Locong Falls Siquijor – Transparent Waterhole and Cascade

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Locong Falls is a small waterfall that cascades into a natural blue pool with transparent water. And with Locong being hidden in the jungle, getting just a few daily visitors and fun things like a Tarzan swing and a small cliff jump off the fall, Locong is a tourist spot you should consider while in Siquijor.

Locong Falls is located in Lazi municipality in South Siquijor. Lazi is home to the best waterfalls on the island. Make sure to add a visit to this part of the island which has some of the best things to do on Siquijor.

A 3 meter cliff jump over Locong Falls

How to get to Locong Falls

Locong Falls is located in a Municipality named Lazi in South Siquijor. From San Juan tourist strip it is around 25 minute scooter ride to reach Locong Falls. 

The roads in Siquijor are paved and you won’t come across any traffic which makes it easy to cruise around the island at any time of day. Just keep an eye out for any road construction works.

A scooter in Siquijor will cost between Php 250 ($5)/ Php 350 ($7) depending on how many days you keep it. You should get a discount for longer rentals.

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An alternative is to rent a tricycle for the day. Tricycles are basically cousins with Thailand’s tuk tuks and are scooters with an enclosed side car. A tricycle isn’t the most comfortable option but will cost around Php 1500 ($32) for the day and can carry up to 4 persons. The price also includes the driver who will suggest a route and best tourist spots.

Locong Falls on Map

Siquijor Map with exact route from San Juan to Locong Falls

The Map above shows the exact route from San Juan point A(tourist area) to Locong Falls (point B). The map is interactive and you can click on it for live directions from whichever part of Siquijor you are at.

Other points of interest are marked on the map including Siquijor’s most amazing cascade and pools!

Locong Falls Entrance Fee

Locong Falls has an entrance fee of Php 50 ($1). A local will collect payment at the booth outside. To use the Tarzan swing at Locong Falls there is a fee of Php 50 for unlimited use and a Php 50 to use one of the wooden deck chairs right beside the pool.

A local collecting a fee upon entry to Locong Falls

When To Go To Locong Falls

Locong Falls isn’t such a popular waterfall in Siquijor. You can go at any time of day and not find any other tourist. However, it is best to visit Siquijor and the Philippines in general during dry season for the best chance of bright sunny days. Dry season runs from December to May.

Locong Falls

Our day started from Cabugsayan falls which after all didn’t really live up to what we had expected. 

We left Cabugsayan a bit disappointed and decided to go back downhill and check out Locong falls. After some confusion where the entry point was, we saw a local near a booth. That indicated we were in the right spot and we jumped off the scooter and paid a $1 entry fee.

The jumping off point and Locong falls ticket booth are part of a tiny village right next to the jungle. 

We passed through this village and a dirt path leads beside Filipino houses with pretty flowers and chickens running freely in their homegrown crops.

The trail down to Locong Falls along some local houses hidden in palm trees

The trail which is marked with flags is easy to follow and is a 5 minute walk down to Locong Falls

Locong Falls isn’t one of the largest waterfalls but it is rather the pool below that makes this tourist spot so stunning. A 6 foot water cascade pours into a crystal clear pool with parts deep enough to “cliff jump” off the waterfall. And there is a tarzan swing over a second pool further down. However, the water isn’t so clear there.

Jacqueline taking a refreshing dip at the first pool in Locong Falls
The small cascade at Locong Falls is surrounded with lush vegetation

We spent over an hour just jumping off Locong Fall and swimming into a small cave below. And beside a kid taking care of the swing, not a soul was around.

How to Get to Siquijor

Siquijor is right in between 2 of the Philippines’ most popular islands – Bohol and Cebu. And can easily be reached from either of the 2 islands.

We have done this trip both ways and have written a detailed guide on How to Get to Siquijor from both Cebu and Bohol.

From Bohol to Siquijor, a ferry operates daily between Tagbilaran Port on Bohol and Larena Port on Siquijor.

From Cebu, Siquijor can be reached either via Bohol or through Dumaguete City, a City located on the next island down South of Cebu. If you are already in South Cebu (Moalboal or Oslob) the best option is to get to Negros island via a 30 minute ferry from South Cebu.

Where to Stay in Siquijor

Choosing the best area to stay in Siquijor is straightforward. San Juan, a municipality on Siquijor’s South West coast is the island’s main tourist area. Almost all the tourists that come to Siquijor stay in or close to San Juan.

Western restaurants, cheap local eateries, low key cafe’s and the island’s best beach front Resort, guesthouses and backpacker hostels are all dotted around San Juan and within walking distance to the beach. 

We had rented a scooter while in Siquijor and found a great accommodation just 10 minutes ride from San Juan. Although we were close enough to San Juan and all the western amenities in town, the daily rate for our stay was almost half that in San Juan. So if travelling on a tight budget, consider finding a place not right in the tourist area.

Lazi, a municipality right next to San Juan is another area of Siquijor worth considering. Lazi is home to almost all of Siquijor’s waterfalls and offers cheap stays and a couple of western restaurants with amazing cheap eats.

Here’s other things not to miss while on Siargao, the Filippino favourite island:

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