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Almost 3/4 of our trip had gone by. We couldn’t even believe that we’d already been in the Philippines for over 40 days. We still had yet to visit a couple of islands. One of these was Siargao. Siargao is the Philippines surfing capital and from our experience in Bali, we know that where there is surf, there will be a good vibe.

We still had to make our way from Coron all the way to Siargao. Basically this meant we needed to get from one end to the other of the Philippines. Flying all the way was too expensive so what we did was flew to Cebu and from Cebu carry on by ferry. From Cebu, a 9 hour ferry got us to Surigao city. And finally 3.5 hours later on, the second ferry dropped us off on Siargao. That is definitely a lot of time especially if you consider that a flight only takes about 1 hour. The good thing is that all this is done at night and we managed to get a good night sleep on the 9 hour trip. So, although it took long, it wasn’t so time consuming. 

A cafeteria

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You know, we got to Siargao by ferry, so our jumping off point was the port. I’m not sure if I have ever seen a port that I actually liked. So well the port is similar to any other and as usual we got bombarded with multiple offers for a tricycle ride. All riders were shouting “General Luna”, this is the main tourist area, and the cheapest price we heard was 200 PHP. Not bad considering the ride would take about half an hour.

Instead of using a tricycle we rented a scooter from outside the port. No doubt this was a good choice since renting in General Luna would be much more expensive. We paid 250 PHP per day and in General Luna prices start at around 500 PHP.

Coconut trees!!! This is the first thing we noticed as we cruised out of the hustle and bustle at the port. And once we got to General Luna we knew that we were gonna love this place. The main tourist strip is loaded with cool cafeterias, amazing local eateries and lots of restaurants.  

trying to climb a coconut tree
fully loaded jeepney

What we were up to

For the first 5 days our accommodation was in General Luna. However, everyday we would head out of town. After all, General Luna is popular for its surf and since neither of us is into surf we rarely stayed here. 

On most days we cruised around the Southern half of Siargao. Again, some of the highlights have coconut trees involved in them. One of the things I remember clearly is a viewpoint that looks over thousand’s of coconut trees. (I used a pic of this further up) And further along a river crossing through the jungle has become popular for its tarzan swing hung from a wonky tree.

Instead of making day trips all the way up to North Siargao, we decided to go and spend a couple of nights and explore the area. This was a great way to save loads of time. North Siargao isn’t as popular as the Southern part. However, is just as stunning. And actually we preferred this part of the island.

North Siargao is a surfers paradise and has a few sought after locations that for some reason don’t get that much attention. We stayed in Pacifico which is the main tourist area in the North. Small villages dot the coast of North Siargao. And in each village there is at least one eatery or cafeteria. We must have popped into every single one of these cafeterias which were always so good and served great vegan food. We’re not vegan, however I love to eat and appreciate that to get a good vegan meal you have to be quite creative.

happy me in a cool cafeteria
on our way to secret beach

In Northern Siargao one of our activities was seeking out all the cool coffee shops in the area. 

That’s me (in the first pic.) smiling at a bunch of kids playing around while we were enjoying a nice cappuccino. The second photo is at Secret beach which we actually had a hard time finding.

vegan burrito at an eatery called LOCAL in Northern Siargao

Even more great cafes in Northern Siargao. The burrito is a vegan speciality at Lokal, a small eatery in Burgos. And Jungle cafe, again in Burgos. This place serves the best breakfast. We had their surfers mega breakfast with hummus, yogurt, scrambled egg, grilled tomatoes and crunchy toasted bread. Delicious!!!

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