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Getting Around and Transportation on Koh Samui


Songthaews are Koh Samui’s public transportation system and are pickup vans with cushioned benches fitted in the back. 
As any other public transport, these vans have fixed prices and routes which cover all the island. The two main routes start from Nathon Pier. One route heads north and travels half way round the island to Lamai, other route heads south and covers the other half of the island, again to Lamai. Popular destinations are all on the northern route which include Lipa Noi, Mae Nam, Bo Phut and Chaweng. To get to Choeng Mon there is a route which starts from the fisherman’s village Bo Phut. 
The destinations are marked on the songthaews and make it very easy to find which van you need. Prices should be marked on a board in the back of the van but it’s best to know the going price for the journey before hopping on. After 5pm songthaews become like a taxi and getting a good price will entail haggling.

Car rental​

Car hire are very popular throughout Koh Samui mostly with bigger families. Koh Samui is a busy island especially during peak season and driving around the busy roads on a scooter might not be the best option for inexperienced riders. Rental car prices start from 700 Baht per day for a small car and go up to 2000 Baht per day for an SUV.

Scooter rental

Scooter rental is our preferred option for traveling around and as Koh Samui’s traffic can be a nightmare at certain times and areas, a scooter also saves a lot of time on both traffic and parking. Scooter prices start from 150 Baht per day, depending on the area, bike size and season. The longer you keep the bike the more the price can be bargained. This also applies for cars.


Taxis in Koh Samui are expensive compared to the rates charged in other parts of Thailand. They don’t usually run on a meter but charge a fixed price. Grab taxi are an option but it seems that rates are not that cheaper. Another option is the NaviGo application where prices charged are on meter.

How to get to Koh Samui

Where to eat on Koh Samui?

As any given place in Thailand, food is always great and Koh Samui is no exception. Being an island the highlight in food is the variety of fish and should not be missed. Lobsters and shell fish are widely available at reasonable prices. 

Pa Gee's Kitchen​​

The menu at Pa Gee’s has quite a variety of food all prepared right then and is absolutely tasty at a good price. We highly recommend this place as everything we tried was super delicious and indeed we had sampled quite a good number of different dishes here.

Tip: Pa Gee’s Kitchen features on Maps.me though not on Google maps. 

Chaweng night food market​​

Beside the lake in Chaweng are a few restaurants offering appetizing freshly prepared seafood dishes and other Thai meals. The food here is very good and tasty. Two restaurants on each side of the path compete to get their clients. On our visit we got so much into this scene that it felt as playing a game. If the owner managed to get clients we felt as if we won, if the clients went to the opposite restaurant we had lost. This interesting and also amusing atmosphere accompanied with the good food was something we had not yet experienced while in Thailand.  

Haad Chaweng 3​

Along this street just a few metres away from Backpacker Social Experience are a few food stalls. Prawns, fish and also the pineapple rice where all exceptional. The waiter, at the time a gorgeous and friendly ladyboy is very helpful and will help with any requests. 

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