Can-Umantad waterfall is a towering cascade in the Candijay region in East Bohol. This waterfall is set in one of Bohol’s most stunning regions and makes its way along rice fields carved into a mountain above, and below is a blue pool.

In the pool beneath the towering cascade


From the main tourist area in Panglao, Can-Umantad falls is a 2.5 hour drive along central Bohol’s tropical landscape. Or a 2 hour 45 minute coastal drive. 

It is a long drive from Panglao to Can-Umantad Falls so it wouldn’t make much sense to drive all the way back in a single day. 

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Instead of driving back and spending most of the day on the road, consider spending a night or 2 in the area. There is a seaside village named Anda about 1 hour drive from Can-Umantad and the Candijay region. Anda is the main tourist area in East Bohol and has a few accommodations and a handful of surprisingly good western restaurants.

Our guide leading the way to the fall


We rode our scooter from Panglao and the final destination was a sea side village named Anda in East Bohol. 

Instead of riding directly to East Bohol, we made a deviation into central Bohol. Along the way we stopped for an epic sunrise at Mt.Puntaas a.k.a Bohol Sea of Clouds, cruised along cultivated and tropical lands, wandered through the Cadapdapan Rice terraces and chilled in the pool below Can-Umantad Falls.


Below is a map with the exact location of Can-Umantad Falls. You can click on the image for live directions from your location to Can-Umantad Falls.

map showing route from panglao to can umantad waterfall in bohol


When you arrive in Bohol there are 2 places where you can rent a scooter. If you come by ferry, the main port is Tagbilaran. This is where most tourists will first set foot on the island and there are loads of scooter rental stores on your way out of the port.

As you make your way out of the port, you will literally be bombarded with offers. You can easily rent a scooter from the port and drive for around 30 minutes to the tourist area on Panglao.

Another option is to rent once you arrive in Panglao. However, prices in Panglao are slightly higher.

Scooter rentals cost around 400 to 500 pesos ($8-10) depending on where you rent. Usually from Tagbilaran you can arrange a good deal due to all the competition.

We rented a scooter for 10 days at Tagbilaran Port and got a good deal paying 300 pesos ($6) per day.

Bohol is a large island offering loads of interesting things to do besides the Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers. You can check our guide for a detailed 3 day or 5 day Bohol itinerary. CLICK HERE FOR A 3 DAY 0R 5 DAY BOHOL ITINERARY.

On the way to Can-Umantad Falls
On the way to Can-Umantad Falls


Can-Umantad falls and the Candijay Region are set in one of the most stunning landscapes of Bohol. But for some reason don’t get much attention. Most tours include the Chocolate Hills, Tarsiers Sanctuary and waterfalls close to Panglao.

But some operators offer a full day trip to East Bohol and the Candijay region. Considering the long ride, booking a tour is probably the best and safest option.

There are various tour operators online which offer the Can-Umantad and Candijay regional tour in their schedule. 

Tours cost around ($30) and will include pick up and drop off at your hotel, driver, and some also offer a buffet lunch.

The cascade nestled in the jungle


We arrived at Can-Umantad Falls at around 10:00. It was still quite early and probably most tourists would still be at their hotel having breakfast. We had left our hostel at 3:00am, skipped breakfast and cruised all the way from Panglao to Mt. Puntaas, about 2 hours drive from our hostel.

Our reward was looking over, literally a sea of clouds and probably Bohol’s best sunrise spot.

I thought I should include this place because it makes for a great stop along the way from Panglao.

Can-Umantad Falls through the trees

Near the entrance to Can-Umantad Falls there is a small parking area and a small booth where we paid a 20 pesos ($0.40) entrance.

For some reason a guide came with us which is strange because the path is obvious and is mostly paved. Along the way our guide showed us a few other pools and a small cliff jump into bright blue pool.

Like I said, a guide probably isn’t obligatory but it would be nice to help the local community by offering a small tip. 

A second pool and cliff jump before reaching the cascade

Can-Umantad is straight ahead, about 5 minutes from the main entrance. We placed our bags near the pool below the cascade. Before our guide left, she warned us not to climb up to the first tier. This is where the cascade first crashes down onto a flat rock and makes its way to the pool. 

We spent a good 1 hour just cooling off and chilling our sore bums after half the day riding a scooter.

There are a couple of other spots worth checking out while you are at Can-Umantad Falls. If you walk back from the entry point there is an easy cliff jump of about 3 metres and you will see other smaller pools on the way. 

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