Crystal Bay on Nusa Penida West Coast

Crystal Bay is Nusa Penida’s all day round go to place. Right from sunrise until sunset, you can come here at any time of day, there is always something to do or see.

Crystal bay does live up to its name. Crystalline waters home to a wonderful seabed and loads of colorful fish offer the most amazing snorkeling experience. And sunset? Oh boy, the sunset is stunning. Here I’m going to tell you all about our amazing experiences at this bay.

How to Get to Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay is on Nusa Penida‘s west coast. This is the side of the island that has the largest concentration of fun things to do. So no need to worry, you’ll be spoilt for things to do around this side of Nusa Penida. 

From Toya Pakeh Harbour, Crystal Bay is 20 minutes away by scooter or car. However, if you come from the other side of the island, it can be over an hour. But still, don’t let the drive put you off. The fact that there are loads of other things to do around here, will be well worth the trip.

Crystal Bay Things To Do Nusa Penida The Travel Deck

Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay is the best bet you have if you want to take a plunge in Nusa Penida’s clear waters but don’t want to face colossal waves. 

The setting of this beach is simply stunning. 

The bay is nestled within a valley, densely populated with palm trees creating the most fascinating landscape. This gorgeous scene starts well before actually reaching the beach. As you start your way downhill you will definitely spot the palm tree jungle.

Getting closer to the bay, the palm trees open up leaving a picture perfect land dotted with a handful of leafy palms. 

Crystal Bay Nusa Penida Thinga To Do The Travel Deck

Snorkeling at Crystal Bay from the Beach

White fine sand line the crystalline water that offered us the most amazing snorkelling experience. The colourful reef is just a few metres from the bay and is littered with colorful corals and fish. All the fish didn’t really mind we were there and some kept on coming right beside us. 

For snorkeling you will need to go to the further left side of the beach. It took us some time to figure out where the colorful reef is. And only found the spot once the boat tours started arriving at the bay dropping off their passengers. Other parts of Crystal Bay aren’t that good for snorkeling, at least not when we were here.

Crystal Bay is a popular snorkeling spot. Boat tours start arriving with passengers after 9 am. At which time the snorkeling spot will be surrounded by many tour boats (check picture below).

Crystal Bay Nusa Penida Snorkeling The Travel Bay

Swimming at Crystal Bay

If you’re not into snorkeling, Crystal Bay is also a great place to take a dip or to get that tan on. Sun loungers can be rented out and although snorkeling is popular here, the beach itself is surprisingly not sought after. That is apart from sunset time 

Crystal Bay Things To do in Nusa Penida The Travel Deck

Sunsets at Crystal Bay

If you loved this beach, you’re up for a treat, this is also the side where the sun sets. All around Nusa Penida there are unique sunset spots but this is our absolute favourite. 

As the day starts heading towards an end, the boats withdraw from the bay which leaves the previously occupied waters very much unspoilt. The sun sinks down into the ocean between an outcrop and an island set right in the middle of Crystal Bay which creates quite the scene.

The stillness and laid back vibe here were just what we needed. A few warungs are lined further back from the bay. Beer is my favourite sun downer but smoothies and other cold drinks are available as well.

Crystal Bay Nusa Penida West Coats best for sunsets

Pandan Beach

If you’re looking for a more secluded beach, try taking the short trek over to Pandan Beach. 

Pandan beach next to Crystal Bay Nusa Penida The travel Deck

Pandan is a little beach right next to Crystal bay. To get here make your way to the further left side of Crystal bay. Here there are a set of stairs, the first part is broken but the rest is fine. 

On your way up don’t forget to take some amazing pics of the tiny island and beach, the view is amazing. The trek only takes around 10 to 15 minutes and is shaded by the trees. So is doable at any time of the day. 

Pandan Beach is simply a little paradise nestled within the hills with a valley covered in palm trees. To be fair, this isn’t a go to place for swimming and waves do get big at times. But if you want a lesser known beach nestled within a unique setting, is worth considering.

Pandan beach accessed thru Crystal Bay Nusa Penida Things To Do The Travel Deck

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