On Bohol island in the Philippines there is a region home to the Cadapdapan Rice Terraces that sit right above a cliff where a waterfall flows. The terraces are carved into the mountains North of a seaside village named Anda.

Cadapdapan Rice Terraces are in East Bohol in a region known as Candijay. While 90% of tourists stay on Panglao island in the West of Bohol and where most popular tourist attractions are found, East Bohol offers a unique adventure in a part of the island that hasn’t been overly influenced by tourism.

We drove our scooter to east bohol. And although the ride should take around 2 hours, we started the day at 3am to reach sunrise from a peak known as the Sea of Clouds or Mt. Puntaas and followed with a full day of adventure.

There is a hill in the middle of the terraces that looks like a little chocolate hill.


From Panglao island, which is the island’s main tourist area and is connected to mainland Bohol by a bridge, the Cadapdapan Rice Terraces are a 114km ride that takes around 2.5 hours.

The rice terraces can easily be found on google maps and the directions are correct. But as you get closer to the terraces there are a number of dirt roads.

The roads aren’t necessarily dangerous as long as it hasn’t been raining. But rather some parts are soil and grit roads with loads of bumps which will probably be slippy after rainfall.

On our last visit, a lot of the roads leading to the Candijay area where getting a serious upgrade. I’m not sure how much of the road was to made in asphalt or concrete but seemed like all the way to the Cadapdapan Rice Terraces and Can-Umantad Falls was getting a new surface.

If you are coming from Anda, East Bohol’s main tourist area, or are going back there to spend the night, the ride is around 1 hour. 

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Cadapdapan Rice Terraces On Map

The map below is the exact locations of Cadapdapan Rice Terraces. If you are already in Bohol and are using a mobile device you can click ‘VIEW LARGER MAP’ and once another window opens, hit direction in the bottom left corner. You will get live direc=tions from your location to the terraces. 



Scooter are always our go to option while exploring the Philippines. A scooter is convenient, cheap and you get to see everything in a whole different perspective than if travelling by car.

Scooters can easily be found for rental on Panglao island. Also, at the port in Tagbilaran you will get bombarded with offers from various rental operators. That’s another option.

The average price for a scooter is 400pesos ($8) which varies from rental shops and how long you keep the bike.


Another option is a hire car+driver. The best way would be to negotiate a price and for a whole day trip around the island. A hire car won’t be the cheapest option. But if you are travelling in a group you can share the cost.

We didn’t use this option but usually a hire car with driver costs around 3000pesos ($60) for 8 hours.

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Although a bus trip between East and West Bohol isn’t the most convenient option and will take well over 2 hours, it is the cheapest.

Buses depart to Anda from the Integrated bus terminal in Tagbilaran every hour. A ticket costs 130pesos ($2.60).


The day we went to Cadapdapan Rice Terraces was the biggest and most amazing adventure we did in Bohol.

Instead of riding our scooter directly from Panglao island to Anda, we decided to take a deviation into central Bohol and included what we believe is the most spectacular sunrise viewpoint on the island. 

This was after we had been to Chocolate Hills on the previous day and weren’t that impressed.

The sunrise spot is Mt.Puntaas a.k.a Bohol Sea of Clouds and is a peak which as the name implies really sits above the clouds. And also looks over beautiful rice fields carved into the hills below. 

A combination of dirt roads, asphalt roads and even off roads make up the 44km distance between Mt. Puntaas and the Candijay region home to Cadapdapan Rice Terraces and Can-Umantad Falls.  

Due to the road infrastructure, the 44km ride took us almost 3 hours. However, along the way we were rewarded with scenes of rice fields, bumpy roads surrounded in jungle and we even managed to stop for a Milo in a rural village.

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The terraces
Tumbling rice fields


After cruising along central Bohol’s farmland, rice fields, rural villages and interesting and bumpy roads, we finally reached the Candijay Region. We started off from Can-Umantad waterfall and made our way up to the Cadapdapan Rice Terraces around mid day.

Before reaching the rice terraces, there is a tent where you will pay an entrance fee of 30 pesos ($.60). From this point on there are various viewpoints along the terraces and there is even a small hill similar to a single chocolate hill.

The water system feeding the fields. A narrow concrete trench all along the fields

But the main area to look over the terraces is at a restaurant at the end of the path. You can sit at the restaurant and buy something the eat or drink and enjoy the view looking down over the fields. 

If you have come all the way to East Bohol you have probably heard of Can-Umantad waterfall. I have mentioned this tourist spot in this post further up. Can-Umantad is a stunning cascade that makes its way somewhere along the Cadapdapan Rice fields. And as it turns out you can actually hike down to the fall with the trail starting near the restaurant.

A carabao resting in the middle of the fields

We didn’t do this hike because we had already been to the fall before getting to the terraces. But it would of been good to know so keep that in mind when visiting the Candijay region.

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