Tibumana Waterfall – Our Favorite Fall in Bali

Hidden away in the jungle East of Ubud is Tibumana Waterfall. A spread out curtain of water dropping from a ledge out of the jungle and into a huge pool. 

Exploring waterfalls is definitely one of the best things to do on your Bali holiday which is easy given the number of falls. However, finding a stunning fall that is relatively still a secret is quite a challenge. 

Luckily, Tibumana is one of Bali’s waterfalls that has not gained much attention. And is surprisingly one of the most stunning. If you’re exploring Bali waterfalls and want an amazing fall but not the crowd, add Tibumana to your Bali itinerary.

Tibumana waterfall and pool surrounded by jungle and cliffs

Here is all you need to know about Tibumana Waterfall Bali:

  • How to get to Tibumana Waterfall
  • Entrance fee
  • Tibumana Waterfall
  • The Secret & Mysterious Path
  • Other Waterfalls near Tibumana & a Day Trip Itinerary

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How to Get To Tibumana Waterfall

If you are staying in Ubud, Tibumana is around 45 minutes from the centre. From Kuta, Canggu or Denpasar, the ride is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes. 

Making your way to Tibumana waterfall is an interesting ride along Bali’s inland beautiful landscape.

Best way for getting around Bali is either by scooter or a hire car with driver.

By scooter

Scooters cost around 50k IDR (€3.20) per day and allow you to go around at your own pace. You’ll be amazed at how much more nature you soak in while riding around the fresh jungle breeze.

Car hire & driver

If you’re not comfortable riding your own two wheels, then a hire car with a driver is the best option. Hire cars cost around 500k IDR (€32) for 8 hours. With a hire car you can still go around at your own pace. But, you’ll need to plan your day ahead.

As you get closer to Tibumana waterfall, the dense jungle will increasingly open up. Rice fields next to palm trees dominate the scene and you will get a peek into the villagers’ daily lives as they take care of their pretty, verdant fields.

the road along rice paddies and palm trees which leads to Tibumana waterfall entrance

Soon after is a ticket booth on the side of the road where you will pay the entrance fee. On the opposite side of the booth there is another fall, Taman Sari. We came here while construction of a secondary set of stairs was underway. Not such a large fall but definitely a secret and in a nice setting. 

If you want to get directly to Tibumana, once you’ve paid your ticket, make your way along the dotted palm tree street. The waterfall is around 10 minutes walk from the parking area. 

a Balinese at work in the rice fields close to Tibumana waterfall entrance

Entrance Fee

Entrance fee is 15k IDR (€1).

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Tibumana Waterfall

Once you get to the parking area there is a small shop before the stairs leading to Tibumana Waterfall. The shop overlooks the fields and will make for a nice break either before or after visiting the fall.

Down the stairs and along the paths through tropical plants and surrounding jungle, we spent quite some time taking photographs of the exotic plants. Some are weird and others are like an overgrown plant. 

the bridge surrounded by jungle & leading to Tibumana waterfall

Making our way forward, the gushing sound of water increased. The vegetation and plants opened up and we were hit by the fall set in one amazing setting. 

Must say, Tibumana Waterfall is one unique fall in a remarkable symmetrical surrounding. Jungle, on higher grounds wraps around a large turquoise pool. And making its way through lush vegetation, the flow of water spread out over a ledge creating a beautiful curtain of water that seems still. 

Just sit, watch and listen in this natural hideaway, it doesn’t get much better than this. Or even take a dip or swim in the pool which gets deep nearer to the fall.

Tibumana Waterfall and Jacqueline swimming to the cascading fall

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The Secret & Mysterious Path

If you have the time to spare, consider exploring the waterfall’s surrounding area. You may think there isn’t much else to the fall. Well, let me tell you, we spent at least 3 hours exploring the area.

Jacqueline along the path leading tp Tibumana waterfall surrounded by lush vegetation

On your way out, instead of heading up the stairs, follow the path straight ahead. Here you will come across streams of water and a small river.

the stream of water surrounding by palm trees and vegetation close to Tibumana waterfall

Cross the river and up the mysterious and abandoned path. 

Jacqueline by the stairs leading to the rock engravings in a jungle setting

When we came, not a sole was around and all we could hear was rustling in the vegetation and birds tweeting in the trees. 

The paved rocky stairs disappear further up in the trees. And made us wonder why everything is abandoned. 

Further along the stairs are intricate engravings carved into the rock face. The engravings of horses, warriors and spiritual images are covered in moss and will soon be taken over by vegetation. 

Rock engravings of Hindu figures close to Tibumana waterfall

Without a doubt, there is a story behind this place. Curious and eager to find out more, I made my way further into the jungle. Through vine tree bushes and loads of flora, I found the footing of a building. This must have been a spiritual place but has sadly been abandoned. 

Intrigued by all that we had come across, we decided to see where the stairs eventually lead. 

rock engravings covered in moss and vegetation near Tibumana waterfall

The stairs lead to higher grounds and overlook loads of rice terraces. 

We decided to go further in and this place just gave us more questions than answers. Directly in front of us was a huge house which was really odd to have such a building in a remote area. We couldn’t figure out what this building was but looked like some kind of accommodation. 

The path eventually lead us through charming Balinese houses. From here we started our 30 minutes walk back to our scooter.

the stairs covered in vegetation leading to the rock engravings near Tibumana waterfall

Other Waterfalls near Tibumana & a Day Plan

Start off your day from Kanto Lampo. Kanto Lampo is much more popular than Tibumana, thus, getting there early is a must if you want to beat the crowd. These 2 waterfalls are 15 minutes apart, by car/scooter and can easily be combined. 

Next, after Tibumana if you still want to see more waterfalls, make your way to Kuning

Kuning Waterfall is the least popular, hence why I left this for last. 

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