Camiguin Tourist Spots – Complete Travel Guide

Camiguin tourist spots and the island’s laid back vibe are gaining popularity among travelers and tourists seeking a corner of the Philippines away from the crowds, making it an increasingly favored destination.

Despite being close to Cebu and Siquijor and just a short ferry ride from Bohol and its famous chocolate hills, not so many tourists make it to Camiguin.

White island near Camiguin. A sandbar with a backdrop of volcanic mountains covered in jungle
White Island

One of the main factors why Camiguin is worth visiting is because you’ll find a number of tourist spots and unique things to do all clustered on a small island. And everything is so easy to find because the only main road is just a loop around the entire island.

Peaking at a waterfall through the trees. Katibawasan Falls.
Katibawasan Falls


Camiguin island is home to some really unusual tourist spots.

This relatively small island just off the coast of Mindanao is commonly known as the ‘Island Born of Fire’ due to volcanic activity that continues to reshape the island.

With 7 volcanoes, Camiguin has the largest concentration per square km in the world. This unique landscape has created some unique tourist spots: like enormous cascades, hot springs, mountain trails and you can also enjoy historical landmarks, boat trips, snorkeling and good restaurants.

A street on a tropical island with palm trees on either side

If you want an adventure, love the outdoors and island vibe but can’t stand overcrowded tourist spots, then Camiguin will spoil you with loads of amazing things to do.


Overview – Camiguin Tourist Spots

Reaching Camiguin involves some planning. This is one reason it doesn’t get so many tourists.

A ferry with distant view of mountains

So before getting into all the tourist spots in Camiguin, let’s cover the essentials like where is Camiguin and the best ways to get there. Further down there is a list of recommended places to stay and places to eat that you can add to your Camiguin Itinerary.


Where is Camiguin Island Located

Camiguin Island is located in the Bohol Sea in the Philippines, approximately 10 km off the northern coast of Mindanao. It is also approximately 60 km South of Jagna Port in Bohol, which serves as a departure point for ferries connecting the islands on a bi-daily schedule.

Click here to view Camiguin Island and all the tourist spots on a map.

A map of Camiguin island
Map of Camiguin island with tourist spots

How to Get to Camiguin

If you’re in Bohol or Cebu, getting to Camiguin is pretty straightforward. From Siargao it’s a bit more interesting.

Cebu to Camiguin (By Air)

There are daily flights from Cebu to Camiguin and usually start at around ₱3600 (€60) but can go to ₱6100 (€100) depending on seasonality. Flight duration is around 1 hour. For the best price, it’s best to book in advance if you already know your travel dates.


Bohol to Camiguin (By Sea)

If you’re in Bohol the most sensible option is by ferry since the only flights are from Cebu. The only downside is that the ferry only operates on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

Ferries depart at 1:00pm from Jagna port in Bohol and arrive in Camiguin at around 5:00pm. It’s best to arrive at Jagna port in advance in order to find available tickets. Or you can pre-book your tickets online.


Siargao to Camiguin (Land+Sea)

Getting from Siargao to Camiguin is an adventure in itself. But it is quite tiring and takes at least 12 hours.

From Siargao take a ferry at 4:30am to Surigao (Mindanao). You’ll arrive at around 9:00am and there will be loads of tricycle drivers. Ask a driver to take you to the bus terminal.

At the bus terminal ask for the bus to Butuan terminal. From Butuan Terminal take another bus to Balingoan. Ask the driver or dispatcher to stop you near the Camiguin ferry port. The ferry to Camiguin departs at 5:00pm. If everything goes well, you should just about manage to make it in time. We did this trip and arrived at the port about 30 minutes early.

Just in case you miss the ferry and need a place to stay for the night, there are many places to stay in Cagayan De Oro City near the ferry port. Click here to view.


Where To Stay In Camiguin

The tourist area of Camiguin is the main town of Mambajao. Here you’ll find various accommodation options and a number of great restaurants all just a few minutes walk from the shoreline.

There are lots of places to stay in Camiguin to suit any budget and taste. From affordable hip and hut-style lodging to luxury beachfront accommodation at a reasonable price, there is something for everyone.

This list narrows down to the very best options to fit the needs of any budget.

A woman standing looking at the ocean overlooking a pool
Deck chairs facing a pool and waving palms

Budget: Bintan Sa Paraiso Binusaran – Cool minimalist rooms close to restaurants and beachfront bars in Mambajao.

Our TOP pick: Balai sa Baibai Resort – Hip huts with a central pool area located in Mambajao (best area to stay).

Luxury: Nouveau Resort – Loved by couples upscale resort literally on the beach with fancy rooms, massive pool area and own restaurant/bar.


Getting Around

There are a few options to get around Camiguin like local transport, renting a scooter, or hiring a driver.


Since it’s generally just the 2 of us, we always end up renting a scooter. This allows us to visit the tourist spots at our own pace. And also scooters are the cheapest option in our case.

You’ll find a couple of scooter rentals in Mambajao which is the main tourist area in Camiguin. Or you can ask at your accommodation.

a poster for scooter rentals on Camiguin island in the Philippines
This image is an indication of prices. We paid ₱250 a day for a 1 week rental from a random guy we met and not this company.

Scooters generally cost between ₱250 (€4.10) to ₱400 (€6.60). The price will depend on type of scooter, duration, and also your negotiation skills.

Tricycle or Motorbike with driver

If you’re not comfortable riding your own scooter but still want to enjoy the trill of it, why not hire a scooter with driver? Yes, you can hire someone to take you around the island and visit all the tourist spots in Camiguin at your own pace.

Another option is to hire a tricycle also with driver. This is a great option if you’re traveling with a small group of friends (maybe 4 the most) and you can share the cost.

Tricycle, a motorbike with 4 seats in a sidecar

A scooter with driver will cost ₱1000 (€16.50) while a tricycle will cost ₱2000 (€33) for the day. There are no fixed prices for these transport options so you should always settle the price in advance.

If you want to explore the best tourist spots in Camiguin without having to deal with all the logistics, then booking a tour is a great option.

Because everything is included in the price, tours remove all the guesswork related to transport prices, entrance and ticket availability.

The tours listed here are both private so they cost slightly more than a joined group of 20 other tourists. But if you’re a group of more than 2 the price will be significantly lower.

Philippines outrigger boat on the sand
crystal clear water with mountains in the backdrop

Island Hopping Tour: Discover the nearby islands, swim in crystal clear water with colorful underwater life and ride through a mangrove forest.

Camiguin Full Day Tour: Swim in the pool below a huge waterfall, snorkel above a sunken cemetery and visit a cliff viewpoint.


We’ve listed 9 of the very best tourist spots in Camiguin.

If you only have a short 3 day itinerary for Camiguin, don’t worry, most of the activities on this list require little effort and you can easily cross a few off each day.

1. Katibawasan Falls

Katibawasan is the most picturesque tourist spot in Camiguin.

It’s quite simply a huge cascade that shoots out from the jungle above and daunting 70 meter cliffs wrap half way around. Katibawasan truly is a fascinating tourist spot in Camiguin.

There’s a pool below and you can swim in it and get closer to the crashing cascade. But make sure not to cross the rope tied across the pool. That rope is sort of the extreme limit and going beyond will be dangerous as the strong currents may suck you under.

A waterfall surrounded in lush jungle. Katibawasan Falls Camiguin

And if you come here with kids, make sure to keep a watchful eye and keep them well behind the limit point.

There’s a nice well maintained area surrounding the pool with a few sheds and tables that guests can rent. Keep in mind that many locals will come here on the weekend and festive days so it does get busy at certain times.

Getting to Katibawasan Falls is straightforward. If you’re in the main tourist area of Mambajao, it takes around 25 minutes to drive to the entrance gate of Katibawasan.

Jacqueline standing in front of a 70 meter waterfall in Camiguin
Jacqueline at Katibawasan Falls in Camiguin

This is the most popular tourist spot in Camiguin so there is a parking area. From the entry gate, you’ll only need to walk about 3 minutes along paved steps until you’re facing the waterfall.

Opening Times: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Entrance Fee: ₱75 (€1.25)

Rent a shed: ₱150 (€2.50)

Rent a table: ₱100 (€1.65)

2. Tuasan Falls

Waterfalls always tend to have a mesmerizing effect on us so we just had to start off with them.

Tuasan Falls is by no means as enormous as Katibawasan falls but nonetheless it should be on your list of things to do in Camiguin because what it doesn’t have in size, it tends to make up for with something else. A powerful flow.

A powerful cascade dropping out the jungle above

A pool below the cascade flows down a tiered stream and each section is like a mini pool with crystal clear water making it perfect to hang out in and literally chill out escaping the hot scorching sun.

Basically Tuasan Falls is just on the side of the road. I’m not sure if you can see the cascade by simply driving by, but it’s like 1 minute walk from the parking area.

Jacqueline standing in a pool surrounded with jungle and a powerful cascade dropping off a ledge in the jungle behind her
Jacqueline at Tuasan Falls on Camiguin island

Tuasan entrance fee is ₱75 (€1.25) and opening time is from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

3. White Island

The name of this tourist attraction gives it away. It’s just a tiny sandbar cut off from Camiguin mainland with literally nothing on it.

The journey starts with a noisy pump boat taking you out into the ocean. It’s a strange feeling knowing you’re going to an island but not actually seeing anything because the Camiguin sandbar barely makes it above sea level.

An outrigger boat resting on a sandbar with mountains in the background

We were the first group to lay foot on the island that day. And with the day just starting to show some light, the mountainous landscape of Camiguin island was forming.

Honestly, there isn’t anything to do here, so just relax and dip your toes in the glittery fine sand and enjoy the scenery. If you come in the morning enjoy the sunrise. Buy some fresh (actually alive) sea urchins and experience a seafood flavor like no other. Bring a mask, snorkel around the island. There’s some colorful corals there. But watch out because underwater currents tend to be strong.

Holding a cracked open sea urchin on a sandy beach
James eating sea urchins on white island
Running on a sand bar in Camiguin island the Philippines
James running on white island Camiguin

It’s one of the most unique things to add to your Camiguin itinerary. And because it’s a top attraction my suggestion would be to come here early. Being on this little sandbar almost alone delivers a kind of experience we never felt before.

Small outrigger boats depart from the main town in Mambajao. A return boat ticket costs ₱550 (€9.00) and can seat up to 4 or 6 people. If you’re traveling solo or as a couple don’t worry about paying the total fee, the boat operators tend to group people to fill the seats. You can always ask for a private boat though if you want.

Jacqueline posing
Jacqueline taking a selfie on a sandbar near Camiguin

You’ll also need to pay an entrance fee of ₱50 (€0.82) per person. Operating hours are between 5:30am and 5:30pm.

4. Walkway to the Old Volcano

The walkway to the old volcano is an uphill trail with 14 stations along the way. With each station having statues depicting the story leading up to Jesus Christ’s crucifixion.

statues depicting Jesus and Mary on Camiguin island

The trail is relatively easy. There’s paved steps in uphill sections and some dirt trails. And most of the trail is shaded by trees. But it’s still pretty hot, humid and sticky so make sure to pack some cool water to stay hydrated because there aren’t any vendors along the trail.

It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to make it all the way till the top and reach an unobstructed viewpoint. From here you have a perfect view of the land meeting the sea. And this spot looks directly over the sunken cemetery.

James looking over the jungle leading to ocean views
James at Old Volcano Viewpoint in Camiguin

This activity shouldn’t take more 2 hours. So if you plan to come here early you should be on your way down before the day becomes unbearably hot.

Entrance fee is ₱75 (€1.22)

Opening times: 7:30am – 5:00pm. 

5. Old Church Ruins

The Old Church Ruins or Gui-ob Church Ruins is one of the oldest ruins in the Philippines. It’s one of the only buildings that still stands in the Philippines from its day.

The outer walls of an old church with no roof
James standing in the Old Church Ruins in Camiguin

If you’re a history lover you’ll love learning the history of this attraction. During the day you can find guides and for a fee they’ll take you around the church ruins and explain the history and story about this place.

The building here were constructed using coral stones, this was very common during those times. And was a meeting place for weddings, batisms, funerals and masses.

Entrance fee is ₱75 (€1.22)

6. Sunken Cemetery Camiguin

The sunken cemetery in Camiguin is probably one of the most interesting tourist spots on the island.

Located about 100 meters off the coast in Catarman there is a big Christian Cross in the middle of the ocean. Take a snorkeling mask with you or rent one from the beach vendors.

A big cross structure in the sea
The cross that indicates the underwater Cemetery in Camiguin

Apart from a colorful and vibrant underwater marine life, you can also see what was once a cemetery. Tombstones and crosses are all resting a few meters beneath the ocean.

In 1870 a nearby volcano erupted and caused the cemetery along with a surrounding town to sink to the bottom of the ocean. The cross is there to commemorate this place.

There are few fees in place here. To swim and snorkel there is ₱100 (€1.63) fee and if you want a guide (which is advisable since they’ll show you spots you may miss) will cost ₱150 (€2.45). You can even rent a mask for ₱100 (€1.63).

7. Ardent Hot Spring

The Ardent Hot Springs is a popular spot with both locals and foreign tourists visiting Camiguin.

Located within 10 minutes drive from the main tourist area in Mambajao, most visitors enjoy coming here to soak in the thermal water that helps melt away any aches and pains.

These thermal baths or hot springs sit at the foot of Mount Hibok-Hibok which is the source of the hot water. There are various baths tiered up a small slope with water temperatures reaching around 40℃ in the top spring. This is cooled down significantly though by the time it reaches the lower baths.

I would suggest coming here in the evening because during the day the heat would be unbearable, let alone enjoying a hot bath. There is an entrance fee of ₱50 and opening hours are between 6:00am to 10:00pm.

Places To Eat

The final 2 Camiguin tourist attractions on this are what many wouldn’t consider as an attraction. Anyway the last 2 are restaurants.

But as someone who would book a flight primarily to taste the food, I would argue that a good restaurant does deserve a place on this list.

8. La Dolce Vita

At some point during your trip to Camiguin you’ll pass by the airport. In that case, and if you have even the slightest appetite. Park somewhere, head towards a restaurant named ‘La Dolce Vita’ and order pretty much anything on their menu.

This place serves the best pizzas and pasta and cold cuts platters and anything else uniquely Italian. You won’t be disappointed.

James looking really happy with a cold cut platter and enjoying a beer
James happy with his platter at La Dolce Vita in Camiguin

9. J & A Fishpen

J & A is a cross between a restaurant and a tourist attraction. If that is even a thing? Well this place does attract a lot of tourists. And locals.

J & A Fishpen is a famous seafood restaurant in Camiguin. The place also has a pretty unique setting as it sits right inside a lagoon in the South East corner of Camiguin.

If you want to try anything related to seafood make sure you come here. Most of the fish is as fresh as it can be because it is kept in a section of the lagoon. Like we ordered a fish and they went to catch it in front of us.

If you want you can even catch your own fish and they’ll cook it at a cost. And also the Philippines is really good at frying things and keeping whatever is inside nice and tender. If you want something crunchy outside and soft inside try their fried calamari.

A plate of crispy fried Calamari
Super tasty crispy fried Calamari at J & A Fishpen

And cross the lagoon on a zip-line.

There is a zip line here. It stretches the entire length of the lagoon. If you’re feeling adventurous, make sure to try it out while you’re there.

We have spent several months in the Philippines so if you’re planning your island hopping trip to the country that has over 7 thousand islands or even need some inspiration for the best things to do, check our island guides here. You’ll find entire pages dedicated to several islands (some popular and some less popular) in the Philippines.

Other Places to Consider

These tourist spots in Camiguin in this list are things we did during our stay on the island. We did all the things to do in Camiguin that we were interested in. But you may want to look into a few other activities that aren’t included in this list and that may interest you. Below are a handful of activities we considered but didn’t do because of either bad weather or simply because they weren’t the kind of things that interested us.

Bura Water Swimming Pool

Binangawan Falls

Sto Nino Cold Springs

Giant Clams Snorkeling


This post may contain affiliate links. That means that if you make a purchase of any item I recommend, I may take a small cut of the price. This will in no way affect the original price and is a way to cover the costs and time spent creating these guides. I will never promote anything that isn’t genuine or that isn’t worth considering for your trip.

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