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The Colorful Rainbow Village of Malang

Malang Colorful Village | Indonesia

The Colorful Village is an eye catching riverside neighborhood in Malang, on the island of Java in Indonesia. The main draw here are the creativity of some locals that helped transform slums into picturesque neighborhoods and the welcoming residents. Malang colorful village can easily be reached by train from Surabaya city. 

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Jodipan Malang Transformed from Slum to a Colorful Village

Until a few years ago Jodipan was a slum. Local government had given up on the village and the residents were about to be evicted due to poor living conditions. 

But 8 students from Malang’s University came up with the idea of giving Jodipan a splash of color. The students teamed up with a local paint distributor, gathered painters and artists and gave Jodiapan a fresh new look.  

Today Jodipan is a picturesque neighborhood. Brightly colored walls, artistic touches and decorations are all along the narrow winding roads. While verandas and lookouts offer a view of the cluster of houses facing onto Brantas river. 

While walking around the streets you would never imagine the story behind the charming and colorful village.

Malang Colorful village
Malang Colorful village

Malang Blue Village or Arema Blue Village

Jodipan is divided into two parts by a bridge. On one side is the Colorful Village and on the other is The Blue Village and the 3D Village. The Blue Village (or Arema Blue Village) has only recently been added to the picturesque neighborhoods of Malang. The village’s blue color symbolizes the loyalty to Arema soccer team of Malang. Emblems and other soccer related decorations are seen throughout the Blue Village. 

Malang Blue Village
Malang Blue Village

The Colorful Village and the Blue Village are the 2 most popular attractions that get tourist attention mainly local tourists to Malang and which also helps the locals financially. 

A 3k IDR (0.20$) entrance fee is applicable to both villages.

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Blue Village eating local food
Blue Village kids playing

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Jodipan Colorful Village of Malang

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