fee for the barge and ended pulling myself right under the cascade. The waterfall is around 10 feet high and with the flow of water not being so powerful it was great to take a natural shower in the cool morning water.

The popular tarzan swing on the second level of Cambugahay Falls
Jacqueline on a barge just under the cascade at the second level

The Second Level

On my way back from the cascade, tourists had already arrived so we decided to check out the other levels. The second level is less than a 5 minute walk.

Again this fall was deserted, only a Tarzan swing man. I thought I’d take a go this time, so I paid the fee for the swing and Jacqueline took the barge.

I’m still not sure what I was trying to accomplish but I must have swung over the pool 30 times. And almost every time I let go I ended up in some strange position. Probably I tried to create the perfect tarzan swing jump.

Beside the first level, Cambugahay Falls didn’t seem to get much attention. We basically spent over an hour at the second level and only a local couple came along after some time. At least this was the case when we were there. It may have been a bit early since we had already left by 9am.

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