Banah Cliff Point in Nusa Penida West Coast

Facing the epic views offered from Banah Cliff Point, you can’t help but stand in awe at such a wonder. This spot may not be as popular as Kelingking Viewpoint but is still equally stunning. 

Banah Cliff looks out onto the waves crashing against a cluster of small islands and huge rocks jutting out of the ocean dwarfed by the colossal height of the cliffs.  

Getting to Banah Cliff Point

Banah Cliff Point is on the west coast of Nusa Penida and if staying on the other side of the island, it can take over an hour to get here. The island isn’t that big but many roads are in poor condition. Thus travel time will be far more than you expect. 

No need to say that extra care should be taken if driving a motorcycle.

Banah Cliff Point

Banah Cliff Point is one of Nusa Penida’s highly underrated viewpoints that offer epic scenes.

After doing all the popular attractions such as Kelingking Viewpoint and Broken Beach, we decided to check out this lesser known viewpoint. 

Our early morning rise and ride along bumpy, pitch black roads was so worth it. 

Banah Cliff Point view of sunrise Nusa Penida The Travel Deck

We arrived as the sun started to rise and the day was brightening up. This isn’t the sunrise side of Nusa Penida, in fact the sun rises further inland. But not facing directly the sun, only creates one of the most colourful skies with all different shades of hues.

The view looks out onto the most stunning cliffs with sheer drops into the tumbling waves. Islets and rock formations dot the coast and just add to the epic scene. 

Further out a tiny rock island lays alone in the middle of the ocean. Over many years the strong currents have taken their toll on the island leaving a solitary archway in the middle of the ocean. 

Banah Cliff Point Nusa Penida Island with an arch right thru The Travel Deck

Banah cliff protrudes onto the ocean providing a 180 degrees view. On one side the views travel north for miles and on clear days Kelingking may be seen. Closer to Banah and right on the edge of a cliff there is a temple. This side is best for sunsets. 

Banah Cliff Point Sunset Viewpoint Nusa Penida The Travel Deck

The views from the other side overlooks the arched rock and is where we enjoyed the sun rising from over the cliff further to the south. 

Banah Cliff Point – Secret Spot

If you venture further along the cliff you will come across dense bushes with little archways. This leads to yet another amazing spot and seems even fewer visitors know of this place. Here you will come across a set of stairs that will take you down onto a protruding rock formation. 

Banah Cliff Point Nusa Penida Secret Viewpoint The Travel Deck

The stairs are a bit sketchy and the drop is high so watch your footing on your way down. 

Little islands (or huge rocks, not sure what to call them) are right below this secret viewpoint and you will get a view of the cliffs from right ahead.  

I came down here by myself while Jacqueline was still on top. The drop is intimidating so I don’t blame her. If unsure about this, just skip it altogether. The views from the top are sick anyhow.

Banah Cliff Point Things To Do Nusa Penida from secret spot The Travel Deck

Where to After Banah Cliff Point

Nusa Penida’s west coast is where a cluster of attractions are located. 

Consider visiting the charming Tembeling Forest and Beach afterward. This is just a short ride away and if you go early there is a good chance of having the place to yourself. 

Or you can consider the Instagram favourite Kelingking. This is a popular attraction but if you get there before the tours it will still be quiet. Tours usually arrive between 9-10 am. Kelingking is around 30 minutes from Banah Cliff Point. Or even better, you could switch around and start off from Kelingking and come later on to Banah Cliff. Again, as Kelingking is on the same coast as Banah Cliff, it is best for sunset time.

Nusa Penida – Road Network & Condition

Nusa Penida can be considered a relatively small island. But don’t let this fool you. Getting around, will be an interesting ride and time consuming. Due to poor road conditions and the overall road network system, a few kilometers ride can take over an hour. The roads are improving quickly and on our visit many were being resurfaced. But still remains the west coast awkward infrastructure. This is where many of Nusa Penida’s highlights are located. 

The main road is located further inland and from here branches lead to the attractions. Thus, although the attractions are close to one another, to get from A to B, you will need to travel all the way out, find the next branch and then travel once again towards the coast. To add to this, many of the streets leading to the attractions are some of the worst we came across. 

We don’t mean to be negative or anything. But just to let you know. In fact, we still had a buzz dodging all the potholes and sometimes even chickens and dogs. But this does get tiring if you’re out all day.

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