Katibawasan Falls | The Most Popular Waterfall on Camiguin, Philippines


Katibawasan Falls is a stunning waterfall on Camiguin island in the Philippines. Surrounded by mountains, the massive Katibawasan cascade is fed by streams of water that make their way along Mount Timpoong, the highest peak on Camiguin.  

A 70 meter cascade plunges down into a pool wrapped in dense jungle and leafy trees.

The sheer size of this fall and the surrounding landscape made us feel so small as we stood staring in awe. We would easily say that Katibawasan falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Philippines.

So if this has enticed you, then you should definitely consider it as one of the things to do in Camiguin.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Katibawasan Falls.

    Jacqueline seeming so small as she stands right in front of Katibawasan Falls and facing foliage covering the 70 meter cliffs

    Katibawasan Falls Location

    Katibawasan Falls is located on Camiguin in the municipality of Mambajao.

    However, the fall isn’t located along the main ring road that circulates the island. Instead, you will need to make your way further inland and up into the mountains.

    From the main tourist area in Mambajao, it will take around a 20-minute ride to reach the fall.

    Although Camiguin isn’t as popular as nearby islands Bohol and Siargao, it still caters to tourists and has a decent amount of places to stay for any budget and taste. Below are our top picks.

    Deck chairs facing a pool and waving palms
    A woman standing looking at the ocean overlooking a pool

    Budget: Bintan Sa Paraiso Binusaran – Cool minimalist rooms close to restaurants and beach front bars in Mambajao

    Our TOP pick: Balai sa Baibai Resort – Hip huts with central pool area located in Mambajao (best area to stay)

    Luxury: Nouveau Resort – Loved by couples upscale resort literally on the beach with fancy rooms, massive pool area and own restaurant/bar.


    Katibawasan Falls on Camiguin on Map

    map for Katibawasan falls camiguin showing the route from the main tourist to the falss

    Click on the map to be taken to the location of Katibawasan Falls on Google maps.

    How to get to Katibawasan Falls

    The easiest and most exciting way to reach Katibawasan Falls is always gonna be by scooter.

    You can find scooters for rent in Camiguin for around 350 Pesos ($7.22) a day. There isn’t an official fixed price for scooter rentals. The final price will depend on rental duration and your bargaining skills. There are a few rental shops around the main tourist area in Mambajao or ask at your accommodation.

    We rented our scooter from a tricycle driver who took us from the multi-cab drop-off to our hotel on the night we arrived in Camiguin.

    It is also possible to rent a tricycle or scooter with a driver for the day.

    A scooter with a driver will cost 1000 Pesos ($20.63) while a tricycle costs 2000 Pesos ($41.25) for the day. These are both great options to get around at your own pace.

    If you have any problem finding a scooter or tri-cycle rental is to just ask your accommodation.

    Another option is to pre-book transport (only) online and create your own island tour by following our 3-day Camiguin itinerary and our guide to the best things to do on the island. This option is hassle-free since you don’t have to worry about organising transport but at the same time, you will still explore the island at your own pace.

    Check prices and pre-book motorcycle, car or van transport here.

    Check prices and pre-book group transport here (for up to 8 persons).

    Katibawasan Falls Entrance Fee

    The entrance fee to Katibawasan is 75 Pesos (€1.23). You will need to pay the fee at the booth outside the waterfall area.

    Paying our 50 pesos entrance fee in a pink booth at Katibawasan Falls

    With so many amazing things to do in the Philippines, and everything scattered around various island, planning a trip here can be pretty intimidating. Especially if you’re not familiar with organizing confusing logistics like – boats – flights – buses all in one massive itinerary.

    Travel packages do cost more than a D.I.Y travel plan, but you’ll have an organized travel plan without all the stress.

    Philippines outrigger boat on the sand
    crystal clear water with mountains in the backdrop

    11 days Package: Explore the very best of Cebu, Bohol, Siquijor and Camiguin

    Our TOP pick: explore all of the above package + the most famous in all the Philippines – El Nido and it’s emerald crystaline lagoons

    Camiguin 3 Days 2 Nights: all included short break to Camiguin. Tours and accommodation included.

    Our Experience at Katibawasan Falls

    We had already been 4 days on Camiguin. Our accommodation was just 20 minutes away from Katibawasan Falls. But for some reason, we had yet to see this waterfall which is no doubt the island’s most popular. 

    Jacqueline got me by surprise in this selfie on the way to Katibawasan falls

    On the 5th day, just before sunset we were finally on our way to Katibawasan Falls.

    The journey to the fall is along Camiguin’s highlands. Cruising along small villagers’ houses and dense jungle as the air got chilly, was no doubt a highlight.

    We arrived at Katibawasan as the sun had started to set and a few souvenir shops were closing. I guess we couldn’t have come at a better time since it seemed the fall would be to ourselves.

    Outside is a ticket booth where we paid our 50 Pesos entrance fee. From the booth, we walked a couple of steps and through the foliage could already see the sheer height of this fall.

    Enticed, we hiked down the few stairs and were facing a big clear pool with a cascade plunging from 70 meters above and jungle wrapping all the way around.

    Jacqueline just walking around the beautiful grounds surrounding Katibawasan Falls

    No doubt the setting was inviting and it didn’t take long for us to jump into the pool which has mostly shallow water.

    Well, the water up here will most likely be quite chilly year-round. But I am sure, that like us you don’t mind getting a few shivers to take a dip while surrounded by nature and a stunning fall.

    After all we spent most of our time here, which was just over an hour, having fun in the pool. Even though we visited the Fall beginning of March which is the end of winter.

    I wasn't sure if I should have took a dip or not, but the the pool was so captivating that I didn't mind getting into the chilly water at Katibawasan falls

    There are some really good restaurants in Camiguin. Good meaning a few of them have been given awards.

    These are our favorite places to eat in Camiguin.

    J & A Fishpen: a well loved favorite with locals J & A Fishpen offers flavorful fish based dishes at reasonable prices. You can also fish in the lagoon next to the resto and they’ll cook your catch.

    La Dolce Vita: Italian cuisine doesn’t get better than this. Definitely try the pizza and homemade pasta and antipasti with cold cuts. Everything is really good here! Won award for the best pizza.

    Checkpoint Restaurant: Located in the Mambajao close to all the accommodations, here you can order various meats like chicken, pork and beef which are char grilled delivering a unique flavor.

    Kurma Restaurant at Eco Beach Lodge: the main draw here is healthy, organic, vegetarian or vegan food. This place makes you realize that a great meal doesn’t necessarily need meat in it to be good!

    Kurma also offers free-diving lessons and has accommodation options with some of the best reviews in Camiguin. Click here to view.

    Accommodation and Where To Stay in Camiguin

    All around Camiguin there are accommodation which is mostly by the sea or just a short walk away. The main tourist area is in the North in a Municipality named Mambajao. I would suggest you stay in Mambajao if you want restaurants, bars and even boat tours within a short distance.

    However, keep in mind that Mambajao is a large area and if you want all amenities within walking distance you will need to stay close to the White Island Ferry Terminal. The rest of the island isn’t really catered to tourists so just keep that in mind while planning your trip to Camiguin. 

    These are our favourite hand-picked accommodations on Camiguin.




    This property provides basic and affordable cottage style accommodation very close to White Island ferry terminal and restaurants. Located in a quiet area, the cottages include a/c but not cold water.



    If you’re after an affordable clean room, C-side Inn is for you. Located by the sea, this property is one of the most value for money option on Camiguin. Just keep in mind that, it does not have an on site restaurant and wifi connection is poor.


    Budget / Mid-Range


    This property features a lounging area by the beach, rooms with beach view and scores very well for cleanliness. Restaurants are located about 10 minutes away from this property. If you’re looking for a nice and clean place to stay on Camiguin, Marianita’s Cottage is perfect.


    Mid-Range / Budget


    If you’re looking for a special place where to stay on Camiguin, look no further. Located in the jungle with ocean views, Bintana Sa Paraiso has fantastic views and out of this world sunsets. Rooms are mostly made of bamboo and the onsite restaurant serves very good food.




    Newly built in 2020, this beachfront resort features an outdoor and indoor swimming pool and 4 restaurants. Nouveau Resort is the perfect option for families and couples who favour a luxurious relaxing stay but at the same time have different options for things to do both on and off site.


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