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With it’s lush jungle landscapes and flowing rivers intertwined with dark WWII history, Kanchanaburi is becoming a tourist’s favorite destinations because it offers a broad appeal thanks to it’s mix of interesting things to do. And as an added bonuses, Kanchanaburi is just a 3 hour drive from Bangkok.

For the majority of tourists, the best place to stay in Kanchanaburi is in the main town. This is where there is the WW2 sites are found such as the bridge over the river Kwai. There is also the largest concentration of hotels, beautiful riverfront boutiques, restaurants and also a few bars.

However Kanchanaburi is a large province that extends far beyond the town. Up north there is the gorgeous Erawan falls. And further upstream you’ll find gorgeous hotels floating directly on the river and gently bobbing with moving currents.

Floating bungalows on the river Kwai

This guide covers everything you need to know about the different areas to stay in Kanchanaburi along with hotel recommendations and an overview about what to expect.

Top 3 Best Places to Stay in Kanchanaburi

No time to read? No worries. Here are our TOP 3 recommendations right off the bat.

In Town: Our favorite place to stay in Kanchanaburi town would be Good Times Resort Kanchanaburi. Because it’s a luxury river front accommodation close to pretty much all amenities. The food is fantastic and the price is affordable.

Near Erawan Falls: Tid Khao Glamping and Bar because it offers a unique camping experience but with all the perks and comfort of a hotel.

On the River Kwai: For a real and authentic experience we’d have to choose River Kwai Jungle Rafts because it’s a beautiful eco resort and has a magical vibe at night with everywhere lit up by candles and lanterns. And The Float House River Kwai Resort if we wanted more comfort such as air conditioned rooms and satellite T.V.

An authentic style bungalow with weaved walls

Places to Stay in Kanchanaburi (overview)

Kanchanaburi is a large province that sits on the border with Myanmar (Burma). It’s mostly a rural province covered in lush jungle and sparsely populated areas.

The entire Kanchanaburi province covers an area of almost 20,000 square kilometers. So just booking ANY accommodation in Kanchanaburi isn’t advised as you may end up in an isolated area.

An infographic map of Kanchanaburi

While there’s accommodation dotted around the entire Kanchanaburi province, there’s 3 main areas that stand out as the best places to stay in Kanchanaburi: Kanchanaburi town – Near Erawan Falls – On the River Kwai.

At least this is the case if you want to be close to the more interesting things to do in Kanchanaburi.

So it’s important to not just book ANY random accommodation in Kanchanaburi. Because doing so may result in booking a place that is hours away from any activities you’ve listed on your Kanchanaburi itinerary.

Below is a list of the best places to stay in Kanchanaburi.

1. Accommodation in Kanchanaburi Town

Kanchanaburi town is where most tourists book their Kanchanaburi accommodation.

If you want to have all amenities close by such as restaurants, bars, markets, street food and a mild nightlife scene, then the best parts of town are Phueksakan village, Thip Narong Village and Klang Mueang Kan Village.

‘Don’t worry if these areas seem confusing. Below we have listed the very best places to stay within Kanchanaburi town’

Most of the historic sites such as the Bridge Over the River Kwai, the war museum and the War cemetery are in Kanchanaburi town.

There’s also the largest concentration of hotels, hostels, guesthouses and even riverfront accommodation here. With so many options to choose from, you’re bound to find something that is in line with both your travel style and your budget.

PRICES: Best Places to Stay in Kanchanaburi – Town

The table below offers an overview with prices of the best places to stay in Kanchanaburi town. The properties range from budget, mid range and luxury options. The prices shown are for a 1 night stay for 2 people.

Please use this table as a reference as prices may change depending on seasonality and demand.

Budget107 hostel$15
BudgetPor poshtel Kanchanaburi$23
BudgetBaan Ma Feung GuestHouse$26
MidThe modeva hotel$41
Mid-LuxGood Times Resort Kanchanaburi$56
The prices shown are for the cheapest options. The price may be higher if the cheapest rooms are sold out or if it’s peak season

2. Accommodation near Erawan National Park

Erawan national park is home to Thailand’s most beautiful waterfall – Erawan Waterfall. But not only, this park puts you close to nature trails and hikes through the jungle where you can spot wildlife.

There’s a number of accommodation to choose from either in the park or close by. With the most popular options facing a huge lake surrounded by thick jungle landscapes.

Staying here is a great option if you want to be surrounded in nature and don’t mind not having an abundance of dining options, or bars nearby since Kanchanaburi town is about 1 hour drive away.

You can spend the days exploring the park. And make sure to visit the 7 pools and cascades at Erawan Falls in the morning before all the tourists arrive.

PRICES: Best Places to Stay in Kanchanaburi – Erawan Falls

While there are quite a few accommodations to choose from near Erawan Falls and the national park, only a limited amount can make it on this list due to a low review score.

Here is a very short list with the top 3 places to stay close to Erawan Falls. As always, use the indicated prices as a guidance.

High-EndTaramontra Resort$95
Mid-RangeTid Khao Glamping and Bar$49
Mid-RangePhu Paphat Resort$53
The prices shown are for the cheapest options. The price may be higher if the cheapest rooms are sold out or if it’s peak season

3. Accommodation on the River Kwai

Kanchanaburi is becoming known as a place for unique stays. Places that are so amazing that even if you have no plan for things to do in Kanchanaburi it’s worthwhile traveling here just to stay in them.

Floating inside the River Kwai, there’s a number of floating raft Hotels. Yes these unique accommodation aren’t just river front, but they’re anchored to the land and literally floating in the river and surrounded by thick jungle.

Just to give you an idea, you can basically dive into the river from your front terrace!! How’s that as a refreshing start for the day?

While these accommodations are rather isolated (perfect for total relaxation) they offer fun activities during the day.

Most accommodations offer activities such as bamboo rafting, kayaking, SUP and jungle treks. And to enhance your stay, spa facilities and massages and evening entertainment shows are most common onsite entertainment.

PRICES: Best Places to Stay in Kanchanaburi – Floating Bungalows

The list below includes the very best floating villas and bungalows in Kanchanaburi. In this category there are no budget options as prices per night start at around $100+. And prices tend to go even higher during the peak months.

While the prices may change depending on your travel dates and seasonality, you should have an idea of what you can expect to pay.

LuxuryRiver Kwai Jungle Rafts$75
LuxuryHintok River Camp$155
LuxuryThe Float House River Kwai Resort$225

11 Best Places to Stay in Kanchanaburi

Here is a list of 11 Best Places to Stay in Kanchanaburi, These includes the recommended properties in Kanchanaburi Town, Near Erawan Falls and 3 best river front Accommodation including 2 highly recommended floating bungalow.

Where to Stay in Kanchanaburi – Town

Most tourists visiting the Kanchanaburi province stay in the town. It’s a great place to base yourself because all the buses, minivans and trains pass through here. And also the most popular attractions are never more than a 1 hour drive away.

If you plan to rent a scooter, go to OK Bike Rental or contact them on + 66 64 191 7474. They have the best service and this is confirmed by guests giving them a 4.9 review score.

Ok Bike Rental is popular so if you already have your travel dates you may want to contact them and check if you can reserve a bike in advance.

Home of River Kwai

Places to stay in Kanchanaburi. A clean room with blue walls and bedding

⭐️ RATING: 9.5 out of 10 Stars | PRICE x2 guests: $15 BOOK NOW

Home of River Kwai is a nice guest house and run by lovely owner. It’s a clean, comfortable and accommodating budget option with an exceptional review score of 9.5.

This place is like your home away from home. You’ll have access to a kitchen, washing machine, coffee machine, a massage chair and a terrace offering breathtaking views. This property is a favorite with couples and families with kids.

Home of river Kwai is conveniently located less than 1 km from the Jeath War Museum and 2.9 km from Kanchanaburi Railway Station. There’s quite a few restaurants nearby but if for some reason you prefer Mc Donalds, there’s one just up the street.


Por Poshtel Kanchanaburi

Where to stay in Kanchanaburi. A cute room with colored furnitures and soft furnishing.

⭐️ RATING: 8.8 out of 10 Stars | PRICE x2 guests: $23 BOOK NOW

Por Poshtel is a stylishly decorated little 3 star hotel in the main area of Kanchanaburi. Every room is beautifully designed with nice contrasting colors and features air condition and it’s own private bathroom.

Staying here puts you close to restaurants, local eateries and there’s a night market nearby too. And a short 10 minute walk down the street gets you to the river that leads to the famous Bridge Over the River Kwai.

If you’re on a budget this place is a great choice because the bus station is only 650m from the property and every morning there’s free coffee and toast.


Baan Ma Feung GuestHouse

places to stay in Kanchanaburi. A lounge area in a hostel in Kanchanaburi

⭐️ RATING: 8.4 out of 10 Stars | PRICE x2 guests: $26 BOOK NOW

If you’re on a budget and want your own private room that is cheap, clean, conveniently located near basic amenities, this is the place.

Located in the heart of Kanchanaburi town Baan Ma Feung GuestHouse offers air conditioned rooms with private bathrooms and free WIFI.

The location is sort of the budget friendly part of town. This means if you want to meet backpackers this is probably the best area or place to stay in Kanchanaburi. And it’s also close to the bus station which is a bonus to save on a taxi ride 😉


The Modeva Hotel

Kanchanaburi accommodation. A beautiful terrace with pool

⭐️ RATING: 9.4 out of 10 Stars | PRICE x2 guests: $41 BOOK NOW

The Modeva Hotel is a mid range accommodation in Kanchanaburi town. While it’s an elegant accommodation with fancy rooms and complete with an outdoor pool and lounge area, the price is still affordable.

The spacious air conditioned rooms rooms are nicely furnished and feature en-suite bathroom, a desk, flat-screen T.V, a minibar, hairdryer and a kettle. And standard rooms offer garden views and the upper range options even have their own balcony.

After a busy day you can take a dip in the pool or relax in the outdoor area. The Modeva Hotel is located is located in a nice part of town. And there’s quite a few great restaurants nearby both local and western. And the Bridge Over the River Kwai is just 15 minutes by walk.


Good Times Resort Kanchanaburi

A beautiful resort perched on a river and surrounded by tropical trees

⭐️ RATING: 9.0 out of 10 Stars | PRICE x2 guests: $56 BOOK NOW

Note: this property is most often sold out. If you know your travel dates, it’s advised to book in advance especially if you’re booking a longer stay – 3 days or more

Imagine starting the day with a stunning view over the river Kwai as you enjoy breakfast in a beautiful garden.

Good Times Resort Kanchanaburi is a stunning accommodation perched on the banks of the river Kwai. Boasting a large outdoor space with a nice garden where you can enjoy great meals from the onsite restaurant. And featuring 2 big pools to cool off and relax after a busy day visiting tourist attractions.

Every room is spacious and has air condition, ensuite, a balcony and minibar and electric kettle. If you wish to organize anything from transportation to tours or activities, the attentive staff is always there to help.


Where to Stay in Kanchanaburi – Erawan park

Staying close to Erawan park puts your close to the popular 7 pools and cascades of Erawan falls. It’s a nice area to stay in and you’ll be completely surrounded in jungle in next to a massive lake.

Note: this part of Kanchanaburi is rather remote. There is no reliable public transport, or taxis. Unless you have your own transport (scooter or car) you’ll restricted on things you can do.

High-EndTaramontra Resort$90
Mid-RangeTid Khao Glamping and Bar$49
Mid-RangePhu Paphat Resort$53
The prices shown are for the cheapest options. The price may be higher if the cheapest rooms are sold out or if it’s peak season

Taramontra Resort

Floating bungalows in a lake surrounded by jungle and mountains

⭐️ RATING: 9.1 out of 10 Stars | PRICE x2 guests: $90 BOOK NOW

Nestled along the river in the serene town of Tha Kradan, the Taramont Resort is a peaceful accommodation that encompasses tranquility and fun in one amazing setting.

Enclosed in the mountains and surrounded in jungle, this property is a combination of rooms sitting directly on the river. You can the peace and quiet you want but also it’s a fun place to do canoeing, SUP and visiting the Erawan park and the stunning cascades which are just a short 10 minute ride away.

Wake up to the beauty of the mountains from your room’s balcony. Each room is equipped with the essentials – air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, a fridge, and a kettle for your comfort.


Tid Khao Glamping and Bar

A fancy camp perched on a mountain overlooking a lake and jungle.

⭐️ RATING: 9.4 out of 10 Stars | PRICE x2 guests: $49 BOOK NOW

You should definitely experience glamping, which is a mumbo jumbo word derived from glamorous and camping.

Imagine relaxing in a picturesque spot with garden views from your very own fancy camp complete with A/C, ensuite bathroom and comfy bed. All this while living an actual camping experience but with a lot more comfort, and, well, glam I guess!

The campground offers à la carte breakfast, and you can even cook in the kitchen before heading out to explore. With a traditional restaurant and a picnic area, it’s the perfect blend of comfort and nature.


Phu Paphat Resort

Kids jumping off a floating bungalow in a river surrounded in mountains and jungle

⭐️ RATING: 9.3 out of 10 Stars | PRICE x2 guests: $53 BOOK NOW

Experience peace and quite combined with fun daily activities at Phu Naphat Resort Hotel. Every room floats on the river and is air-conditioned, some with stunning mountain views.

Rooms come with free toiletries, a kettle, and a flat-screen TV. And if you need some adventure, free kayaks are available, and you can even rent a scooter to go explore the nearby Erawan Falls.


Where to Stay in Kanchanaburi – River Kwai

The places to stay in Kanchanaburi listed below are top of the range options. If you want to spend your days in an unbelievable accommodation, it is these places you should be considering.

Completely isolated in the thick jungle, you’ll have your own bungalow floating in the river Kwai. Your front terrace is basically the river. Just wake up, get a coffee, take a refreshing morning plunge and enjoy the peaceful and calm nature.

LuxuryRiver Kwai Jungle Rafts$115
LuxuryHintok River Camp$155
LuxuryThe Float House River Kwai Resort$225

River Kwai Jungle Rafts

Raft floating in the river Kwai at dusk

⭐️ RATING: 8.3 out of 10 Stars | PRICE x2 guests: $115 BOOK NOW

It’s eco resort on the river Kwai and in Sai Yok National Park. There’s no air condition, no fan, no lights, choppy wifi signals and surrounded by lush greenery and the sound or nature and flowing water.

If you’re searching for a place to stay in Kanchanaburi that has been attracting visitors from all over the world since the 1970’s, this is the place.

The charm of this floatel is that you’ll sleep in a bungalow gently bobbing on wooden raft. And the front porch is a diving spot directly into the river. There is no better way to start the day than a refreshing plunge directly from your doorstep.

But its when the sun goes down that this place is truly magical. With no electricity, the place is lit up using oil lanterns and candles. It’s the perfect atmosphere for a meal by the river and unquestionably romantic too.

Note: while there is no electricity in the rooms, there is points to charge phones. WIFI is available, but with such a remote location, it can be choppy


The Float House River Kwai Resort

Floating resorts lined along a river in Kanchanaburi and surrounded by jungle

⭐️ RATING: 9.1 out of 10 Stars | PRICE x2 guests: $15 BOOK NOW

The private villas at The Float House River Kwai Resort are simply mind blowing!! Nestled in a remote part of the river Kwai and completely hidden away in the jungle and offering breathtaking views accompanied by the peaceful atmosphere, this is the epitome of luxury for this type of accommodation in Kanchanaburi.

Enjoy the tranquility during the day, have fun jumping in the river from your front terrace, go kayaking or SUPing. Or book a tour an get out of the resort. Hellfire pass is nearby and there’s a traditional Mon village you can visit.

At night, enjoy a tasty meal at the restaurant terrace. It’s truly an incredible experience to be completely surrounded in nature in the dark with a river flowing just beneath the bamboo floor.


Hintok River Camp

Luxury tents in the middle of the jungle

⭐️ RATING: 8.6 out of 10 Stars | PRICE x2 guests: $155 BOOK NOW

Ever wanted to go camping but with all amenities of a fancy resort. Then consider Hintok River Camp.

Located in the picturesque landscapes of Sai Yok National, Hintok River Camp has its spot hidden away in the jungle and next to the river Kwai. While not floating directly on the river, this posh accommodation gives offers a unique camping experience thanks its luxury tents.

Enjoy the tranquility during the day and have some fun in the river. If you by car or scooter explore the nearby area. There’s no traffic or gawking tourists so it’s a nice ride (especially by scooter) surrounded in nature.

Nighttime is when this place truly feels unreal. The dim lighting around the camps and a camp fire in the middle. It’s truly the perfect setting to end an equally relaxing day. And the onsite restaurant puts together some really great dishes.


Wow!! You made it so far….

“Below is a list of useful information related to Kanchanaburi. For example how to get to Kanchanaburi from Bangkok and how many days to spend there

That was a really long dive into the best places to stay in Kanchanaburi. I hope you made it so far because you truly enjoyed reading about the properties and not because this exhaustive post confused you even more!!

To put it simply, before deciding what place to book in Kanchanaburi, first decide in which part you want spend your days.

Staying in town puts you not far from anything and you’ll have loads of restaurant options nearby. The most popular tourists spots are within a 1 hour drive. And a lot of the historic sites are within the town itself.

Staying near Erawan Falls puts you close to a lot of outdoor activities. You can go on hikes and nature trails and definitely explore Erawan waterfalls. There 7 layers and consider going early before anyone arrives. It’s truly magical with no one there.

Then there’s the floating bungalows on the River Kwai. Staying here is unbelievable and truly relaxing. You can have fun in the river, kayaking, SUPing. Hellfire pass isn’t far away and you’ll also be close to Sai Yok national park.

How Many Days In Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is a large province offering a whole list of tourist attractions. From it’s historic landmarks, The Bridge Over The River, Death Railway, War Museum to adventures activities in the abundant nature, there is so many things to do.

While it is entirely possible to visit Kanchanaburi as a day trip, there is only a certain amount of things you’ll manage to fit in such limited limited.

Therefore, if you have the time, it would be best to spend at least 1 night in Kanchanaburi. While this is still barely enough time, you’ll have enough room to experience a few Kanchanaburi highlights without rushing along. Such as visiting the historic sites on day 1 and visiting Erawan Falls on day 2.

But if you truly want to experience Kanchanaburi and go beyond the popular highlights, plan spending 3 nights up to 1 week. This will give you enough time to explore Kanchanaburi’s historical sites, visit the waterfalls (Erawan Falls, Huay Mae Khamin Waterfalls, Sai Yok Yai) spend a night or 2 in a floating bungalow and possibly do a jungle trek.

How to Get to Kanchanaburi

If you plan visiting Kanchanaburi, the best way to get there is from Bangkok. There’s daily buses, minivans, trains and private transfers departing daily from the city.

Regular Train

There’s 2 trains every day departing from Thonburi train station at 7:45 am and 1:55 pm. There’s only the 3rd class option so they don’t have any A/C and tickets must be bought directly at the station.

or read this article for more transport details

Tourist Train

On weekends, there’s a tourist train departing from Hua Lamphong station at 6:30 am. This train only costs ฿130 ($3) and covers all the historic Kanchanaburi landmarks stopping for some time at each one.

Buses and Minivans

Buses and minivans depart Bangkok around every hour. So they’re more convenient. You can check prices and schedules here.

Private Transfer

The last and most convenient option is by private transfer. While this is the most expensive option, it is the most comfortable and if the cost is shared as a group or you’re traveling with your family, the price is affordable. You can check prices for private transfers here.

How we efficiently plan our trips.

Planning a holiday can be overwhelming, especially for those hands-on in the process. Thankfully, technology has simplified the task, making it easier to organize trips to destinations like Thailand. Here are the resources we swear by:

Agoda: Our go-to for booking accommodation. It’s user-friendly, offers the best prices, and boasts the largest selection of online properties in Asia.

Viator: When we want to know what there is to do in a place, we use Viator to check all the activities and book any tours at reasonable prices.

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