The contrasting colors of tropical trees and a vibrant blue pool is one of the reasons why Pahangog Falls is an amazing cascade in Bohol, the Philippines. Considering it is a double cascade surrounded in raw beauty should be enough to get anyone enticed.

A sat in the possible place staring at the cascade surrounded in a natural landscape


Pahangog Falls is in the Dimiao Region in the Southern part of Bohol. If you stay in Panglao which is where most tourist have their accommodation, it will be roughly a 1 hour 20 minute ride.

Most tourists stay in Panglao for a reason. Mainly because it is the island’s main tourist area and you will find some of the best hotels, resorts and hostels and loads of western style restaurants along with local eateries.

Searching for ways to reach Bohol? The process is straightforward. You can get to Bohol with ferries or fast crafts from some of the most interesting islands in south Philippines. Click here for a detailed guide.

If you are an adventurous traveller, the best way to get to Pahangog Falls and around the island is by scooter. There are various rental stores on Panglao island so you can rent your bike once you get there.

The asphalt road eventually turned into a dirt path only accessible by scooter

Another option is to rent your scooter when you get off the ferry in Tagbilaran. On your way out of the ferry terminal you will probably be bombarded with scooter rental offers from the local rental store owners. The starting price for a scooter rental is usually around 500 pesos ($10) but you should barter your way down especially if you keep the bike for more than 24 hours.

Pahangog Falls can also be booked as a tour. The tours we found on offer focus on attractions in the same area and don’t include the Chocolate Hills or the Tarsier Sanctuary.

There is a raw dirt trail leading down to the waterfall


I have included the map below with the exact location of Pahangog Falls.

You can click on the view larger map in the top left corner and hit directions at the bottom of your screen. This will give you live directions from your location whichever part of Bohol you are at.

A black board with entrance fee price


It is over an hour drive from Panglao to Pahangog Falls. Therefore, it would make sense to include other spots. 

Within 10 minutes you could ride over to Ingkumhan Falls. It is yet a picturesque place with a tarzan swing and even a great cliff jump out of the trees.

Dam-Agan is another waterfall you could include. It is close by however we only found out about this waterfall after leaving Bohol.

BOHOL ITINERARY: Bohol is a large island offering loads of interesting things to do besides the Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers. You can check our guide for a detailed 3 day or 5 day Bohol itinerary. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL GUIDE. 

Pahangog Falls is a double cascade


The route from Panglao to Pahangog Falls is an interesting ride along Bohol’s South coast and a ride further inland. 

Once we were off Bohol’s main road, the journey followed along the raw beauty of a tropical scene and loads of palm trees and coconut trees.

It is a relatively straight forward ride however, as you get closer to Pahangog, the paved road will get narrower until you are riding on a small dirt road surrounded in jungle. But after all, this is the actual way to get there.

At the very end of the dirt road there is a small parking area and a sign pointing to a trail.

Pahangog Falls is an off the beaten path destination and hasn’t been catered for the masses. There are a few concrete stairs on the way down but beside that, it is mostly path in the soil. A pair of closed shoes would be a good idea.

At a certain point the trail down ends and opens up onto a stream of water and a bamboo bridge making its way over a vibrant blue pool.

A makeshift bamboo bridge for visitors to cross over
Jacqueline had to take a dip even if the day had yet to heat up.

It wasn’t that hot, and it was still too early for the sun to make its way over the pool. Yet, the setting and beauty of this place are tempting. Even in these circumstances Jacqueline couldn’t resist and took the plunge.

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