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Montpellier waterfall isn’t a well known tourist attraction in South Cebu and makes for a great escape away from the crowds at Kawasan Falls. Although not a popular tourist spot, Montpellier waterfall is stunning!!

It takes around 1 hour to cruise down to Montpellier waterfall from Moalboal. However, you can include this tourist spot on your way back from Osmeña Peak or after Kawasan Falls canyoneering.

A 15 minute hike among coconut trees, chickens and a few pigs of the locals that live here, leads to Montpellier. The entrance is free, but you can always buy a coconut from the family living here and watch them climb up the tree for fresh coconuts.

Montpellier waterfall is our favourite waterfall in Cebu so far. The whole place was to ourselves, the pool is clean and the hike is easy and instead of an entrance fee we contributed by buying coconuts from the local living in this amazing location.

Just posing in front of Montpellier Waterfall while the water cascades from high above

Where is Montpellier Waterfall

Montpellier Waterfall is almost a 1 hour drive South of Moalboal and further South of Kawasan Falls. If you are already at Kawasan Falls, it should take about 30 minutes to reach Montpellier.

If you are using Google.maps, Montpellier waterfall is marked, but the location isn’t correct. Before reaching the point on Google.maps, you will see a bright wall on a sharp bend with Montpellier waterfall painted on it, if you come from Moalboal or Kawasan Falls.

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We came in the opposite direction and were on our way back to Moalboal from Osmeña Peak. If you choose this route, you will need to cruise downhill for 5 minutes until you see the painted wall.

Below is a map with the exact location of Montpellier waterfall’s main entry. The map will give you orientation on where the fall is located compared to Moalboal (B) and Cebu City (A).

How to Get to Montpellier Waterfall

There are a few ways of getting to Montpellier waterfall in Alegria. The most popular way of exploring the tourist spots in South Cebu is by scooter. But you have the option of using either a habal-habal or a hire car.


Hiring a scooter for a few days while you are in Cebu is a convenient and cheap way of getting to all the surrounding tourist attractions, waterfalls and viewpoints. Scooters cost around 400 Pesos ($8) for a single day. If you keep the bike longer you can settle on a good price. We rented a scooter for a week and paid 300 Pesos ($6) per day.


A habal-habal is basically a motorbike with an extension on the back. Habal-habal is a popular mode of transport in the Philippines and is good for 2 extra persons besides your driver. Habal-habals usually cost about 200 Pesos ($4) per hour. This price includes driver and fuel costs.

Hire car

If you are in a group you can share the cost of a hire car. A hire car costs between 2500 Pesos ($50) and 3000 pesos ($60) for a whole day (8hours). The cost usually includes fuel and driver.

Montpellier waterfall is surrounded in tropical jungle and plunges from high above into a pool

Hike to Montpellier Falls

From the Montpellier Falls’ sign painted on the wall to the actual waterfall there is a short 15 minute hike. Actually, I wouldn’t consider this a hike or trek, it is more a walk among loads of coconut trees and chickens and some piglets in the backyard of a family that lives here.

A local came to greet us and asked if we wanted a guide but also said it only takes 15 minutes to reach the fall. So we decided to carry on by ourselves.

The trail is straightforward and there is just one path. After a few minutes we came to the sweet abode of this local surrounded by loads of coconuts. And through the trees, views of the not so distant west coast of Cebu. 

We bought a coconut from the family that lives in the jungle near Montpellier waterfall, the guy just climbed up the tree and cut the coconuts
On the way to the fall we came across chickens and dogs and there was a few piglets running around

A short walk and the view completely opened up looking over a dense jungle all the way to the emerald ocean. And we could hear the fall crashing down right after a bridge.

Walking the 15 minute trail to montpellier waterfall

Montpellier waterfall is high!! The cascade runs down a natural slide from above and cascades through the foliage plunging onto a huge boulder in an emerald pool.

That is definitely a reason why Montpellier enticed us both. And as it happens, for the entire time while we swam up to the boulder and went under the cascade and chilled out surrounded in jungle, this amazing waterfall was all to ourselves!! 

On our way out, the local living in the area asked if we wanted a coconut. So we both decided, why not, after all we can contribute this way. So he quickly ran up the coconut tree and chopped off what was obviously a fresh coconut. 

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