Gitgit TWIN Waterfall Bali – Complete Guide

Gitgit Twin Waterfall or Air Terjun Campuhan is a little hideaway fall nestled within the jungle in Northern Bali. The Gitgit area is literally a playground if you’re looking for some of the island’s majestic waterfalls. However, Gitgit Twin Waterfall isn’t one of the largest but is still equally unique. And in fact was one of our favorite. 

What makes Gitgit unique is the way in which the water flows. Two opposing falls shoot down from opposite directions which consequently form into a sole drop. The 2 falls drop down into a pool just the right size to take a dip and have some fun. Smaller pools are spread along the streams that feed a massive fall further down.

Gitgit Twin Waterfall and pool surrounded by cliffs and vegetation

Getting to Gitgit Twin Waterfall

Gitgit is a small area in Northern Bali, close to the charming village of Munduk and further north is the seaside destination Lovina. Pemuteran, a lesser known seaside village is 1 hour 45 minutes to the west. 

From the more popular towns of Ubud or Canggu, the drive to Gitgit will take around 2 hours. However, since north Bali offers loads of things to do, you should combine a few other attractions into a full day itinerary. I have created a list of other attractions you can include along the way (the list is further down). This will help you get the most out of your day.

Best way to get around Bali is by scooter. It’s cheap and you can go around at your own pace. A scooter will set you back 50k IDR (3.20 EUR) for a whole day.  

However, if you’re not confident riding a scooter but still want to plan out your own itinerary, opt for a hire car with a driver. This is basically a taxi but at a reasonable price. Expect to pay around 500k IDR (32 EUR) for 8 hours. 

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Gitgit Twin Waterfall or Air Terjun Campuhan

High up in the cooler mountains of north Bali and hidden away in lush jungle, Gitgit Twin Waterfall is increasingly getting known for the stunning way in which it flows. 

From the parking area, paths and stairs lead the way to the waterfall. A few market style shops are dotted at the start of the path. Then a trek of 10 minutes takes you through an interesting dense landscape right beside a valley.   

At some point the path splits. You will need to take the left side, this is where the twin fall is. Another path leads to a stunning look out over yet another fall.  

the path leading to Gitgit Twin waterfall along a stream of water and surrounded in lush vegetation

Given no one was around, we decided to head directly to the twin fall. Walking along the flowing water and natural pools we were finally facing the fall. Gitgit Twin Waterfall is relatively small if you compare it to Bali standards. But is still very interesting. The fall is tucked away at the end of the cliffs forming a small cave. Two falls drop out from different streams forming into one before crashing into the pool. 

Although the climate up here is cool and the day was still early, I couldn’t help but take a plunge into the pool. In fact the water was warmer than the air, so wasn’t that bad. 

Air Terjun Mekalongan

On your way out from Git Git Twin Waterfall, don’t forget to check out the nearby fall. 

Mekalongan waterfall is only a 5 minutes walk from the twin fall. I’m not sure if there is a way down to the foot of Mekalongan but the viewpoint will be enough. 

the view over Mekalongan waterfall which is a 5 minute walk from Gitgit Twin Waterfall

We came here to take a coffee in the only warung that was open. Dangling over the cliff, overlooking a colourful garden and a powerful fall. This is one of the most rewarding 10k IDR coffee’s you’ll get. 

Wandering further down into the pretty garden there are a few vantage points and a Bali swing. Although I’m not really into the Bali swing thing, I was really considering taking a go here. If you do try this swing, you’ll be flying directly over the valley with quite a plunge down. I guarantee this will be a thrilling experience.

Gitgit Waterfall

Around Gitgit there are multiple falls and you are bound to pass by a few while cruising around. We visited another fall in the area, Gitgit Waterfall, which is 5 minutes drive from the Twin fall. Unlike the Twin waterfall, Gitgit fall is a big dropping out of a high cliff.

Entrance Fee

The entrance fee to the Gitgit Twin Waterfall is 20k IDR (1.30 EUR). As with other touristic places you may come across some locals offering the service of a guide. You don’t need a guide. The trek is obvious and straight forward. And take note that the entrance fee is 20k IDR. Anyhow, if in doubt just ask to see the printed ticket and check the price. 

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Things to See & Do Along the Way

Northern Bali is littered with the most interesting of places on the island. Waterfalls are definitely one of the main draws. Also along the way from Ubud or Canggu is one of Bali’s iconic temples. 

Since you may be visiting Gitgit from Ubud, Canggu or somewhere else further South, I will list other places you can consider on your way to the waterfall.

If you’ll be coming here from Munduk, Lovina or Pemuteran do the list the other way round starting off with Gitgit Twin Waterfall.

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

On your way from Ubud or Canggu, take a deviation and head towards the Jatiluwih Rice terraces. These rice fields will without a doubt take your breath. Think Tegallalang but on a much larger scale. The rice fields go on and on. 

Jatiluwih aren’t directly on your route and the deviation will add 40 minutes to your trip. But I guarantee, these rice fields will blow you away.

Nungnung Waterfall

Another option is to add Nungnung Waterfall to your day trip. However, Jatiluwih Rice Terraces and Nungnung are both out of the way so you might want to choose just one. But if you still wish to add both then you can visit one on your way up and the other on your way back to Ubud or Canggu. Like this travelling will be less tiring.

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is located on the main road on your way to Gitgit Twin waterfall. The main draw to Ulun Danu is a beautiful temple seemingly floating in the Bratan lake. 

Handara Bali Gate

Handara Bali Gate is one of the latest addition to the Instagram world which is all so popular in Bali. The tall picturesque gate is approximately 5 minutes away from Pura Ulun Danu. The Handara Gate Bali is the entrance to a golf course. Since the place has become an instagram favourite, a fee is applied if you want to take any photographs. 

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