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Nightlife Koh Samui

The busy streets of Chaweng are no less alive at night than they are during the day. Neighbouring Lamai and Bo Phut are other spots where to enjoy a laid back evening. Below we have added a list of our best nightlife spots in Koh Samui. 

Chaweng Nightlife

On Street Bar

On Chaweng’s beach road away from all the hustle and bustle is this cosy, locally owned bar which is one of a kind in the area. The place doesn’t look like much and most likely goes unnoticed by many passers-by. Offering a selection of cocktails at very reasonable prices and a happy hour (buy 1 get 1 free) up until 22:00. When the happy hour is over and everyone had a chat and a few drinks, the atmosphere really kicks off with live music. On Street Bar is frequented by a lot of Thais and thanks to them the scene shifts to very lively in  no time. 

Chaweng Nightlife

Bar Solo

Bar Solo is one of Koh Samui’s top clubs on Chaweng beach road. The two storey trendy nightclub is a hot spot for kicking off the night. Plasma TV’s showing the latest matches and pool tables along with the happy hour and cool house tunes are just a few of the reasons we love this bar/club. 

Bo Phut​ Nighlife

Coco Tams

Coco Tams is one of the finer beach bars, serving cocktails, beers and spirits and although not facing directly the sunset, the views can be just as amazing. A rooftop lounge style restaurant with a western menu serving mouthwatering Italian dishes and a fire show on the beach make this a perfect spot to close a long day in style. 

Koh Samui South of Thailand Nightlife On Street Bar Chaweng The Travel Deck

photo taken during Songkran

Best Places to Stay and Beaches on Koh Samui

With the island offering a broad appeal which can interest many, deciding on the area comes down to ones taste. From the busy streets of Chaweng to the charming fisherman’s village or even the lively Lamai, Ko Samui is sure to cater for a wonderful island holiday.


Chaweng is the most popular city in Koh Samui. The vibrant busy streets have all the amenities and is a good option for those looking for an all in one destination. The white sandy beach is the exact definition to tropical beach and is also perfect for families with kids thanks to its shallow water. Chaweng’s beach front is taken up by some of the higher end resorts along with a few bars and restaurants. Within walking distance to the beach and all other hot spots there is lots of cheaper accommodation options.


Lamai is the second most popular destination after Chaweng. The lively yet still in a way laid back streets are loaded with local eateries, restaurants and bars which makes Lamai perfect for those seeking a destination which caters to all needs in a relaxed atmosphere. The beautiful beach, turquoise waters which are deep enough for swimming and very reasonably priced accommodation is what makes Lamai appealing to many visitors.

The Hills of Koh Samui

Accommodation is found throughout many parts of lush hills of the island. These resorts and villas are on the higher end with prices starting from around 60 dollars per night up to over 1000 dollars per night for a luxury villa with pool. There is no need to mention that views from these retreats are spectacular. One place we really loved is The Jungle Club and offers views over Chaweng right up to the Big Buddha.

Tip: Koh Samui has a road all around the island and high hills at its centre.

Mae Nam

Mae Nam beach is a very quiet long stretch of sandy beach with sea water deep enough to allow some swimming and just enough amenities for a relaxing holiday. This small town on the north coast of the island was our choice as regards accommodation as it is centrally located and just a 20 minute drive from the more lively areas. 
night market is set up every Thursday in China town and which is also where most of the bars and restaurants are found. 
A wide range of fresh and dried fruit and also meat and fish can be purchased from the fresh market which starts at 4:00 am until 10:00 am along the ring road in Mae Nam. 
Tip: The beach is nicer at the end of the road in between Family Mart and JP Coffee & Breakfast.

Bo Phut Fisherman's Village

One of Koh Samui’s well preserved areas is this old fishing village on the island’s northern coast. Up scale lounges and great steakhouses along with old Chinese houses which have been renovated into some of the island’s finest restaurants are the main draw here. For those planning a beach holiday, Bo Phut isn’t a good option. The water here is shallow and murky and is used by the fishermen who live in this small town. A walking night market is set up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday where you will find some great cheap eats, cocktail bars, a live band and loads of souvenir stalls. 

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