Angel’s Billabong on Nusa Penida West Coast

Nusa Penida’s west coast is literally a playground for activities and full of surprises all around. One of its stunning natural wonders is Angel’s Billabong. A crystalline natural pool fed by the ocean. You will immediately realize why this has come to be one of Nusa Penida’s popular attractions.

Getting to Angel’s Billabong

Angel’s Billabong is on Nusa Penida’s western coast. Considering that some roads are still in need of a serious upgrade, it may take some time to get here. Nusa Penida isn’t that big of an island but it still takes over an hour to cruise across the island. So let’s say you leave from the east coast, the ride will be around an hour. 

** A quick update about Nusa Penida’s road infrastructure. During our October 2019 trip, many roads were having a serious upgrade. It seems that soon the island will be a pleasant ride all around.

Angel's Billabong Nusa Penida The Travel Deck

Angel’s Billabong

From the parking a 5 minutes walk leads to Angel’s Billabong. Signs indicate the way both to Angel’s Billabong and Broken Beach which is a short walk away. Follow the sign and head over the concrete path. Within a couple of minutes you will be facing one of nature’s astonishing creations. 

Angel’s Billabong is a natural infinity pool. Fed by the ocean and surrounded in jagged rock formations, this is definitely one of Nusa Penida’s best highlights.

A small cove-like canyon within the pool, is where our attention was drawn. Through the crystalline water, rock formations are clearly seen coming up from further down. 

Captivated by such a setting, we spent over an hour wandering around the pool. Meanwhile, we took a whole bunch of photographs from different angles. 

Angels Billabong in Nusa Penida The Travel Deck

The pool is created when the ocean is lower than the rock formation. Thus, you will need to check the tidal times and be here at low tide. Coming here at high tide all you’ll have is the waves breaking over the ledge of the pool. 

Best time to visit Angel’s Billabong is early morning, while everyone is still having breakfast. Remember, this is a popular attraction. 

Getting here later on you will most likely share the supposedly magical experience with a hoard of tourists. 

But there is a catch. The pool is created when the tide is lower than rocks separating it from the ocean. During high tide all you will have is the waves breaking over the rocks. 

As tides change every day, coming here early morning isn’t always an option.

Angels Billabong Nusa Penida The Travel Deck

Stay Safe

Due to lack of information and safety precautions, Angel’s Billabong has over the years claimed lives. The tranquility of the pool soon changes when freak waves come out of nowhere. Unknowing, people have been swept from the pool and into the ocean or smashed against the rocks. 

The temptation to take a dip is obviously the first thing that comes to mind, but isn’t worth the risk. The pool is closed off, just by a small barrier. And signs have been set up warning visitors of the danger.

We were cautious and skipped swimming in the pool. But if you insist, do some research before, may be asking a local there is your best bet.

Good To Know

Since Nusa Penida’s tourist boom, places to eat, drink or simply chill out have popped up just about anywhere. Angel’s Billabong is no exception. Expect to find eateries and snack shops dotted all along the paths. The best place would be up near the parking lot. This restaurant is set high up on the cliffs and offers a great ocean view.

If coming early don’t expect anywhere to be open so consider bringing some water. Along with water, we always take some snacks and a bottled cold coffee. Great for early mornings when I don’t find my coffee fix.

Angel’s Billabong on Map

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