Camugao Falls is in the Balilihan region on Bohol island in the Philippines. The towering cascade is unlike any other we came across on our 10 day adventure. There is a trail down through a canyon that opens up onto a vibrant blue pool and a waterfall plunging from above towering cliffs.

The cascade drops from high above the cliff


Camugao Falls is in the Balilihan region in West Bohol and is a 1 hour drive from the main tourists area on Panglao.

Panglao is an island in South West Bohol. (A bridge connects Panglao to mainland Bohol). Most tourists will stay on Panglao since it is where their is the largest concentration of Hotels, Resorts, guesthouses and hostels. There is also loads of western restaurants on Panglao. 

The ride from Panglao to Camugao Falls takes around 1 hour. It is a straightforward ride mostly through Bohol’s countryside.

Camugao Falls isn’t listed on Google.Maps but we have pinned the exact location in the map below. Or you can also use an app named Maps.Me where you will find Camugao Falls listed. Maps.Me is an app that also works offline which is very handy especially in remote areas. 

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We rode from Panglao to Camugao Falls on a scooter and the streets were paved and in good condition. But you could also get their by car.

For those who prefer a tour, you will have to look around since Camugao isn’t usually part of a tour itinerary. Another option is to rent a car with driver. Basically, this option is similar to a tour but may work out more expensive. But on the flip side, you will be in a smaller group.


I have included the map below with the exact location to Camugao Falls. Google hasn’t listed this waterfall on their system.

You can click on the view larger map in the left right corner and hit directions at the bottom of your screen. This will give you live directions from your location whichever part of Bohol you are at.


Either close to Camugao Falls or on your way there, there are a number of other tourist attractions and waterfalls worth adding into your day itinerary.

Bohol’s Tarsier Sanctuary is one of the island’s most popular tourist spots. On your way to Camugao Falls, the sanctuary is an 8 minute deviation off your route.

Instead of heading straight back to your Hotel, ride through the countryside and check out Mag-Aso Falls. It will take around 30 minutes to get there from Camugao Falls. However, the ride back to Panglao will still be 1 hour. 

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The trail down into the valley eventually leads to the cascade
The cascade and the pool below


We rode our scooter from Panglao up to Mag-Aso falls and after to Camugao Falls. It is a 30 minute ride between the two falls and all the way we didn’t find a single bump in the road. Quite impressive to be honest.

While riding in the Philippines, you can never tell what you will run into along the journey. A group of wild turkeys were just strolling in the middle of street with scooters dodging them on the way. I never knew turkeys would be aggressive but they did try and make a move towards us when we stopped to photograph them.

There is a small parking area at the top of the cascade and a ticket booth oddly positioned with half the structure poking out of a cliff. 

From the top, you can’t really see much of the waterfall. This is a waterfall you really have to admire from its foot by trekking down into a valley and up to the actual cascade.

The vibrant blue pool at the end of a valley covered in jungle

There is a path along the cliffs and down into the valley over stairs carved out of the land. And a few openings in the trees offer a glimpse of the towering cascade. 

It is an easy 15 minute trek down that will eventually open from the valley onto cliffs wrapping half way around a vibrant blue pool in the centre.

Camugao falls and pool

We were here in February and the cascade wasn’t that powerful. And the pool wasn’t that clean due a small amount of water making its way through.

We were told that shortly after the rainy season, Camugao will be smashing its way down into the pool which will also mean the water would be much more tempting and clean.

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