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Personal Blog #15 | Camiguin Our Last Destination

Camiguin island was our last destination. Not only the last destination of the Philippines but the last island before going back home. We had been traveling almost 1 year and weren’t sure what it would be like back home. At this point we both had mixed feelings.  

We arrived in Camiguin after spending a week on Coconut island Siargao. From Siargao we got a ferry to Surigao, a city in Mindanao island. And from Surigao 2 buses got us to Balingoan. Now all that was left was 1 more ferry and we’d finally be in Camiguin. The trip took us all day and we only arrived in Camiguin late at night. Thankfully it was a rainy day so we didn’t lose anything special.  

Camiguin is a relatively small island. Just to give a perspective, we cruised around the island at a moderate speed and it only took us 2 hours. We even stopped for some photographs along the way. Camiguin is a volcanic island and views are spectacular. I remember one time while scooting along the coast when out of no where this view of mountains and volcanoes hit us. Well, after all, Camiguin does have a high concentration of volcanos. There are 7 volcanos on this little island with only 1 still active.

What we were up to

We were still on vacation and had a few more days to spare before heading back home. Camiguin island was like the perfect way to start the transition from travelling to going back home. The island isn’t so touristy and so that helped us get into the phase of going back and accept the inevitable. I’m not sure if any of that makes sense it’s a bit hard to explain.

The first days in Camiguin weren’t that great and most of the time it was raining. We knew March may have some showers so this was something we were expecting. However, the rest of days were always bright and sunny. We had an amazing time just slowly cruising around the island. Before heading back we would stop for lunch at the Fish Pen and have a beer beside a lake.

The truth is that Camiguin doesn’t offer a ton of things to do. But, the few activities are unlike any other. Such as the waterfalls. Katibawasan and Tuasan are the 2 waterfalls we visited. Both impressive but at 70 metres dropping through the foliage and hidden away in the jungle, Katibawasan was no doubt stunning. 

We spent our last travel days on this beautiful island in the Philippines. The end of our 1 year trip couldn’t have ended any better. And I forgot to mention the great restaurants. You will find more details on our Camiguin travel guide.

morning stroll on white island. a sandbar in the middle of the ocean
Sea urchin. Basically this was my breakfast when we went to white island
A Filipino fisherman cleaning a couple of sea urchins

Not that I am a big fan of seafood, however I decided to give the sea urchins a go. I had only tasted this delicacy in cooked meals such as pasta. Must say fresh sea urchins are really good. The fresh taste is like an explosion of salty, fishy and a splash of vinegar adds a little bit of sourness.

Katibawasan the tallest waterfall in Camiguin, dropping 70 metres through jungle
Tuasan waterfall. This fall isn't as impressive as Katibawasan, however is definitely worth the trip

⇰ Now jump to our Camiguin page which includes a link to all our Camiguin guides and plan your perfect trip to this lovely island in the Philippines. 

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