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If you’re serious about adding an entire day of activities while you’re in Bandung, then take a look at Curug Cisanca. This cascade, which has yet to gain much attention ended up offering us one surprising full day [and night] interesting activity.

It is one of the best places you could ever add to your Bandung or even Lembang itinerary.

Nestled in the jungle at the end of a charming village named Subang, Curug Cisanca is, not one but, a triple cascade that plunges down in a waterhole before flowing down a stream of water. This pretty tourist spot is located on the island of Java – Indonesia and is close to Bandung City and Lembang.

Not only is Cisanca waterfall a stunning cascade and one of the best things to do near Bandung, but surprisingly it is still one of the underrated activities that are close to the city.

For instance, we spent over an hour near the fall and swimming in the waterhole and not a soul came.

So if you want to visit a tourist spot while avoiding the crowds, make sure to add Curug Cisanca to your Bandung itinerary.

The cascade captured by taking the image from behind the bamboo trees hiding away the waterfall

In this guide, I will explain a few other things that you should know. Because this waterfall that not too many people know about has a lot more to offer than you could imagine.


One of the highlights, when you visit Curug Cisanca, is the charming neighborhoods that you pass through before getting there.

The waterfall is located in the Subang region in the north of Bandung on Java island – Indonesia. For a better perspective, if you stay in Bandung, you’ll be looking at around 1 hour 30 minutes drive North from the City center. 

But if you stay in the cooler climate of Lembang you’d be just a 45-minute ride away. 

The truth is, when you’re heading to a place like Curug Cisanca, you never know what to expect. Because there is little information about the place and there are not so many reviews for you to understand what that place really offers or what other people’s thoughts about the place are. 

The 3 cascades at Cisanca Waterfall plunging into the pool below

Like for example if the route on google maps is correct.

If you like doing things that are off the common tourist trail, you probably know how google maps can take you on some crazy rides. Only to realize after getting there that there was a much better way.

Fortunately, we can personally say the location and route on google maps are accurate. So you don’t need to worry much there.

And keep this in mind if you intend using a scooter.

If you’re going with a scooter and set google maps to the motorbike option, the directions will take you on an interesting ride along the farmlands.

Although interesting, the motorbike route is pretty darn challenging.

The motorbike option on Google Maps will take you through narrow streets along the farmland. These streets aren’t well-maintained and you’ll be constantly dodging potholes while going down a steep downhill road.

And along the way you need to watch out for the potholes, chickens jumping out of nowhere, oncoming motorbikes, and some parts also very slippery.

We unknowingly took this route and somewhere along the way we slipped. I’m not sure how we managed not to fall into the fields below but I did end up twisting my hip bone to avoid falling down.

So instead of setting the route on the motorbike option, use the car option. The route by car mode is a bit longer but is a normal road rather than a road fit for a dirtbike.

Whichever option you choose to take, I can personally confirm that the directions are correct.

Once you arrive, there is a parking area for scooters and cars.

And from the parking area, you’ll need to take a trail in the jungle, down some bamboo stairs, and through an isolated homestay to eventually reach the cascade.

If that sounds like a lot, don’t worry because it’s an easy walk and should only take about 10 minutes to reach the cascade.

The trail along the jungle on one side and a chilli pepper plantation on the other
Jacqueline walking up a raw flight of stairs carved out of the soil and bamboo steps and a bamboo railing


The entrance fee to enter the waterfall area is IDR 10,000. The ticket is paid for in a small booth near the homestay, that is where you need to pay the ticket.

There are also parking fees which I will list because the fee will depend on the vehicle.

Bicycle:         IDR 3000

Motorbike:     IDR 5000

Car:            IDR 10.000


Curug Cisanca isn’t just a pretty waterfall that you should visit while in Bandung. But is rather a complete package of activities which I truly suggest you check out if you want something interesting to do.

The cascade is located at the end of a 10 to 15-minute trail inside the jungle. So you will feel somehow in the middle of nowhere.

And here, a local family has decided to maintain the whole area and offers a few fun activities. For instance, you can set up camp right beside the river and spend the night.

During the day, walk down to the tubing area.

Basically what you need to do is to jump into an inflated tire and float down a narrow river. Along the few hundred-meter stretch of river, you’ll float through some patches of dense jungle where almost no sunlight passes. Squeeze through some narrow points, plunge down some parts of the river, and need to lay down to avoid banging your head on a low lying tree over the river.

Jacqueline under the cascade and getting completely soaked
A tire used as a swing over the waterhole

And don’t worry about the location because there is everything you’ll need in an eco-friendly way. For example, there is a small shop selling essentials like drinks and snacks. The shop also puts together a tasty nasi goreng which I suggest you try while there.

And also a toilet and a praying area built out of bamboo which gives that more authentic jungle feel.

A huge a bamboo mat next to the river and a small cascade where guests can camp
One of the camping areas at Curug Cisanca
This is Lulu, probably the friendliest and most cheerful kid I have ever met
Our friend Lulu

Here is a detailed price list

Rent a tent: IDR 100.000 (fits 4 people)

Rent the space: IDR 25.000 per person

Sleeping Bag: IDR 25.000 per person

River tubing: IDR 20.000 per person

Meal + drink: IDR 25.000 per person

Meal: Fish + Chicken + rice + tempe + tahu + sambal + drink

The food menu
Food Menu at Curug Cisanca

If you come as a group of 4 the cost for tent, space, sleeping bag, and 1 round of river tubing will be IDR 380.000.

Also, for those that aren’t really into the camping thing but want something similar, then you can always rent one of the huts further up.

The huts are about a 5-minute walk from the waterfall and are located in a pretty area surrounded by farmland and a jungle landscape.

The price for a bamboo hut in the upper area costs IDR 200.000 per night and can accommodate 4 people.

A traditional clay stove with rice steaming on top
The bamboo huts that are rented over night for guests


The truth is that we had no idea what to expect at Curug Cisanca.

So the only way to find out what this place is was to jump on our scooter, cruise along the highlands from our accommodation in Lembang, and go find out for ourselves.

The ride from Lembang to Curug Cisanca is definitely an interesting one.

From winding roads through jungle and big forest trees to the narrow paths we took along the farmland with amazing views and then passing through the charming town in Subang, this ride had a little bit of everything along the way.

When we arrived the locals taking care of the place were sort of confused about what they should do. I imagine not one foreigner had been here before.

We managed to crush together a sentence in broken Indonesian and bought 2 instant coffees from a tiny shop looking over the cascade.

Jacqueline and the kids at Curug Cisanca
One of the people that take care of the place

And in the meantime, we got assigned two guides.

Basically, we were near the cascade and under the fall for about an hour. Our main guide Effendi showed all the good spots to take pictures and we also went right beneath the cascade.

But what surprised us most is that it is possible to camp here. And probably that is what enticed us most.

We arranged with the family that we would go there the following day to camp.

We were so pumped up to do this thing that although the following day just poured down with rain, we didn’t give up on going doing a 45-minute scooter ride in a tropical [mini] storm.

But you can see a bit more about that in the video we made. It is rather interesting because I was hands-on preparing a popular Indonesian dish with the lady chefs inside the bamboo shop.

The bamboo huts where the locals live in the middle of the jungle
Jacqueline drinking the traditional of Indonesia

Final Note

So I guess that brings us to the conclusion about an interesting adventure that we did in West Java.

But be sure to check out the other tourist spots that we did. Most of them are in North Bandung. One of them is another waterfall named Curug Aseupan which was a picture-perfect and exciting cascade.


How was this article, did it clear up some of the confusion and help you add another interesting tourist spot to your Bandung itinerary?

If you found this guide helpful, save the URL for later or Pin it on Pinterest for future reference. And if you have other travel buddies or adventurous family members, share this post on your socials and get your friends inspired for a great day of adventure.

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And Central Java is just as stunning, there are loads of amazing landscapes, the world’s largest Buddhist temple, it’s cheap and has some of the best local (and not) cuisine and great nightlife, like bars and clubs.


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