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The process of extending the temporary stay (‘visa’) in Thailand at the Surat Thani immigration office is simple and fast. We arrived at the office late morning in April and were granted additional 30 days of stay 15 minutes after. 

Surat Thani Immigration Office

For those who need to extend their stay at the Surat Thani Immigration Office (photo above) this is where to do it:

Thung Rang, Kanchanadit District, Surat Thani 84290, Thailand

The location is out of town about 15 km from the centre.

On our visit, the Surat Thani immigration office was not busy and as soon as we arrived were greeted by a friendly officer and provided with the form to fill (which is TM 7 Application for extension of temporary stay). It is recommended to dress smart casual in trousers and a t-shirt being a good option.

Eligibility for the 30 day extension of stay

Not all types of visas are eligible for the 30 day extension. Only the tourist visa and the visa exempt entry can be extended for a further 30 days. The 30 days are added on top of the visa expiry date. The extension costs 1900 Baht (63 $) which should be paid in cash.      

Documents required for the 30 day extension of stay

1. TM7 form with a 4 x 6 photo attached

2. Copy of passport photo page 

3. Copy of visa

4. Copy of entry stamp

5. Copy of TM6 departure card

Additional information:

The TM7 which is quick and easy to fill requires your current address and telephone number in Thailand so you need to have your accommodation booked for that night (and proof of address just in case you are asked).

Bring passport with you.

Photo was taken by the immigration officer at the counter.

Copies were made by the immigration officer which we then signed.

If you lose the departure card the immigration officer will provide you with a new form to be refilled and the original departure card number.

Other immigration offices in Thailand

Here is a list of immigration offices and their service area.

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