Up in the mountains of Danao in central Bohol there is a viewpoint aptly known as Bohol Sea of Clouds, or Mt. Puntaas. With a viewing area over rice terraces tumbling down into the clouds and an epic ride along Bohol’s countryside sprawling with nature, viewpoints won’t get better than this!

We were both stoked with the view of rice terraces tumbling into the clouds at the sea of clouds bohol

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Before I get started on the logistics of getting to Bohol Sea of Clouds in the Danao region, you should know where most tourists in Bohol spend their nights. 

This will give a better perspective of where you will probably stay and an orientation on where you will be heading.

About 90% of tourists in Bohol book their accommodation on Panglao. This isn’t actually an area but rather a separate island. Panglao is an island in South West Bohol and a bridge connects the two islands together.

Most tourists stay on Panglao for various reasons. But mainly it comes down to the broad choice of lodging options, western restaurants and tropical beaches.

Here are some of the best accommodation options on Panglao.

Alona Austria Resort – This property is the best rated option on Bohol. Alona Austria is very clean, centrally located and a budget friendly option.  

Bird of Paradise – Having a cool design, Bird of Paradise is a good value for money option with exceptionally clean rooms and a central location.

Check all accommodation options on Bohol here.

After clicking on the link, you can choose to only be shown options located on Panglao by ticking the box under ‘Neighbourhood’ next to Panglao Island.

There is another stay option, that is, to have your accommodation as close to the Sea of Clouds as possible.

Villa Del Carmen Haven Bohol is the closest option we found with a good rating. But still an hour drive away from the Sea of Clouds. Though it is only a 14 minute drive from the Chocolate Hills. This wooden villa is surrounded by lush jungle, has lovely views of Bohol’s countryside and serves deliciously good food on site. 

Check price of Villa Del Carmen Haven Bohol here.

Literally there was a sea of clouds!


Bohol Sea of Clouds is in the Danao Region in the highlands of central Bohol. It is roughly a 2 hour drive from Panglao island. 

It takes 30 minutes to ride from Panglao island over the bridge and through Tagbilaran City. The remaining 1.5 hours drive is a pleasant cruise along Bohol’s countryside. The ride is nothing short of amazing. 

As you cruise along Bohol’s highlands, you will be engulfed with raw landscapes, tumbling rice fields and farmland.

The ride itself is probably a good enough reason for many to be enticed.

Once you reach the highest point of the mountain, there is a dirt road on your right. Drive for about 100 metres and park your scooter. You may be asked to pay a small parking fee.

The viewpoint is a further 100 metre easy trek up hill and from there you can wander to other peaks. You will see the trails along the ridges above loads of rice terraces.

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A trail leads to other nearby viewpoints at danao sea of clouds


Bohol Sea of Clouds isn’t included in the popular day tours. This activity is usually done D.I.Y either by scooter or hire car.

We rented a scooter and did the ride before the sun came up. It isn’t a ride for the fainthearted since most of the ride will be along pitch black streets in the middle of nowhere.

However, if you opt to go during the day, it is a straightforward ride. All the way from Panglao to Mt. Puntaas, the streets are paved and in good condition and most of the way you will probably be the only one cruising along deserted streets.

Scooters can be rented when you arrive at Tagbilaran ferry terminal or from Panglao island. In both areas there are loads of rental stores. 

Scooters usually cost between 400/500 pesos ($8/$10) for a 24 hour rental. But you will get a discount for longer rentals.

Another option is a car hire with driver. With this hassle free option you make your own itinerary while transport is taken care of by someone else.

Check prices (which are very affordable) for car hire with driver here.

You can choose to hire care with driver for 4 or 8 hours and get either a car or van.

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I have included the map below with the exact location of Bohol Sea of Clouds (Mt. Puntaas).

You can click on the map to get live directions from your location, whichever part of Bohol you are at, to Mt. Puntaas.

Map showing the exact location of Bohol sea of clouds


It would be a good idea to include other tourist spots that are in some way on the same route to the Bohol Sea of Clouds. 

There is a route that passes by Bohol’s Chocolate Hills. Just know that this is a longer alternative and in total it will take 2.5 hours to get to Mt. Puntaas where if you take the shorter route would be 2 hours.

From Panglao to the Chocolate Hills it takes 1.5 hours and a further 1 hour to Mt. Puntaas.

views at the sea of clouds in bohol which look over rice fields carved into a valley beneath

If you get an early start, you could also include Mag-Aso Falls on your way back. Mag-Aso Falls is an off the beaten path waterfall nestled in the middle of the jungle. The trail down to the fall is only 15 minutes so isn’t that challenging.

If you include the Chocolate Hills and Mag-Aso Falls along with Mt. Puntaas, the total travel time will be around 5 hours. But apart from a sore bum, I can guarantee it is worth the challenge. And you will be rewarded with 2 amazing viewpoints, a picturesque waterfall and an epic ride among Bohol’s untouched countryside.

Bohol is a large island offering loads of interesting things to do besides the Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers. You can check our guide for a detailed 3 day or 5 day Bohol itinerary.CLICK HERE FOR A 3 DAY 0R 5 DAY BOHOL ITINERARY.


Mt. Puntaas or Bohol Sea of Clouds is in a region about 1 hour drive from The Chocolate Hills which is the nearest tourist attraction. It is a place you have to be going to specifically for the view from Mt. Puntaas and not somehow just be passing by.

We had already been to the Chocolate Hills for sunrise and rode a small part of the ride in the dark. However, we didn’t quite get there in time to see the sun rising over the horizon.

We planned on getting to Mt. Puntaas for sunrise and this time we didn’t take any chances! At 3:30am we cruised along deserted streets on Panglao, through Tagbilaran City and into Bohol’s remote countryside and highlands. 

It isn’t a ride for the fainthearted with most of journey through isolated regions and no street lights we were almost in complete darkness.

At some point the day started to brighten up. We were engulfed by the mist of the highlands and on either side there was rice fields and farmland tumbling down.

We reached Mt. Puntaas exactly before the sun came up. There is a parking area at the foot of a short trail up the mountain which leads to the main viewpoints. And there are multiple spots worth wandering off to all around.

the views at the sea of clouds in danao bohol of rice terraces and mountains tumbling into a valley

The views from Mt. Puntaas are spectacular. We were looking over rice terraces carved out of a valley beneath us surrounded in mountains and peaks poking out of a sky entirely covered in clouds.

I don’t think there is any better way than this to start off the day.

The mountains at bohol sea of clouds which are cultivated by the local farmers

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    This post contains links to products and services that we may be compensated for, at no extra cost to you.

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