Moalboal to Dumaguete – A Full Route Guide

Getting from Moalboal to Dumaguete is pretty straightforward. Some logistical planning is required in order to get from Moalboal to Dumaguete since they are located on 2 separate island. The trip involves taking a bus (or a taxi/transfer) a ferry and a tricycle or Jeepney. It’s quite a fun journey and you get to experience an authentic and often unseen part of the Philippines.

The entire trip from Moalboal to Dumaguete takes approximately 3 to 4 hours.

An infographic of cebu and dumaguete

Should you happen to be whale watching in Oslob and want to reach Dumaguete, you can also follow this guide because the routes are almost identical.

This guide covers both Moalboal to Dumaguete and Oslob to Dumaguete. the only difference in the route is where you take the initial bus ride from, the rest is exactly the same.

Moalboal to Dumaguete

Here is a quick visualization of what the route from Moalboal to Dumaguete looks like:

Moalboal or Oslob → Liloan Port (bus or transfer) → Ferry to Sibulan port → Tricycle/Jeepney to Dumaguete.

Bus/Transfer to Liloan Port

There’s a regular schedule of long distance buses going from Cebu City all the way down to South Cebu. The buses travel on both the West coast (Moalboal) and along the East coast (Oslob). You don’t need to book any tickets in advance for this route. Just wait on the main-road where the bus passes from and when you see a green bus with “Ceres” logo on it wave it down.

It would be best to ask at your accommodation where to wait for the bus. Also make sure you’re on the correct side of the road where the bus is heading south. Boarding from the wrong side will result in going in the wrong direction.

The buses don’t stick to a specific schedule but they pass frequently: about every 45 minutes to 1 hour. The bus fare of ₱130 ($2.34) is paid directly to the bus conductor and you should tell them you’re going to Liloan port so the driver will stop you in the right place. The journey is approximately 2 hours from Moalboal. The bus will stop about 1 km from Liloan port. You can either walk for about 10 minutes or take one of the tricycles waiting near the stop.

Bus from Oslob: If you’re coming from Oslob the journey time is 1 hour and the price around ₱65 ($1.17).

If you’re not on a budget, you may also consider doing this part of the journey by transfer or taxi. You can ask at your accommodation as most will either offer this service or know someone. The duration of the trip is around 90 minutes from Moalboal and should cost around ₱2200 ($40). If you’re coming from Oslob it’s around a 45 minute ride and shouldn’t cost more than ₱1100 ($20). These prices should be used as a guide only.

Ferry from Liloan Port to Sibulan Port

The ferry from Liloan Port (Cebu) to Sibulan port (Negros island/Dumaguete) departs every hour, on the hour. Tickets can be bought directly from the ferry terminal.

The ferry costs PHP 62 ($1.29) and journey time is 30 minutes.

Ferry from Liloan Port to Sibulan Port

Sibulan port is located about 6 km from Dumaguete. You can use a tricycle or the jeepneys for the journey. We used a jeepney and paid ₱20 ($0.40) but this only got us close to the main tourist in Dumaguete and we ended walking another 1 km. The best option is to just negotiate a price with tricycle driver which should be between ₱100 ($1.80) and ₱150 ($2.70).

Getting to Siquijor

If you’re only passing through Dumaguete in order to get the ferry to Siquijor, then my suggestion would be to buy the boat tickets in advance. This is especially true if you have already booked accommodation or your have a fixed plan.

It doesn’t make sense to travel all the way only to find the tickets are sold out. There is a ferry that departs Dumaguete pier at 7:10 pm and arrives in Siquijor at 8:00 pm. This is the best option and if you leave Moalboal or Oslob by 12:00 (noon) you should arrive in time with room to spare. There’s a couple of cool cafes near the port which you can hang out in if you arrive early. View boat tickets and schedules here.

Another option would be to spend a night (or more) in Dumaguete and then leave with the 7:20 am ferry and you’ll be in Siquijor at around 8:20 am.

There’s some really cool things to see and do in Dumaguete. And the city (or more of a bigger town) is laid back and has some amazing properties to choose from including affordable beach resorts.

Top 3 recommended places to stay in Dumaguete

Pura Vida Beach and Dive Resort (luxury): Right next to the beach offering epic sunset views and direct access to the ocean. Booking in advance is recommended.

Hotel Dumaguete (Mid Range): Located near the famous Dumaguete Promenade and close to restaurants and bars and streetfood.

Golden Gate Suites (Budget): Affordable, clean and comfortable rooms. Best rated hotel in Dumaguete and very close to promenade.

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  1. I don’t know either how I ended up here, some great info but a bit misleading as the slow ferry from dumaguete to siquijor is as good as the fast one, it just takes longer but for less than half the price. You can sit outside so the argument of it being an oven is a bit rubbish……

    • That part of the post isn’t referencing to the slow ferry. Instead there are small boats, sort of like speed boats that are closed in, everyone is packed inside and yes, it gets really hot inside. That was the only option left when we wanted to go to Siquijor because we thought Siquijor wasn’t popular and thus no need to book in advance. I’m not sure the frequency of the ferry you mention? It’s hard to keep up with constant change of schedule. Also, more boats will be added during peak season, at least ocean jet usually has a ferry from Dumaguete to Siquijor every 2 hours or so. Will add a couple images to the post of the boat


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