A Week on the Magical Island of Siquijor

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So far 2 weeks had gone by and each day in the Philippines was a blast… Each night we would be stoked for the following day. And every morning we would set out on a daily activity which many times would turn into an adventure. And now that I’ve sorted out my tooth infection, we are on our way to Siquijor.

Getting to Siquijor was a 1.5 hour ferry ride from Dumaguete. This isn’t too bad for a ferry but no doubt it was the worst ferry we ever took. The boat was small and we were inside. We set off and everyone closed their windows to avoid getting wet. Help yourself plastic bags were hanging over our heads. This suggested we weren’t the only ones that thought our lunch was going to come back out. But we managed to hold everything in and reached Siquijor on time. As we got off the boat I overheard an expat tell his girlfriend, “never again…for the second time”. Hahaha, he must have really liked Siquijor the last time around.

We rented the scooter directly in the port from a guy that works there. Bad decision. I can’t wrap it around my head not to take the first option and always shop around. The scooter guzzled up twice the amount of fuel and the bike itself, well it was a bit crappy. For 330 PHP I could of something better. 

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Cruising around Siquijor…

We can say that Siquijor was our first Philippines’ island. Although both Cebu and Negros are islands, to me they’re too big to classify as an “island” if that makes sense. It’s like going to Australia and New Zealand and saying I went island hopping.

Our accommodation was between Siquijor port and the touristic strip in San Juan. After dropping off our heap load of things we set off out and cruised around the island. And later on stopped for a drink and sunset in San Juan.

Right from the moment we set foot out of the port we were captivated by Siquijor’s beauty. But now that we’d cruised much more and thus seen much more, we knew this was going to be an awesome week. We just couldn’t wait for the next day to come. And rightly so, the next, morning we were already scooting around before the sun had risen. 

Break and photo time
Our self proclaimed guide leading the way on his scooter

What We Were Up to….

For the next week we would be on holiday within a holiday. This is how we would describe Siquijor. A week that stood out from any other so far. And through this week-long trip we would be blown away by the island’s beauty. Stunning waterfalls hidden in tropical jungle, amazing beaches, cliff jumping, this is a glimpse of what we were up to. And along the way we would find out more about the island’s mystical side. However, I won’t get into detail on everything. This personal blog would be way too long if I did get into all that we were up to. [Anyhow, you will find everything you need to know in our Siquijor travel guide which will be online soon.] I will just mention what I would say were the highlights and what stood out. Hope that is good.

Finally we found Monkey Beach
A good camera would of made a great photograph here

Things To Do in Siquijor

It is amazing how much Siquijor offers on a relatively small island. Just to give a perspective. We were on the island for 1 week. Every day would be something new and at the end of our stay, we still had a few things on our list. 

We started ticking things off our list the following day of our arrival. Before the sun had even come up we were cruising along empty streets owned by dogs. For some reason the dogs love to sleep on the street. The only sound was of hens clucking, oh and our scooter. We were riding to Cambugahay waterfall. There are 3 levels to this fall. The first is the most stunning with a cascade dropping into a milky blue pool. However we preferred the second level since it was basically all for ourselves and there was also the popular Tarzan swing.

Waterfalls are always a fun activity and in Siquijor there are quite a few. However, depending on rainfall, some falls may have no water. When we went, Lugnason was completely dry, even the pool had dried up. Cangbangag, a less popular fall had no cascade and the pool that was below was just still water.  

Somewhere in the center of the island there is Cantabon cave. This was an interesting activity and one we weren’t expecting. We had 2 guides with us who explained everything about the cave. But I was more interested in the cave and the hundreds of stalactites hanging from the ceiling. 

Just before my 8m cliff jump
Pulling myself under the cascade

Sunsets in Siquijor

We had heard that in the Philippines sunsets are nothing short of amazing. Although we had a taste of this back in Moalboal, we had yet to see what Siquijor offers. No doubt sunsets in Siquijor were stunning and every evening we would find some great place to end the day as the sun slowly disappeared. Paliton beach is one popular place for sunsets. And I agree, this beach does offer a unique experience. A place we loved to go for sunset was Hidden Valley. Surprisingly hardly anyone knows of this place and there wasn’t a sole beside the owner when we first went. 

I will leave a few photographs down here and let you decide what to think of Siquijor. The photographs are taken with a mobile phone but I just hope they will do the trick.

Thumbs to our 2 female guides
Get all the stress away. Massage time

Cantabon cave was a unique experience. Here is one of the guides posing with us in front of the entrance. And that’s me having my rather expensive massage. Before starting this trip we had planned to have quite a few massages. It turns out this was the one and only massage. Jacqueline’s is still on its way.

Cavewoman, Jacqueline inside Cantabon
So many palm and coconut trees here in the Philippines

I think Jacqueline must be waiting for her massage. Nah, that’s inside Cantabon cave. And a stop near loads of Palm trees.

A makeshift Filipino changing room made of all kinds of materials
First thing you see is this beautiful church

Dressing room. Rather cool for a make shift dressing room. And the second Pic is one of the first things you’ll see once you’re out of the port. There are loads of churches in Siquijor. This one is dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi.

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