How to get to Koh Chang from Bangkok | Bus & Ferry

Planning how to get to Koh Chang from Bangkok?

It only takes around 5 hours to go from the busy streets in Bangkok to having sandy feet in the tropical beaches in Koh Chang. In this guide I will help you plan your journey from Bangkok to Koh Chang regardless of your budget.

Koh Chang is a large underdeveloped island about 300 km East of Bangkok. There is no direct way of getting to Koh Chang from Bangkok since there is no airport.

Koh Chang written in the sand

What is the best way to get from Bangkok to Koh Chang?

All-inclusive bus+ferry combo tickets are the best way to get from Bangkok to Koh Chang because they eliminate the transfer from the bus station in Trat to the ferry and also include hotel transfer once you arrive in Koh Chang. The tickets are an organized package that connect the bus/minivan to the ferry. view schedules and prices here

Bus & ferry from Bangkok to Koh Chang

The cheapest way to get from Bangkok to Koh Chang is to travel by bus to Trat and the take a ferry from Ao Thammachat pier to Koh Chang.

There are regular buses from Bangkok to Trat departing from both Ekkamai bus station in Sukhumvit and Mochit bus terminal. From Suvarnabhumi airport there is a minivan to Trat at 7:00am. view Bangkok to Trat bus schedule

From the bus terminal take a songtaew taxi (pickup van fitted with benches in the back) to Ao Thammachat pier which is around 45 minutes drive. Ferries don’t have a strict schedule but depart around every hour with more frequent departures during peak months.

The ferry to Koh Chang takes approximately 45 minutes and tickets can be bought on day of travel.

Bangkok to Koh Chang Bus & Ferry Combo

The all-inclusive bus and ferry combo tickets are by far the easiest, cheapest and most hassle free way to get from Bangkok to Chang.

Basically this option follows the same route as the previous. But instead of having to plan your transfers from the bus station in Trat to the pier, the bus connects passengers directly with the boats. This organization saves time and will also ultimately be cheaper because the transfer from the bus station in Trat to the pier is quite expensive.

Departures for this option are from Khaosan road where you need to be at the meeting point 1 hour ahead of your trip. You’ll have a baggage allowance of 1 carry-on and a luggage not exceeding 20kg.

The most popular option is the 8:00am minivan that departs from the Starbucks near Khaosan road. The total travel time is approximately 7 hours but may be faster depending on traffic conditions. view schedules and prices here

Flight to Trat and Ferry to Koh Chang

Flights to Trat depart from Suvarnabhumi airport and have a travel duration of 1 hour. A seat tickets costs anywhere from $70 to $120. view flight schedules

For your journey from the airport to the pier, the best option is to book a shared minivan transfer online. This option includes airport pick-up and transfer to the car ferry pier and arriving in Koh Chang a transfer to your hotel is also included. view boat ticket including airport transfer to pier

Arriving in Koh Chang from Bangkok

There are 2 pier in Koh Chang where ferries dock. The Koh Chang ferry docks at the pier in North East Koh Chang, Trat Ferry (Centrepoint) moors at their pier a few km to the east.

Regardless which pier you arrive in, you will need some form of transport to reach your hotel as this part of the island isn’t particularly the best tourist area to stay in.

At the piers there will songtaews, basically these are pick up vans with fitted benches in the back and act as both public transport, shared transport, or you can use them as taxi. Make sure to negotiate a reasonable price before getting in.

Where to stay in Koh Chang

The majority or hotels, restaurants, tour shops and amenities in Koh Chang are located along the west coast of the island. It’s a long 16 km+ road that runs parallel with the coast on 1 side and lush jungle landscapes on the other. This is arguably one of the island’s most scenic road and definitely the best area to stay on the island.

It’s a long road so unless you plan renting a scooter to move around, it’s important to correctly choose your hotel in a suitable area.

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White sand beach

White sand beach is a popular beach on the northeastern part of Koh Chang. From the beach and the following 2 km south has the largest concentration of accommodation including budget options. The beach is gorgeous but due to its popularity it is also the busiest. With that aside, the beach is by no means overcrowded, Koh Chang still remains a laid back island.

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Klong Prao beach

Around 3 km south from white sand beach, Klong Prao beach is an equally gorgeous bay that is more centrally located. Here you’ll find a larger concentration of mid range properties including beachfront or directly on the beach. Restaurants and a somewhat lively nightlife scene is all here.

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Kai Bae beach

Kai Bae beach is even further south and is a bit more secluded. It’s a quieter area with not much going on yet you’ll still find a handful of dining options. However once the sun goes down there isn’t much of a nightlife scene besides the restaurants.

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Things to do in Koh Chang

Koh Chang is a gorgeous island but the shores around the island are equally beautiful. Some of the best things to do in Koh Chang are in the water. Go on a snorkeling tour or if you want to get your open water course that is also on offer.

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