Our 14 day Self Isolation After A Year Traveling

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Covid 19 has brought the world on its knees in just a few months. And as the situation was getting worse in many countries, we were still in the Philippines. We were lucky that we never had to change a plan or a flight. It just so happened that our plans had perfect timing and we arrived back in our home country in mid March with just 2 days to spare before the airport closed. Right now a couple of flights a day are operating just to get people back home.

The situation at the moment is with many countries implementing strict laws to help decrease the spread of Covid 19. Malta is no exception with all restaurants, bars, cinemas, schools and any other place where people gather being closed down. Those who can work from home are doing so and apart from supermarkets and pharmacies, there isn’t much more going on.

Now Jacqueline is the so serious one here

Covid 19 first appearance

We first heard of the coronavirus back in January. At that time we were 2 weeks into our 60 day trip to the Philippines and had just arrived on beautiful Siquijor island. Back then, the only cases we were hearing of were in mainland China. Therefore we really didn’t think much of it. About 10 days later the situation was completely different as the virus spread more and more each day.

Looking back, it is really weird to think that just a couple of months ago everyone was going about with their normal daily lives. Today, as I sit at my table writing this post while self isolating for 14 days, I think where will this thing end. To be honest I’m not really worried for myself. But I feel for all those who are in a worse situation than I am. Although I’m not scared I am still anxious not knowing what will be next. 

The UK before flying home…

As our time in the Philippines slowly came to an end, the excitement started to kick in once again. We were soon to be back home and didn’t know what to expect. However, we had booked a flight to the UK first. My mother’s side is English so we decided to stay a few nights with my Grandmother in Leicester before flying home.

At the time when we arrived in England cases were still low and everything was normal. But only for a short while. Although we didn’t go out much, each time we went into town we could see that activity got less and less. And some shops had also started shutting down when cases started to increase. 

Our only outings were to buy a few electronics that are cheaper to buy from England than Malta. So we got a good deal on a mirrorless camera and also bought a laptop. At least we should be able to get some good photography and improve and learn more how to create great pictures for our website.

Always smiling Jacqueline. Well not quite always but here she is
Trying out my photography skills with my brand new olympus camera

Our Self Isolation

Like many other travelers who got home from their trip just lately, we too are on a 14 day quarantine. Thankfully our transition was quite easy. Thanks to Jacqueline’s mum, we came back to a clean apartment, freshly washed linen and a few days worth of groceries. And I don’t know what we had done if it wasn’t for her kind help. For the cleaning I guess we would have managed. However groceries would have been a huge problem since all supermarket deliveries were full for the next 2 weeks. 

I had honestly thought self isolating ourselves for 2 weeks would be easy. The reason I came to this conclusion was that we don’t tend to go out too much during this time of year. But I can’t really compare. Although we rarely went on outings, we would still go to work or shopping or for any other need. So now that we’re here, just a few days into our quarantine, I can say this ain’t easy. But I’m just hoping everything will get back to normal soon and all of us can go by with our daily routine.

Our dining table has become our office
Again the dining table with both our laptops

What to do while self isolating

This is going to sound strange and you may think being stuck inside has got to me and I’m going crazy!!!!!! A day DOESN’T have enough hours for all things I need to do. And no I can’t work remotely. In fact my job is in construction as a masonry worker. At the moment I’m focusing mainly on just 2 things that are taking up most of my time which are photography and writing. In the meantime Jacqueline is teaching me how to upload articles and all the fiddly bits to do with the website. Hopefully I’ll get there soon. And besides those couple of things which I’ve just got into, I need to do the cooking.

So most of the day is gone by writing, figuring out how the camera and different photography options work and cooking. However, there are still a few other things I need to start doing, like physical exercise and I’m also considering practicing Yoga. I could stay a whole day watching T.V or scrolling through social media. And most likely if we hadn’t started this blog and I hadn’t just bought a camera that is what I’d be doing. That would be a bit boring I guess. But I understand why this whole isolation thing has such a negative impact on many people.

Tip for You…

In these times where everyone has so much free time and they don’t know what to do, be creative. Think of something you’ve been putting off for a long time and get to it. Try reading, playing games with your kids or make silly videos and upload them on Youtube. 

Most importantly plan out your day. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t plan your day. You’ll be surprised how time flies by when the day is divided. Our days are shared into 3 parts. Morning is we start working on the blog and I take a few pictures and learn more about the camera. Also the first part of the day is when time just flies by and we’ll be having lunch before we know. Afternoons my motivation usually starts to decrease and I usually start thinking of what to prepare for dinner. By the time we’ve had dinner and cleared up it’s night time. So we watch some T.V and go to bed after an hour. 

I may be making this whole thing sound easy. Well its not but its just the way in which we try to get the most out of this situation. 

Yummy, veg soup and garlic bread with a little too much garlic.

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