Ingkumhan Falls is an off the beaten path waterfall surrounded in jungle and rice fields just a short ride inland from Bohol’s South Coast. Surprisingly, not many tourists venture to this spot that can easily be reached from the tourist area on Panglao.

Jacqueline in the blue pool


Ingkumhan Falls are in the Dimiao region on Bohol island in the Philippines. From Panglao island, (the main tourist area on Bohol) cruise along the coast heading East for around 1 hour. When you reach Dimiao town, you will need to keep to the left at the intersection. From here you will be heading inland and the entrance to the fall will be 10 minutes further uphill.

If you use Google.Maps, the directions are correct. However, lookout for signs when you have almost reached your final destination. The directions on google.maps are slightly off track and don’t lead to the exact spot. Therefore it is best to follow street signs when you are in the area of Ingkumhan Falls.

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The signs leading the way to Ingkumhan Falls

Scooters and Tours

Ingkumhan Falls isn’t one of Bohol’s top attractions and isn’t usually included in the day tours you will find on the island. That also means you won’t come across loads of guided tours like you will find at the Chocolate Hills or Tarsiers Sanctuary. As a matter of fact, we had the entire waterfall, pool and tarzan swing to ourselves for at least 1 hour.

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The most common way of exploring Bohol’s ‘hidden’ spots is to rent a scooter. This way you can cruise around freely and plan out your day at your own pace. 

Most of the streets in Bohol are in good shape. Even in Bohol’s countryside we found that 90% of the roads were relatively good.

You can easily rent a scooter either at the port in Tagbilaran or when you arrive in Panglao. At the port is where the best offers are and you will literally be bombarded with offers while you make your way out of the port gates.

Scooters range in price depending on rental store, bike condition and other factors. However, prices are usually in the 400-500 pesos ($8-$10) region for a 24 hour rental. But if you keep the bike for more than a day, you should negotiate a better price.

Walking down to the fall
The trail down to the fall


It is over an hour drive from Panglao to Ingkumhan Falls. Therefore, it would make sense to include other spots. 

Pahangog Falls is a waterfall you should consider adding into a day itinerary. The waterfall is a 10 minute ride away from Ingkumhan Falls. When you arrive at the parking area at Pahangog Falls, there is an easy 10 minute hike through the trees which eventually opens up onto a vibrant blue pool and a twin cascade.

Dam-Agan is another waterfall you could include. It is close by however we only found out about this waterfall after leaving Bohol. So we can’t say what to expect.

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Considering we had a ride of over 1 hour, we decided to include Pahangog Falls into our day since both waterfalls are in the same area. But the 10 minute ride between the two falls soon turned into 30 minutes cruising along empty streets surrounded in jungle when Google.Maps lead us in the wrong direction. Actually it was quite fun cruising around the empty streets.

At some point a family was passing by and offered to show the way to Ingkumhan Falls which was somewhere along their.

We had actually passed by the place but hadn’t seen the signs along the street.

There is a narrow street that opens up and overlooks rice fields dotted with coconut trees and closed off with mountains covered in a tropical landscape. At the very end there is a parking area and the jumping off point to Ingkumhan Falls. 

We paid a 20 pesos ($0.40) parking fee and left our scooter in the safe hands of a few locals. And a guide came along with us. Like many other waterfalls and tourist spots in the Philippines, there isn’t really a need for a guide here.

From the parking area there is a 10 minute downhill trail leading to the fall which is almost completely enclosed with trees.

Jacqueline posing with a leaf in the pool

Beside a tarzan swing over the pool there are 2 cliff jumps. One from on the rocks and another further up off a branch of a tree. Although our guide did jump it seem quite shallow. 

The cliff jump at Ingkumhan falls

Even though we didn’t cliff jump or hang from the swing, Ingkumhan Falls was probably our favourite waterfall or maybe it was just the stunning setting.

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