Benang Stokel & Benang Kelambu in Central Lombok

Benang Stokel & Benang Kelambu Waterfalls

Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu Waterfalls are located in central Lombok. Tucked away in the jungle these falls are unlike any other. And should definitely feature on your Lombok ‘things to do list’. This guide will show you why and provide other useful information for your trip to these spectacular waterfalls. 

From central Lombok all the way up north is where the island’s impressive nature is. Exploring this part, you are bound to come across loads of waterfalls and other attractions. 

However, if visiting Benang Stokel there is no need to venture too far out to come across other waterfalls. In the same grounds are a few other falls (we visited 3) with the most impressive being Benang Kelambu.

Rest assured, you won’t be among a crowd on your activities. Lombok is a laid back island and relatively off the tourist radar. It gives a glimpse of what Bali must have been back in the day.

the 2 different waterfalls of Benang Stokel

Our day trip to Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu

We visited these waterfalls as a day trip from Mataram which is Lombok’s capital city. The drive from the city to Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu is of about an hour. Next we made our way to Sapit, a small rural village 1 hour 40 minutes from Benang Stokel. Since we were in Lombok in late October which is the start of the rainy season (but nonetheless experienced no rain) the landscape at Sapit was dry. Our last stop was Tanjung Aan beach in south Lombok and watch sunset from Merese Hill.   

A day trip to Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu can also be easily done from Kuta or Senggigi. Both locations are just under 1 1/2 hours from the waterfalls. Another option is having your accommodation in Tetebatu which is a drive of 45 minutes to Benang Stokel.

Getting to Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu

By scooter

Rental cost of scooters in Lombok is between 60k IDR to 70k IDR (€3.88 – €4.52) per day. We think that this is the best way to get around Lombok and do everything at your own pace. Note that the condition of roads in Lombok are good.

We didn’t actually rent a scooter in Lombok. Instead, rented our scooter back in Kuta Bali and kept the bike for our whole 2 months in Indonesia. 

A local ferry departs regularly from Padang Bai, Bali. Thus, it is very easy to get to Lombok with a scooter from Bali. 

However, the ferry can take over 5 hours to reach Lombok. So just keep that in mind but if you’re on a budget this is definitely the cheapest option and you won’t need a single taxi ride.

➳ If you are thinking of coming to Lombok from Bali with motorbike then this post provides all the ferry information you will need.

The two waterfalls at Benang Stokel dropping off in a small pool
James walking on the rocks just beneath the waterfalls at Benang Kelambu

Tip: Although scooters are easily available to anyone, you should have an international driving permit, a motorbike license in your home country and remember to always wear a helmet. Do check your insurance coverage before your travels. 

By Car and Driver

If you’re not comfortable riding around on a scooter, best option is to hire a car with driver. You can easily find drivers in the popular areas like Kuta, Senggigi and Mataram. There are also a lot of options online. Though do check reviews before booking on line. A hire car with driver will set you back around 600k IDR for 12 hours (€38.75).

Entrance Fee

We arrived at the waterfalls at 6 am and at an unofficial entrance hence did not pay an entrance fee. From there we made our way to the waterfalls without a guide. 

Apparently, the official entrance fee is in the region of 30k IDR (€1.95) (check for boards at the entrance displaying the official fee). Though it is known that visitors are asked to pay more than that and required to get a guide. 

Our Adventure Trek to & from the Waterfalls

Unknowingly, we were led by Google Maps to an unofficial entry point and though our gut feeling told us we’re probably in the wrong place we couldn’t help but carry on. 

The trail lead us through a scenic stream of tumbling rice fields, Indo-china water canals and a dense jungle valley right beneath us. 

Getting to the waterfalls was fairly easy. We just needed to head towards the point on our online map. 

the path from the unofficial entrance to the waterfall through rice fields water canals and jungle valley
rice terraces on the path leading to the waterfalls from the unofficial entrance

But the problem was when we came to make our way back. 

On our way towards the waterfalls we had passed through a huge banana plantation. This turned out to be a maze when we came to make our way out and ended up going round in circles for over an hour. Eventually we found the right path by chance.

If for some reason you take this route, use and pinpoint your path through the banana plantation.

To add to all this, if you come with your scooter you’ll be leaving it in complete isolation. Thankfully our scooter was still there but minus the right side mirror! 

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Benang Stokel Waterfall

After making our way through the never ending banana plantation, we finally arrived at the first waterfall, Benang Stokel. 

If you come here from the official entry, the fall is just a short walk away. 

Benang Stokel different waterfalls spread out along the drop off point. On our trip there were two waterfalls. But if you come here during wetter periods, you should get three. Water flows through dense jungle and flora making for a stunning fall dropping out of the lush landscape.

Benang Stokel isn’t a powerful fall and doesn’t have a large pool beneath (at least this was true on our visit). But what you will get is a chance to get a water massage beneath the waterfall. I bet this will make for quite the experience. 

Benang Stokel nestled in lush jungle

If you do want to take a dip your best bet is the pool of the waterfall right beside the bridge near Benang Stokel, the so called ‘jumping spot’. The pool should be deep enough to jump from above but we are not sure since we skipped this activity. And take care of your belongings, we did come across a few of those cheeky little monkeys.

Benang Kelambu

After almost an hour at Benang Stokel we made our way towards our second waterfall. A 20 minutes trek, a group of monkeys and a flight of stairs later we were facing a fall unlike any other we had seen before. 

Benang Kelambu is literally a masterpiece waterfall. The setting is insane. Two tiered curtains of water drop out of leafy plants dangling all over the place. 

I spent most of the time just laying under the fall as the flow of water broke up in the leafy plants creating a gentle shower. 

Benang Kelambu doesn’t have a pool beneath. Instead there is a deep/ish man made pool right next to it. Although not a natural pool, it is still in a stunning setting and looks down into a jungle valley. 

James at the man made pool next to Benang Kelambu Waterfall
James walking along the rocks beneath Benang Kelambu Waterfall

The thing is, here in Lombok you get impressive natural wonders that are seemingly unknown. 

Not a sole was around at either waterfalls which made this experience more interesting. Though we must say that we were at the waterfalls early. 

Benang Stokel & Benang Kelambu Map

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