Kawasan Falls Canyoneering, in Badian Cebu, is one big adventure and probably the most thrilling experience you’ll have during your trip in the Philippines. 

Starting off from high in the mountains above Kawasan Falls, the Cebu Canyoneering adventure takes you down into a canyon hidden away in the jungle. A canyon with deep turquoise pools, streams, natural water slides and cliff jumps into deep waters await ahead.


Kawasan Falls Canyoneering is a regulated activity. A limited amount of visitors are allowed each day, and tour guides are mandatory.

In total the whole Kawasan Falls canyoneering adventure takes around 4 hours of jumping off cliffs, sliding backwards on slippery rocks and rope swinging above enchanted water full canyons.

Most of the Cebu canyoneering action, rope swinging and cliff jumping are optional for those looking for more adventure. Only one or two 5 foot cliff jumps are necessary to complete the canyoneering down to Kawasan falls. So you have the option of doing it as extreme as you like.

Our guide showing jacqueline the way


Kawasan Falls Canyoneering is on the island of Cebu in the Philippines. Cebu is a large long island and the canyoneering in Cebu is in southern part of the island.

Most tourists visiting the Philippines will first touch down in Cebu City, the capital of Cebu island. From here everyone either gets a ferry to Bohol, or take a 3 hour ride down to Moalboal or Oslob for whale shark watching.


Map to Kawasan Falls

Where to Stay for Kawasan Falls

If your plan is to do the Kawasan Falls canyoneering, the best place to base yourself is in a seaside town named Moalboal.

Staying in Moalboal put you close to all the cool things in the Southern part of Cebu island. Kawasan falls and the whole canyoneering adventure is just a 30 minute drive down the road. There are various resorts, hostels and guesthouses to suit any budget. Cafes and restaurants are all close by. And on the shoreline there amazing sunset lounge bars.

There’s lots of accommodation options in Moalboal that cater to any budget, whether its low or high. Here are my top 3 recommendations in every budget category.

Club Serena resort (fancy): Beachfront resorts hidden away in a lush garden. Onsite restaurant, Spa, Massage and Pool

Herman Suites Moalboal (Mid): central in most popular area, lots of restaurants and sardine run 5 minutes walk (highly rated)

Sunset Paradise Moalboal (budget): best budget accommodation in Moalboal, great location, 9.3 review score


Canyoneering at Kawasan Falls isn’t the typical tourist spot where you just show up, pay a small fee and get to it.

But first let make a distinction between Kawasan falls and Canyoneering at Kawasan falls because they’re completely different things.

If you want to visit Kawasan falls and don’t plan doing the entire canyoneering experience, then you can just show up at the gate, pay a small fee and simply walk up to the cascade crashing down into that gatorade blue pool. And then make your way to the upper level lagoons with crystal clear water and tarzan swings.

However, to do the Canyoneering its more complicated. Firstly, there are strict rules in place. One of them is having a mandatory guide. And another rule is that only a limited number of people are allowed each day. You’ll also be given a helmet, life-vest and optional water shoes.

We always like to do things by ourselves because its cheaper and you’re free to do whatever you want. ‘And regret even considering some of those things later on’ So having a guide was sort of a bummer.

But it was fun. And if it wasn’t for our friendly guide we would have missed all of the fun things like rock slides and really high cliff jumps.

Booking Canyoneering Tour

Unless you want to get stuck in Moalboal waiting for an available spot with a Kawasan Falls Canyoneering tour, I would suggest you book at least 1 week ahead to secure your place.

We made the mistake of just showing up one morning expecting we would find a guide, pay the fee, and be on our way. It turned out there were no more spots available until 3 days later.

There are 2 options. You can either book a private tour. This is great if you’re a group of at least 4 because you’ll share the cost.

Second option is to join in a tour. This is the best option for solo travelers or if its just you and your partner.

One of the slides while canyoneering at Kawasan in Cebu


In 2016 Kawasan Canyoneering was officially shut down for a few months. This was to pave way for new regulations and rules and to limit the number of visitors per day. And guides where to get certified.

So yes, Kawasan Falls Canyoneering is a safe activity. And as I said before, all the higher cliff jumps are optional. 

Surrounded in jungle and walking across a stream while canyoneering

On a side note, during or just after the rainy season, heavy rainfall may cause stronger currents in the canyons and rivers. And rocks and surfaces may be slippery. In some cases canyoneering is also shut down. In that case you’ll get a full refund.


Canyoneering in Cebu is one of the best activities to do in the Philippines.

The tour will start in the middle of the mountains high above Kawasan falls. For the first 15 minutes you will trek while overlooking dense hills of jungle.

At this point, we were a bit confused about what to expect. We thought we would start from in the Canyon.

The actual Kawasan canyoneering follows after the short downhill trek.

Starting off in ankle and waist deep clear water, and after some clambering over rocks, the first deep pool. 

A turquoise river flows through a narrow canyon and above stalls selling food and drinks and there is one of the best cliff jumps

The pool and rivers are so dense in colour we couldn’t believe our eyes!! 

Along the way we floated in these turquoise rivers. And there is a 6 foot cliff jump which was the only one that doesn’t have any way of getting around and a small waterfall that has carved a natural slide into the rocks. This was quite fun and followed our guide’s advice to slide down backwards. 

Halfway through there are a few stalls selling barbecued food and drinks. The stalls are set up in front of a narrow Canyon and a few meter high optional cliff jump. 

5 hours after we started canyoneering down to Kawasan Falls, our most amazing adventure in the Philippines came to an end.

There are 2 more cliff jumps further down (both optional). The first jump is 8 metres and the other 10 meters. 

Canyoneering at Kawasan Falls is a combination of trekking, floating in turquoise rivers and cliff jumping. And all this while surrounded by jungle and canyons and seeing some of the most amazing waterfalls. 

Kawasan waterfall plunging into a milky blue pool so bright we couldn't believe our eyes

The 2 main waterfalls are near the end with Kawasan falls being one of the highlights during your canyoneering trip.

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